Saturday, December 29, 2007


Didn't Jim Leyritz play for the Dodgers, Angels, Rangers, Bosox, Padres? Why is it so significant that he played for the Yankees? I guess the same reason Canseco was in pinstripes on his book cover.
Someone at the Daily Snooze noticed they need a half page to fill so they asked John Harper to write something. It is just 100% trash. I can't believe he gets paid for what he writes. People like Peter Abraham are full of class and are highly underrated while this guy writes pure garbage for a major NY tabloid.

Friday, December 28, 2007


It seems like the king is in the news again. This time he made a real poor choice. It didn't turn out to be a very happy birthday for Jimmy Leyritz. I am not going to preach or condemn him. You all know the story by now, but think about it on New Years Eve and don't let yourself or someone you love (or hate) get behind the wheel drunk.

The life you save may be your own. (OK so I preached a little) Party at home, have a Bomber Buddy spend the night.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the internet, Curt Schilling has stuck his bloody foot in his mouth again. This is what he had to say in his blog yesterday about Roger Clemens and the Mitchell papers, "if that is the case with Roger, the 4 Cy Youngs should go to the rightful winners and the numbers should go away if he cannot refute the accusations."

What an ingrate, the more he talks the more I hate that SOB. If it wasn't for Clemens he would be out of baseball. When Schilling was with the Phillies he was pitching pretty crappy and Clemens phoned him up and gave him some advice. That advice cost us (the Yankees) the 2001 title and possibly the 2004. How could a guy that named his son Gehrig be such an @$$? Maybe he is pissed that the Yankees wouldn't trade their future for an old piece of crap that he is. Schilling you are just an ingrate. As far as I am concerned you can print out your Blog and wipe your butt with it. I won't even link it.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


It seems to me that the only press person to read the entire reports, or at least what he is giving his opinion on is Peter Abraham of LoHud. 99% of the reporters skimmed through the report with about 30% having just read the names. I am sure many of them had the bulk of their articles written before the press conference was over.

Heck half of the reporters at the press conference didn't even listen to the other questions.

While don't believe for a minute that there isn't a substance problem in baseball, the report itself was not enough to convict anyone mentioned. Heck you got more info from Jose Canseco's book and that was questionable.

This report should have been released with the names only being released to the so called commissioner and the players association, especially if it is intended to prevent future problems as Mr. Mitchell said. A lot of reputations are lost here and it hinges on the New York teams because most of the testimony came from local trainers. To top that off Mitchell was in the employ of the Boston Red Sox, imagine the RSN if Gene Michael made this report?!?!?!

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Santa Claus isn't the only one checking his list. With George Mitchell's upcoming report on performance-enhancing drugs in baseball due out Thursday it has me wondering. The list is rumored to be 60-80 players with several having ties to New York.

From Aaron Boone to Paul Zuevella it is anyone's guess. The list is one thing, the ramifications are something totally different. Stay Tuned Bomber Buddies.

Side Note: George Mitchell is on the Red Sox board of directors...

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Nats Note: A source with knowledge of the situation said the Nationals traded reliever Jonathan Albaladejo to the New York Yankees in exchange for right-hander Tyler Clippard, pending physical examinations of both players. The 22-year-old, who went 3-1 with a 6.33 ERA filling in for the Yankees this year, has a 3.52 ERA over five minor league seasons. He should immediately be a contender for Washington's rotation. Bowden did not return messages seeking comment on the deal.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Don't Change Santana's Evil Ways

Special Guest Blogger Kyle Reagan

Get out now...walk away from Johan!!

Keep ALL the youngs guys we have, let em figure it out in 08.

Trade Moose.Set the rotation at:

Set the bullpen at:
JB Cox
Trade Farnsworth, forget Vizcaino

Put Shelley at 1st base, Wilson Betemit is the late inning D replace at 1st base.
Go young...don't give up on '08...but set your sights on the new stadium! Let's see what we have here with these guys.
I've heard some amazing things about them. I give them 08 to work out the Winters FA class is strong, let's figure out in 08 what we'll need in 09. I'll still support ya Hank, I'll still watch YES, buy shirts, go to the stadium!
Don't get Johan
Don't get Johan
Don't get Johan

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Why is it that sports writer are trying to turn every tabloid into the National Enquirer? When one paper gets a scoop, every other paper had to improve on the find two fold. The only writer out there that care about the game these days is Peter Abraham.

The same people pushing for A-Rods return are the same ones that drove him out of town in the first place. The same writers that will cause the fans to boo Alex time and again. It is funny how Lupica was telling A-Rod what he should while Feinstein was reporting it done from inside sources.

Come on guys, how about reporting on trades or signings rather than A-Rod's private life or his contract. And while I am at it Cash and George's kids do your negotiating behind closed doors. No need to bring it to the press.

Like A-Rod or hate him, he is the best option out there and it might be nice to bring the HR king back to the Bronx, but we can sign Barry to do that. The ball is in your court Bombers, don't blow it now.

Saturday, November 03, 2007


The Yankees played the option card and secured Bobbt Abreu for the 2008 season for $16 Million. The first wheel is in place for Skipper Joe Girardi. Next up let's sign Jorge and Mo.

Like I have been saying all along I couldn't buy the story about Jorge Posada being upset at Joe Girardi being named manager. Heck they were unseparateable when they were with the team together. Joe had to train Jorge to take his job and Jorge did pleasantly. They even played mini golf together on Kids on Deck when Joe hosted it. Apparently Jorge Posada got tired of hearing about a supposed rift with Joe Girardi and released the following statement: "Girardi was my mentor and he always taught me the value of having a great work ethic and how it was most important to maintain the position year after year. The 2007 season was difficult and bittersweet and all I'm doing right now is evaluating everything." He went on to say the Yankees are his first target.

Bobby Murcer's year started off poorly- diagnosis and treatment of brain cancer. But our all-time favorite Yankee came back strong, appearing on several YES broadcasts, and has been nominated for the annual Ford C. Frick Award. The award is given to those broadcasters who made a major contribution to baseball, and is presented during the annual hall of fame induction ceremonies. Other current and former Yankee broadcasters who are eligible for the award are John Sterling, Michael Kay, Ken Singleton, Phil Rizzuto, Frank Messer, Bill White, Jim Kaat, and Tony Kubek.

Friday, November 02, 2007


Brian, Hank and Hal, you set the table now you have to stick by your words. You said you wouldn't negotiate with Alex Rodriguez if he opted out of his contract. Now Bora$$ (Pay-Rod's agent) is all over the media saying he still wants to talk to the Yankees. Yes the same media that drove aAlex out of town in the first place. Why do you suppose? I will tell you, without the Bombers bidding Pay-Rod may not get much more than what he opted out from. The losers then would be Alex and the Yankees, the only winners would be the Texas Rangers who save $21 Million in deferred payments. Guess what, we don't bid, we sign two or three other players, we are winners as well.

Derek is happy again not seeing his back stabbing buddy to his right and harmony is restored as the biggest "me" player since the king, is banished from the Bronx. Alex Rodriguez never played in a World Series, maybe now it's time for the Yankees return.

Go ahead see if you can get another 12 years in a contract. Breaking Barry Bond's Homer record would have been much sweeter in Pinstripes. Although you may be stuck on the record breaker for years with your head. Hey maybe you can play third base for the Newark Bears with Rickey Henderson when you are 45 and he is about 90. Who the hell will remember you if you retire from the Cubs or some other team? Take nothing from those teams but the Yankees are baseball.

Here's the old cliche Alex, don't go away mad, just go away and take Scott Bora$$ with you. You know darn well, we could talk to us until you are blue in the face you will never resign with us. You are not going to use us. Bora$$ asks why can Alex file for free agency? The answer is simple, he is the greediest SOB in the sport. Go use someone else. You can't make here maybe the Marlins are your answer. That is a joke that they are even showing interest. So if you get you 12 year contract, are you going to put an opt out clause in it? Why not just put in a clause that you ave to have the most lucrative contract around? I am by no mean a Manny Ramirez fan but he is more value for the dollar than you my Benedict Alex.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Dear Alex Part Duex

Hi Alex or should I say Benedict Alex?
It's me again, here to remind you what a fool you are making of yourself.

Could you at least have the decency of waiting until the series is over to make you announcement. Sure it's the Red Sox but show some respect. Opt Out of your contract, How much money could one person spend, you are one main reasons we have to spend triple digits to see a post season game. Don't worry you can afford it, when you buy your tickets for the 2008 Playoffs.

Didn't you say that if the fans wanted you that you would finish your career in a Yankees Uniform? Or was that another A-Rod? Well the fans cheered all year long, we've done our part, now where is your end of the bargain? Don't blame it on the uncertainly of the return of Mo, Jorge or Andy, the only one you care about is you. The only one A-Rod cares about is A-Rod. Do you even care about the Yankee Tradition? Well get a close look at Derek's rings, that is as close as you will get. Tony Moreonte has more rings now than you will ever have.

Alex, the All Star Game is in the Bronx next year, wait until you hear the reception you'll get. You don't want to be a Yankee, well you don't have the class to be a Yankee. The only relation you have to class is the last three letters. You might be the best player in the game but you are also the greediest.

Well, if I wished you luck I would be a bigger hypocrite than you. Don't let the door hit you in the Borass.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Joe Torre had his press conference yesterday and he showed the class that he exemplified for the last 12 years at the Yankee helm. He was insulted by the incentive offer and turned it down. I just hope it doesn't prevent Joe from coming back to see his friends on Old Timer's Day or as the first plaque in the new stadium as the retire his number 6.

It took a big man to turn down that offer, it was $5 Million, more than any other manager is getting and more than he could get anywhere else. And it was for a job he loves and he does real well. Must have been a tough decision.

Do the reporters listen to each other when they ask questions? Or do they think Joe is stupid enough to answer a question a second time if he refused to answer it the first time because they reworded it? And man did they let anyone off the street go? I am surprised my buddies Dave and Aziz weren't there, or even ILoveJoba from the BTB forum, she could have asked him what his favorite color was.

Joe is a class act and if they Yankees had half that class they would have simple had a press conference and stated we are deciding to go in a different direction...blah blah blah. Offer Joe a consultant or scouting position or even on YES or WCBS. A broadcast with Joe doing color to John Sterling and Suzyn doing pre and post and maybe scoreboard would be great. Then everyone saves face and Joe is part of the Yankee Family.

In my opinion, Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera return, Andy Pettitte retires. A-Rod opts out and is never heard from again.

Larry Bowa will be coaching 3B next year for the Mariners with Mel Stottlemyre doing the pitching coach duties. Losing Larry loses a void in Robbie Cano's tutoring.

Who replaces Joe? Anyone but Bobby Valentine or Tony LaLoser.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dear Alex,

An Open Letter To Alex Rodriguez.

Dear A-Rod,

During Spring Training you stated that if the Yankee Fans wanted you then you will stay. Well, Mr. Rodriguez the season is now over and it is still unclear if you are going to exercise your opt out clause that you had written into your contract that you had signed with the Rangers a long, long time ago.

On Opening Day the fans booed you when you screwed up that foul pop up. Since then they have welcomed you with nothing but cheers and not of the Bronx variety. You responded with 50 plus homers and 150 plus RBIs, not too shabby a year my friend. I would consider that Yankee Fans want you from the response you received. Not only that the newspaper polls are clearly saying the fans want you to stay in pinstripes.

So Alex as the Clash says "Should You Stay or Should You Go?" Do you know how many Yankee Rodriguez jerseys exist in the tri-state area alone? I think that is a fair indication that the fans want you to stay. Just think what kind of hero you could be with the Daily News headlines reading "A-Rod Opts-In". The story can quote you as saying how much money do I really need? It is more important to finish my career in the uniform of the greatest team in organized sports. Can you imagine your standing ovation on Opening Day? They would have to rush the new stadium because an ovation like that would bring down the house.

Who will remember you 10 years after you retire if you do it from the Cubs or the dysfunctional city Angels? You keep the pinstripes on and you become a legend. Your offspring won't have to work for generations to come as it is now, so it isn't a money thing. When the contract is up then you can work on your extension. Plus New York is the place to play if you want to endorse any product.

The choice is yours and there is only one as far as I am concerned. You could be to the new stadium what the Bambino was to the old. Become a legend and do it in the Bronx. To wrap it all up, if you are a man of your word then you will stay.

Want to let Alex know how you feel, invest a first class stamp.

Alex Rodriguez
6018 SW 128th Court
Miami, Fl 33183

Thursday, October 11, 2007


One of the biggest joys of my life was working for my father. It was a dream I had had as a youngster and finally had it fulfilled. It didn't quite turn out the way I had planned it but at least I tried it.

Like my dad, George Steinbrenner is trying to groom his sons to take over the Yankee Empire. He is lucky he had more than one son because that is quite a job to do. So Hank and Hal are on deck and getting their feet wet so to speak.

Rumors are afloat that George is not in top health. Is his health really deteriorating? Some rumors have him suffering from Alzheimer's or dementia, or is Boss George just slowing down due to old age? Could it be that George is taking a backseat to see how his sons will do with the team? It could just be like that episode of Gilligan's Island where the Skipper faked his own disappearance to see how his little buddy would do under pressure. Is The Boss testing his offspring?

Is he aware of what’s going on? Rumors abound that he didn't even recognize Reggie Jackson, but he clearly wants his sons, Hank and Hal, to have more input in team affairs, and they have dutifully taken on a more active role. Steinbrenner seems to realize he needs help running the team, and needs a successor or two.

Is this (Joe) Torre incident the first test of many for the Steinbrenner clan? One can only wonder, and I for one hope George leads a comfortable life regardless of what the story is.

Friday, October 05, 2007


Too many times this season we have heard Michael Kay or one of his com padres use the word salvage or rubber game of the series. We lost far too many game ones during the regular season. The first half of the 2007 season was a roller coaster in which the pitching and hitting rarely got together. Alex Rodriguez was the most consistent hitter on the team most of the year.

The team played lethargically prior to the All Star Game. The starters couldn't get passed the 5th and the bullpen was over used. Yankee tickets on Stub Hub and EBay were selling for peanuts. The Yankee season looked dismal at best.

Then the kids were summoned. While some of the kids had some raw talent their enthusiasm put the team on it feel. Shelley Duncan, Philip Hughes, Ian Kennedy all made their presence felt. Joba Chamberlain became an instant hero in the Bronx, although he kind of reminds me of Jethro Bodine. The Baby Bombers saved the season and woke up the vets. Sure there were other factors, but without them we would be playing golf with the Mets.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

LUCKY 13th

The Yankees clinched their 13th straight playoff appearance as they beat the Devil Rays 12-4 in their southern home. Bring on the Post Season!
Photo by John Monaco

Saturday, September 22, 2007


The Yankees lost last night to the Blue Jays after coming back to tie the game in the 9th inning. The Yanks were down by 4 going into the ninth but when the smoke cleared it was 4-4 going into extra innings. Brian Bruney gave up the game winning homer in the top of the 14th but did he really have to lose it?

Dan McCourt (aka Knuckles) was at the game, we know we heard him on the radio, check out what he had to say on his webpage "Take Him Downtown".

The crowd screamed with glee as Mariano Rivera came on to work a 1-2-3, 10-pitch 10th, and the Yanks couldn't wait to get back to the task at hand. with Johnny Damon leading off yet again. And it started well, with Janssen missing on two straight.
But then the game suddenly ground to a halt, and who's to say what night have happened had it not? We had been treated to three hours of world-class pitching from both sides, and then a scintillating four-run rally when the Yanks had their backs to the wall. Who could ask for anything more for their sports entertainment dollar? But one young woman apparently felt that there was too much cheering going on, and none of it for her, so she grabbed her moment and darted onto the field. She was quickly wrestled to the ground behind shortstop, handcuffed by the police, and led off the field, fighting every step of the way. The game resumed.
But the moment had passed. Hanssen found the zone and retiried Damon on a fly and escaped around a two-out walk to Abreu, and the Yanks never threatened again. Fans cheered lustily when Jeter singled on the first pitch of the home 14th, but once Matsui followed with a two-out walk, Jose Molina struck out. They were the only home-team baserunners after the 10th. The Yanks were blanked over the last five frames by Janssen, Jeremy Accardo, Brian Wolfe, Joe Kennedy, and Jason Frasor, with the last two getting a win and a save, respectively.

Rookie Ian Kennedy had originally been set to be on the mound on Saturday for his fourth Major League start, but his stiff upper back canned those plans.
No matter, the Yankees thought, with a seven-time Cy Young Award winner Roger Clemens set to go Sunday with two extra days rest he would be the natural replacement. But the Rocket's left hamstring didn't like that idea, either, so right-handed rookie Phenom Phil Phills in in a Phlash. Young Phil Hughes goes for his second Yankee Stadium win in the matinee against the Blue Jays. Joba Chamberlain will be unavailable as he pitched two innings in te loss last night.

There will be a tribute to the recently passed Yankees Legend Phil Rizzuto Sunday before the game starting at 12:30.

Monday, September 03, 2007


What is going on here? The only thing to go right lately was the start by the young Ian Kennedy. I haven't been teased this much since my high school prom. Heck that was in the last millenium. Just when you think the team is turning around...BAM! The offense goes away...BAM! The pitching goes awry...BAM! Results WINS go bye bye!!! Andy Phillips is out for the season with a broken wrist. And no it isn't from high fiving Shelly Duncan.

We sweep the Red Sox in style last week and like a scene from Damn Yankees we can't do anything right after that. The dreaded Devil Rays take two of three on our turf with two of our former farmhands doing the damage on the form of Carlos Pena and Dioner Navarro. Meanwhile up in Boston they pulled another rabbit out of their farm hat as Clay "Gumby" Buchholz pitched a no hitter against the Baltimore Orioles.

In a move that may open the door for Mike Mussina to return to the starting rotation, Roger Clemens was lifted from his start against the Mariners on Monday with right elbow discomfort that will likely force him to miss at least one start. Rumors have it he has a slight groin twinge as well from a split he did in the second inning. Clemens told Yankees manager Joe Torre that his elbow was troubling him during the fourth inning of a 7-1 loss to Seattle in which he allowed three runs.

Not much time left as we enter the final month of the (regular) season. Every game is a must. Once we finish with the M's and Royals we stay withing the division which includes 3 game up in Fenway against the Red Sox. That may show continuation of the beaning war started last week in New York. That should prove interesting.

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Guest Blogger DG

We raise a very interesting question in gametalk about Torre's BP management : why wasn't anyone burned out from 1996-2003? I won't claim that Torre is flawless at BP management, but I have few cmplaints this season. Vizcaino was pushed too far a couple times, IMO, but not to the breaking point. Anyone think such accusations this season will hold up under scrutiny of game logs?

Others--Proctor: Can't say he's on his way out of the majors. There were certainly times I wouldn't have used him last season, no argument there.

Villone: Pushed to the breaking point last season, but bounced back this season. Also broke down in the 2nd half of 2005 with the Marlins.

Sturtze: How good was he to begin with? Had his moments, but tough to say Torre ruined him.

Quantrill: Have we forgotten how much he was used prior to his stint with the Yankees? He was no stranger to pitching a ton of games. Is it shocking that a pitcher or 2 per season will be pushed extremely hard.... especially when we're primarily discussing middle relievers?

Big question: I'm not saying Torre is flawless.... and not saying he excels at BP management, but....Am I seriously supposed to believe that our Pitching and BP coaches are figureheads? Sure, Torre makes the final call, but why is it never, ever mentioned that 3 people are involved in relief appearances? None of us know what goes on in the dugout, but can anyone seriously picture Torre saying "Screw you, Guidry!! I said use ___________.

Who the hell cares what you think? " ? What coaches would want to work for him if they weren't allowed input into game decisions? Doesn't make sense. Maybe looking at the big picture would paint a clearer picture. Torre isn't flawless and he isn't an idiot. Going back to the "I never want to see ______ pitch for the Yankees again" stuff..... I find it odd Torre is constantly accused of over-using relievers, yet many of us want to limit his options by saying we'd only use a few selected relievers. Pot, meet kettle.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

What A Difference A Day Makes

By Guest Bloggers Yankefan Bill and Knuckles

If you saw Friday night's game you know that Polanco made an error when Damon flustered him in the first inning. It ended his record-setting errorless game streak.Lo and behold we find out on Saturday that the official scoring has been changed and the streak is still intact.
Something should be done about "homefield" official scoring. If the Tigers were on the road, I'm sure the original call would have stood.
Major League Baseball with all the millions of dollars it pays in salaries should hire an impartial official scorer as the 5th man of an umpiring crew.
Failing this, the home plate umpire should make the official call (with the option of a conference or even a replay to get it right).I realize this might slow a game down but baseball being a 'numbers' game should make sure those numbers are accurate.
There are still rules that can force a pitcher to speed his delivery to compensate for these delays.

I remember a game in 1993 with the Yanks playing the Blue Jays and batting champion (to-be at year's end) John Olerud hit a routine bouncer to second, and the Yankee fielder (Pat Kelly maybe?) butchered the play. Olerud was flirting with .400, and the scorer gave him a hit.
And then of course in '98 there was the game in Texas when Juan-Gone glared at the official scorer in disdain until he switched a Knoblauch error to a hit so he could have 7 or 8 rbi's.
OTOH, Michael Kay wears me out (as he did Leiter last night) when he goes on and on about this stuff. Bottom like, it's a ballgame, and hit or error, the guy on base could score. I don't think during the game is the time to start a campaign for a neutral scorer.
As an interesting sidelight, Leiter said that retired ump Ken Kaiser called him and suggested a retired ump should get the scorer job. Kay has been talking about balk potential the whole series with Bob Davidson being a member of the officiating crew. I was surprised he was unable to combine his two rants. I'm sure Kaiser called more balks than Davidson ever will.
In 1996 he called a balk on David Cone for faking a throw to second against Baltimore. This remains the only time I ever saw a balk called involving a move to second. I suspect I'll never see it again. Bottom line they should not have reversed the Polanco call, and it's one more record for which I now have lost respect.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Now He Is A Real Holy Cow

Today we lost a Yankee, today we lost a friend. More than just a superstar Phil Rizzuto was everyone’s uncle. A voice well known to all, a voice that made you smile and feel warm all over.

As a youngster the Scooter as he was known to all taught me the game, as well as what a canoli is. Holy Cow, an expression he shares with the late Harry Carrey, but Phil always said it better. If it was the 7th inning you know he was halfway across the George Washington Bridge, and you know it there was thunder he was nowhere to be found.

Scooter was a friend to BTB as far back as when we were on paper. On occasion he read articles on the air during the lean years. He often donated signed photos to us to give away. He mentioned BTB on the air from time to time. He was always very good to us.

Back in the early 80s we often made trips to Fenway Park for the weekend. We often stayed at the Sheraton where the Yankees stayed at the time. Well one day we met him walking back to the hotel and we joined him and he treated us like old friends.

Scooter we miss you. You will always be the best. God Bless you and your family. More to come, including an interview with the Scooter.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Could it really be 28 years since we lost our last great Captain? We have had a lot of great player who had been captain since then but Thurman Munson was our last great Captain. He was a Captain that led by pushing, by yelling, and by staying on top of a player. A player who played hurt, a Captain that hardly missed a game.

A lot of the captains after him led by example, but Thurman made you want to give more and more. He was a player’s player. A leader, both on and off the field. When he played hurt nobody could complain about their own injuries. Thurman Munson always a fan favorite was brought back to life in “The Bronx is Burning”, but if he saw it he would think it made him look to placid.

He was George Steinbrenner’s original Warrior, a title which was also given to Paul O’Neil, and deserving so, but only Thurman can spell in capitols. Rarely can you go to Yankee Stadium and not see his familiar #15 on someone’s back. And his locker still stands vacant in the lockers room. We miss you Thurman.


Sunday, July 29, 2007


Last week at this time it looked like the Yankees had straighten out their problems and were well on their way to the post season.

Now it seem like the Yankees were just toying with us once again. With a team like this it seems impossible that everyone can slump at onnce but it seems they did once again. Gone is the hunger and gone is any trace of chemistry that the Bombers had shown us last weekend.

Alex Rodriguez is one home run shy of #500. You know he'll get it and when he does that will mark the return of the Yankee offense, let's hope the pitching hangs out long enough to get us back in htis thing.

Kei Igawa was sent down to Scranton Wilkes Barre to help straighten himself out. With the off days the Yanks won't need the 5th starter until the following week. By that time Yankee fenom prodigy Phil Hughes should be ready.

Our best outfield seems to be Johnny Damon, Melky Cabrera and Bobby Abreu left to right. Abreu seems to be the streakiest player we have had in years. The worse thing is he allows it to affect his defense.

Sunday, July 08, 2007


The Yankees had a first class Old Timers Day on Saturday at the cathedral in the Bronx. You saw the best of the old with the best of the new. On Sunday the Yankees staged an Old Timers Day for the ticket holders of the Staten Island Yankees at the Richmond County Savings Bank Ballpark. Evey ticket was given out in the minor league park, although several fans opted to stay home in the sweltering heat. The big problem quite a few players from the previous day were not on hand as well.

To be fair there were only some 20 players confirmed for the historic event which showcase a Yankee Old Timers Day away from Yankee Stadium for the first time in 61 years. The real problem was that the teams did not have enough pitchers or any catchers that could still squat. Half the players couldn't play and the other half were pushing 60.

They did put on a great exhibition despite the sweltering heat. Poor Al Downing (almost 70 years old), who played for the Yankees for 9 years and will be remembered in history for giving up Hank Aaron's 715th record breaking home run while a member of the Dodgers, pitched all 3 plus innings in the 90° heat despite having Ken Clay on the bench, who is at least 15 years his younger.

It was great to see the likes of Tommy Tresh and Doctor Bobby Brown. It was fantastic to see Don Larsen who threw the only perfect game in a World Series throw out the first pitch.

So due to the lack of capable bodies it was the Yankees Old Timers against the Yankee First Timers. The First Timers consisted of half the cast of ESPN's Mini Series The Bronx is Burning filled out by what I believe was SI Yankee employees. Erik Jensen, who played Thurman Munson in the mini series better be able to act. He sure as hell can't catch or hit. He was soon fired from his catching position by SI Yank mascot Red. They used an impersonator of Bob Sheppard, Yankee Stadium's pa announcer to to add flavor to the afternoon.

Hitting heroes were Darryl Strawberry, Gene Michael and Jesse Barfield but none of them were too a-fleet on the bases or in the field. Former Yankee captain Graig Nettles was on hand to coach first base but he did look like he could do better at 3rd than Jesse Barfield did. Overall it was an enjoyable afternoon but next time around they need to bring in some youth. The final score? Does it matter?

Sunday, July 01, 2007


Taking a lesson from Pedro Cerrano of the Major League movies Scott Proctor burned his equipment in sacrifice after Saturday's embarassing loss to the A's. About 45 minutes after yesterday's loss to Oakland - in which Proctor was charged with three runs on three hits in one-third of a inning - the pitcher started the 4th of July celebration early by setting fire to his glove, uniform, spikes and other items, outside the Yankee dugout. There was no word about an icon or insence in his locker. Maybe next time they can burn Dougy or Eddie from the Roadtrippers?

When will Kyle Farnsworth learn to clam up? less than a month after blowing off his big mouth about Roger Clemens on a Chicago radio station, Farnsy had a tantrum Friday night when Joe Torre pulled him in the eight inning after allowing two base runners. Kyle if you have anyone to be pissed at it's yourself. Look at how you have been pitching, Joe Torre should be the one with a tantrum. Either way Joe is not making a big deal out of it.

Jorge Posada ripped his teammates after their last performance. "I'm not talking about unlucky; luck comes when you go after it," the Yankee catcher said. "And it seems like at times we just go through the motions and today was one of those cases. "That's the way it is, I think everybody knows what I'm talking about." Guess the tension is getting thick down there.

Can we get any worse? It seems we can't buy a win these days. We have the talent we need to get the desire and go out and put some wins together.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


With the voting deadline coming up quickly, the question comes to mind just who on the Yankees deserves an ALl Star election?

Alex A-Rod Rodriguez deserviongly leads all vote getters in the fan vote. He is having a super year which may just land him in Anaheim in 2008. Robbie Cano was elected last year but couldn't play due to injury but this year he had a hard time getting out of the box, maybe from taking too many lessons from Bobby Abreu.

The perinial Yankee All Star, Mariano Rivera is having a mediocre year at best. There are several stoppers that deserve it more than he does. The only starter that derserves the nod is Chien Ming Wang, depite not having his best stuff he has done his best to keep us alive this season. This kid really can win with his brains when the talent isn't working.

So get out there and vote, good or bad or indifferent it would be nice to see those road grays in San Francisco this July.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Clippard Clipped

Tyler Clippard was returned to Scranton today to make room for Kevin Thompson. With the Yankees traveling to the NL parks they needed to ad a position player. When the fifth man's rotation spot comes up again, it may be Kei Igawa.

Last night showed you just how Oliver Perez works. You either torch him for seven runs in five innings, or he shuts you down. We got the latter last night. He sure made our bats look lothargic. Roger Clemens pitched OK himself.

Rubber game is Sunday Night on ESPN. Happy Fathers Day to all you dads out there. A special Happy Father's Day goes out to my own Dad. Miss You!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Special guest Blogger Johnny Yankee

Probably my favorite Yankee ever has passed away. I say this because when Mantle and Maris were going at it, it was always Clete Boyer that I watched most. Never have I seen anyone fielding thirdbase as elegant as Clete, even if Brooks may have gone down as the greatest fielding thirdsacker in history. Clete was just awsome, throwing from his knees, sometimes almost from his belly, accurately, to get his man. I saw Clete make plays that I swear I don't think Brooks would have made. No, he didn't have the "hitting" his brother Ken had but still, enough to be the yankees regular thirdbaseman during those magical years of the 60's. I never liked it when he was traded to the Braves, and until Nettles came along, never did we once again have anyone as great a fielder as Clete Boyer. So sorry to hear this news and my condolences to the Boyer family and a prayer that he is in a better place with the Mick and Roger, Elston and Billy, and all those great Yankees that made the 1961 Yankees my all-time favorites. Rest in peace Clete!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

And The Winner of the Ugliest Inning of 2007 Is . . .

The bottom of the 7th inning on June 2nd. Misplays by Bobby Areau and an error by the captain Derek Jeter led the Red Sox to score five runs and retake the lead on Saturday.

Roger Clemens will not pitch in Chicago on Monday as advertised as he is suffering from a fatigued groin he experienced in Scranton last week. What the heck is a fatigued groin? After the setback to Phil Hughes you would have to believe this team in suffering from Pavanoitis! This is the same groin (you can't grow a new one) that has been troubling Roger for the last five years or so. The good news is Rocket doesn't get paid unil he pitches for the Yankees. The bad news is that the scuttlebutt is that Kei Igawa will be taking Rogers turn in the rotation. I might have recall Matt Desalvo being you can bring him back up without penalty due to the Rocket malfunction.

Don Mattingly on Alex Rodriguez distracting the infielders in Toronto: " I mean it's no big deal, we tried it dozens of times when I played, that was the first time I saw it work." Check what the Yankee Chick says about This Week in A-Rod.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


OK, enough is enough. Time to make a move Boss. You have a bunch of high priced athletes who are acting like they are untouchable. We resemble a team that doesn't look like it wants to win, or worse yet, believe that it can win.

It is time to take the first shot and ship some of the high price blabber mouths to Kansas City or the like of. Then let the kids get their lumps at the major league level. You can't start a kid while he is thinking it is do or die. We have to make this team younger. We have already proven an All Star at every position just doesn't work. The hockey Rangers did that and missed the playoffs for seven straight seasons. Get a couple hungry kids out there ASAP!

Hello NY Post!!!! There is a baseball season going on. Why are you putting Alex Rodriguez on the front page with a strange but gorgeous woman? If A-Rod saved a child from a burning building you would get on him for breaking the window to get in. Give the guy a break and let him produce. Then if he opts out of his contract after this season, let him have it.

Here's the plan Sam. Gator, Donnie and Kevin Long have to get tough with the team. If they aren't the right men for the job shake em up. The best players don't always make the best coaches. Team , you have to show these guys respect and break your butt for them. There is only one topic you can speak to the press about, and that is baseball. Forget the Rocket, anything he gives us is gravy. He won't put up better numbers than the Clippards and Desalvos but his presence will make all the Baby Bombers better.

Next you got to eat, sleep and think Baseball. You have to get hungry to win or you can all be shipped to KC for a bag of balls. Let's get back to Yankee Baseball, the game that lasts over 3 hours. Stop going after the first pitch, make ever at bat count. NOW PLAY BALL!!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Or for that matter, any resemblance of offense. In all my years following the Yankees I have never seen such a lethargic team. It seems everyday we just find another way to lose and it looks like the players are believing that as well. Just when it looks as if we are coming out of it, it is bing, bang, boom, back to the loss column.

When the hitting hits the pitchers don't pitch and visa-versa. That is not a sign of a winning ballclub. If there is someone out there that could take over and lead us to the division lead then by all means fire Joe Torre. If not then let Mr Torre finish out the season and make him host of Yankees On Deck in 2008. His replacement should be Joe Girardi.

Hey maybe they should declare the "roadtripper" that attends the least amount of games the season winner?!?!?!?!?!

But we are all Yankee fans, the fans that were here in 1982, right up to 1994. We can name the entire roster without a scorecard. Our first games aren't in the post season. We don't even own a wagon or play in a band. We will be holding on till the bitter end. Hey, let's do it fast, it gets late early out here. LET'S GO YANKEES!!!!!

Friday, May 25, 2007


Bombers Broadside 2007: An Annual Guide to New York Yankees Baseball

Edited by Cecilia Tan
PRICE: $14.95
ISBN: 978-1-934186-05-3
TRIM SIZE: 8.5 x 11
PUB DATE: February 2007
PAGES: 112

Maple Street Press, distributed by Potomac Books, Inc. brings a book which brings out the best of all Yankee Worlds. The best thing about it is that it is written by the fans themselves as well as many well known writers. It draws on the same scouting reports that the scouts themselves use to help evaluate talent. It it edited and written in part by Cecilia Tan, a writer and a fan in her own right. She penned The 50 Greatest Yankees Games and has written features for Yankees Magazine, Mudville, Baseball Ink, Baseball Today, and Picto. She produces her own online baseball magazine, Why I Like Baseball, and is a member of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR). She is often found posting at as well.

It brings a multitude of Yankee history, including a thirtieth-anniversary remembrance of Reggie Jackson's arrival in the Bronx and the 1977 World Series championship. The book also evaluates the dynasties of 1947-64 as well as whether the 1955-64 Yankees were really in the same class as the dominating teams of 1947-53.

This fine book, released in the early pre-season Spring, projected what we 'should' be doing in 2007. From the Gulf Coast Yankees to the Bronx Bombers it cover every aspect of the entire organization. It brings to light the prospects of the Yankees throughout the farm system and when and if you may be seeing these future stars. If Brian Cashman had this book he would know exactly what's going wrong.

After reading this book you may find out if there are any more prospects like Robinson Cano and Melky Cabrera waiting in the wings. From Reggie Jackson to Phil Hughes, they are all in this compact volume.

It's all packed into more than a hundred pages of full-color, Yankees information that is unlike anything else available. Dan McCort of Take Him Downtown and Behind the Bombers is featured in the book as well. After reading this book I only wished I found it sooner. I can't wait until the 2008 version is released in February.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Where Are All The Hits?

Maybe we need to track down Bruce (Cousin Brucie) Morrow and Dan Ingram of Music Radio WABC Fame, at least they know where to find all the hits. Hits are what the Yanks have been lacking since the calendar turned into May. The Yankees lost a big one today 3-2 in Flushing behind another great start, this time by Andy Pettitte.

In April the bats were alive and the starters weren't getting into the 5th inning. We have to meet somewhere half way. Alex Rodriguez who was named April Player of the Month has all of a sudden began to slump while his bat snoozes away. His bat isn't alone however as the only ones hitting are Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada.

Can a eruption of Mount Steinbrenner be far behind? In the past Joe Torre may not have made it through the weekend with the Mets, especially if we loose 2 of 3 ... or worse. To top off the interleague weekend we come home Monday to play the division leading Bosox. So the next week can have a very big impact on this yet young season. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to tell us that we have to start hitting and keep pitching and please get Mo some work.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Villone Is Back

Ron Villone was recalled and Sean Henn was sent down in a move that wa smade to keep Villone was becoming a free agent.
Henn has not pitched bad and if Villone was signed by the Red Sox that would surely help us. So it is just one of those numbers moves.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


Roger Clemens is back in the Yankee Family. Will I root for him? Sure he is on my team, I would root for Charles Manson if he could pitch. Will I forgive him for unretiring? Not that easy.

After letting the Yankees pass up on his option, and giving up any compensation, only then does he announce his unretirement and signing with Houston. I can't prove he wanted to screw the Yankees for letting Andy Pettitte go but if it smells like a skunk it usually is a skunk.

Anyway Roger is back and if he never wins a game again for us it could benefit Phil Hughes immensely. Any pointers he could give this kid could give us an ace on our staff barring injury for the next ten years or more.

He had three choices, the Yankees, The Houston Astros (which had the comforts of home), The Boston Red Sox had far and away the best record of the three teams but who would they remove from the rotation to pitch the potential Hall of Famer? In the end Roger chose to be with his old buddy Andy Pettitte.

But if you're Roger Clemens and you've won 348 games and you're headed toward the Hall of Fame, you are not bound by the usual considerations. You can even set it up so you only pitch on even number days. Roger is looking forward to joining the Yanks and helping the kids on the farm. All we have to do now is hope he does better than the Big Unit did.

Friday, May 04, 2007


Sister Marguerite Torre that is, the Yankee manager's sister that is actually a sister will soon be out of work after 26 years as the beloved principal of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary School in Ozone Park, Queens. The Yankees-friendly principal earned notoriety by giving her students the day off so they could watch the Bombers' ticker-tape parades down the Canyon of Heroes on more than on occasion.


ESPN is reporting that Yankees RHP Carl Pavano will undergo Tommy John surgery disabling him for the remainder of his contract.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


As the results of Phil Hughes being out at least a month with a left hamstring injury, while he was well on his way to a no hitter, it took an injury to their top prospect to have the Yankees fire their conditioning coach.

Why it took this long I will never know. The BTB forum member have been asking for his head all year. When the smoke clears I would not be surprised to learn that the hiring of this firm and Mr. Marty Miller was a marketing ploy. Several Yankees have complained about the non standard routine that Miller uses and several other have opted out all together. It was something that had to be done. Just give us a good old fashion baseball workout. If there is something you want to know about hammys check it out at the BTB Forum. Charlie Dibiase and Dean Balsamini who write for the Star Ledger fantasize how Marty Miller was let go.

From LoHuds Yankee Blog: Carl Pavano felt something in his right arm during his bullpen and shut it down after a few minutes. You have to hand it to the Rajah of Rehab, he’s consistent.

BOMBER BRIEFS Like he never missed a day, Bobby Murcer returned to the YES booth yesterday for the complete Texas series. The players were glad to see him as well. . . . Chien-Ming Wang, who suffered a split middle fingernail during his last start, will throw his bullpen session today to see if he can make his next start. Joe Torre announced that Kei Igawa would start Friday's game, leaving Saturday's start for Wang if he passes the test. . . . Mike Mussina returns to the mound tomorrow night after spending almost three weeks on the disabled list with a often copied strained left hamstring. Mussina pitch count will be limited to about 80 pitches. . . . Frank Torre underwent kidney transplant surgery yesterday, receiving the new organ from his daughter, Lizzie. Joe Torre reported the surgery on his older brother was successful, saying that the new kidney began functioning right away.

Monday, April 30, 2007


As of this writing the Yankees won just one game in their last nine. That victory came courtesy of Kei Igawa. Igawa was just demoted to the bullpen because of some lack luster pitching and was summoned into action do to a potential season ending injury to Jeff Karstens. The real story is when Igawa was interviewed and asked about his demotion.

Igawa answered through an interpreter was that he was demoted many times in Japan for much the same reason. He added he never realized that Americans hit that well and in Japan they don’t nibble at the corners they challenge the hitters.

Well, where were our scouts when this was going on? And correct me if I am wrong but wasn’t Kei teammates with Hideki Matsui? Go back a few blogs for my number theory and that may just answer all my questions.

Did anyone really expect this season to be a cakewalk? If they do fire Joe Torre, Joe Girardi sound like he would be the best choice.

After an off day today Yankee phenom Phil Hughes takes on the Rangers in Texas. I am really pulling for this kid. A victory in Texas will give us our first road victory since Oakland. Here’s hoping all you hits go for extra bases.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


By Special Guest Blogger : Barry Spencer

And I don't care what anybody says. This team, on it's worst day, is far from a last place team. You know I will always find something positive to pull from the deepest darkest recesses this team.

But I have reached the end of my rope and now I'm tying a knot and hanging on.I have had some problems with Joe in the past starting with last October. To that point I have done nothing but support him though he had me scratching my head from time to time.

Now I'm just about ready to freaking lose it. He's pulling Damon and Phelps for defensive replacements in the 7th!!??!!??

Now regarding other matters, I might not be the brightest star in the sky, but I KNOW THE GAME OF BASEBALL!!! Been breathing it for as long as I have been breathing. Been studying the finer points of this great game for years. Some guys know trivia, some know players and events long since forgotten, some can rattle off stats all day long.

Strategy is my forte, and based on that I can say the following with all confidence: YOU DO NOT PULL YOUR OFFENSE FOR DEFENSIVE REPLACEMENTS IN THE 7TH INNING, AND PUT IN YOUR TWO WORST HITTERS ON THE TEAM, WITH THE WAY OUR BULLPEN HAS BEEN PERFORMING!!! Result? Two automatic outs in the 9th.That's just flat out stupid! Beyond freaking stupid! We were a bloop and a blast from tying the game, and Joe hands it to them on a SILVER FREAKING PLATTER!!! A baserunner is called safe at first when he was clearly out on the throw from Cairo. Joe never even gets off his fat ass to argue the call. At least get up and argue the stinking call and support your defense you freaking moron!

Our captain gets hit and leaves the game. Is anything done about that? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! You know why he got hit, and keeps getting hit? Because the league knows they can pitch inside on us and we won't do anything about it! Pitching inside to Abreu in the first totally took the bat right out of his hands. Wang was hitting the gun at 97 last night. I'm screaming for him to put one under Crawfords chin! Screaming! Nope. According to Joe, thats not the Yankee way. Let me clue you in on something Joe. It might not be the Yankee way, but it's the FREAKING BASEBALL WAY!!!! I don't know what's happened to Joe. Too fat and happy maybe. Too comfortable now that he's got his buddy Cashman pulling the strings maybe. Don't ask me. No answer here.

What I do know is this isn't the same manager I've grown to love over the years. Frankly, they could fire his ass today and I wouldn't bat an eyelash.

Last place. Un-freaking-believable! This division is still ours. I firmly believe that with all confidence and every fibre of my being. I'm afraid though, it will have to be done inspite of my once beloved manager.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


As far back as the sinking of the Titanic when Fenway Park first opened, long before the wall boxes, long before they were known as the idiots, even before they traded Babe Ruth to the Yankees. There have always been games like this in this historic ballpark and it won't be the last one.

You doubters that second guessed Joe Torre for bring Mariano Rivera to pitch two innings got your wish, he only had to pitch one. Mo needs work and he needs lot of it or he'll be proving Brian Cashman right by not giving him a contract extension.

You can talk all day about what should have and what could have. Despite only being game 15 of the season the Friday night game can set the pace for the whole weekend. If Mariano came in mowed down the next five outs Joe would have looked like a genius.

On a high note Alex Rodriguez continued his 2007 tour with another 2 home runs and figured in all 6 of the Yankee runs. It up to the Baby Bombers now.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Mariano Rivera hadn't been get much action prior to Saturday's game so he had much too much time hanging out in the bullpen.

So Mo got the Yankee media agent to gather all the press available around his locker after Friday's game. The press were baffled and could not guess why Rivera called them together. When the media arrived Mariano was stone faced and solemn. Then he began to speak.

He went on to announce "I just call you all to let you know that I too will be wearing #42 on Sunday." Mo went on and laughed hysterically, seeming to enjoy his joke more than anyone present. So uncharacteristic of him, way to go Mo!

For those of you who don't know, Mariano Rivera is the last player allowed to wear #42 since MLB retired the number in all of baseball. April 15th to celebrate Jackie Robinson's anniversary of breaking the color line in MLB players from all teams will be allowed to wear the number. In addition to Mariano, the keystone combo of the Yankees, Derek Jeter and Robinson Cano (who was named after Jackie) will be wearing #42. A making of a great trivia question down the road.

Friday, April 13, 2007


The plane just about landed in Oakland and Carl Pavano came up with tighness in his arm. This will push his next start back to Tuesday against the Indians. Meanwhile Moose Mussina is hoping to avoid the DL after tweking his hammy in last night finally in the homer-dome. Mussina remains day-to-day, but Brian Cashman said Mussina will start doing some "functional work" today. Never a dull moment in the Bronx.

Kei Igawa get a chance to redeem himself in Oakland tonight as he starts for the Yankees.

Monday, April 09, 2007


What a strange season so far. Alex Rodriguez is leading the leagues in home runs, Carl Pavano is leading Yankee starters in victories with 1 and the Cleveland Indians are hosting the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at Miller field in Milwaukee.

Rather than move the series to Anaheim being the Angels head to Boston after this series the Indians (or should we say baseball) have moved their series against the Angels to Milwaukee's Miller Park after a spring snowstorm wiped out Cleveland's entire series against Seattle for the fourth straight day Monday. With inter-league play this was suppose to be Seattle's only visit to Cleveland this year.

With all the nippy weather across the country Injuries have been on the rise. The cold weather has been indirectly responsible for DLing our own Hideki Matsui.

Promoted Mascot? Scooter the Holy Cow who resided on Staten Island since the Baby Bomber were created in 1999 has been spotted, well he had the spots already, in the new home of the AAA Yankee affiliate in Scranton Wilkes Barre. Hmmmm, first there were multiple Lassies, could there now be two Scooters? Or have Red and Huck going to work without the elder Mascot on Staten Island this season? Stay tuned Scooter fans.

Friday, April 06, 2007


Alex Rodriguez-- Before starting my mini-rant, I should point out that EVERY team has it's share of idiotic fans. That being said, the booing of A-Rod in 2006 was inexcusable. Let me see if I understand the motive..... as long as A-Rod hits .350 with 50+ HR's every season, he'll be cut some slack?? .290 BA 113 R 35 HR 121 RBI is DISAPPOINTING?? WHERE IN THE HELL DOES THIS NONSENSE COME FROM?? My boyhood idol, Graig Nettles, was a long-time Yankees 3B. His glove was the best at 3B I've ever seen (though it shouldn't be forgotten that A-Rod is a natural SS), but let's look at his career bests as a Yankee: 37 HR 107 RBI .276 BA 99 R .No.... I don't want to hear any whining about his contract. A-Rod is a 1st-ballot HOF'er. The Yankees will pay Jason Giambi $21.5 mil. in 2007...... and will pay A-Rod $16 mil. Don't worry..... I know how much of A-Rod's deal the Rangers are paying, though, with all the booing, I sometimes wondered if I was the only one.I guess Yankees fans can do what they want...... go ahead and boo a 1st ballot HOF'er out of town, but don't cry when his replacement hits .270 with 25 HR.

Newsflash, idiots : THE YANKEES LACK OF STARTING PITCHING PREVENTED THEM FROM WINNING A TITLE SINCE 2000. Blame A-Rod if you must, but, last I checked, he doesn't pitch. Sure, sure...... the likes of Kevin Brown, Jeff Weaver, Javier Vazquez and Jaret Wright have performed WONDERFULLY over the past few seasons...... Carl Pavano has been well worth his 4-year $40 mil. investment..... Randy Johnson was the true ace the team needed (never, ever, ever count on a SP in his 40's to be your ace..... I said that at the time the Yankees traded for RJ..... seems to have proven my theory true. No....not much of a "theory".... it's simply common sense). I respect the red sox 3B more than some Yankees fans respect A-Rod. Pathetic. Exit mini-rant ...........

A-Rod will improve on his 2006 #'s. Trained harder than ever this past off-season and dropped 13 # to help improve his defensive flexibility. The addition of High School teammate Doug Mientkiewicz will help, not only in the clubhouse, but because few, if any, 1B are better at scooping low throws (this, of course, will help Derek Jeter and Robbie Cano a lot as well). Look for another MVP run for A-Rod.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Game two of the young 2007 season was postphoned. The Yankees called the game at 11 AM. It would be nice if they could announce this on the Subways, Metro North, LIRR and Ferries. Are your reading this Mayor Bloomy?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Bernie Williams phoned Joe Torre Monday morning and wished his former team luck. It was the first Bernieless Opener since 1990. He also got to talk to (Jorge) Posada and (Derek) Jeter.

Rudy Guiliani and Bobby Murcer were in the house for the festivities. The widow and son of Corey Lidle were on hand to throw out the forst pitches. Corey's son is southpaw. Lidle's parents and twin brother also stood near the Yankees' dugout during the pregame tribute. The family stayed for the game and watched from a suite. ... The average age of players in Tampa Bay's lineup was 24.

Saturday, March 31, 2007


Andy Phillips who was waived by the Yankees on Thursday has passed through waivers and will be returning to AAA to play for the Scranton Yankees. Welcome Home Andy!!

Friday, March 30, 2007


I want to start out this blog by saying I have the ultimate respect for the Lidle Family and continue to offer my condolences on their tragic loss.

As you remember last October when I originally wrote about Corey Lidle's accident I said he was a great friend and a great teammate to whomever he played with. Well that was 100% true. I also mentioned he probably wouldn't get more than a moment of silence on Opening Day. Well the Yankees obviously thinks more of him than I do as his wife and kids will be throwing out the first ball while his twin brother will be in attendance. In addition the Yankees will be wearing a black armband all season in his honor.

My problem is that a lot of Yankees have passed over the years, many with larger ties to the Pinstripes that have virtually been ignored outside of a proverbial moment of silence. Corey Lidle may have been the perfect teammate but he didn't even play with the Yankees for a whole season and there was no guarantee that he would be wearing Pinstripes this Spring had he survived.

Do I think it was a nice gesture on the Yankees part? Sure I do! But what about the Jim Spencers' and the Shane Rawleys' that have played as much if not more than Lidle? All they got was a mention on Old Timers Day, which is great, I wonder what effect this will have on Mrs Lidle's lawsuit?

INSIDE SKINNY: My insiders say Chien-Ming Wang is progressing much faster than scheduled, that is mainly because his actual problem stemmed from a tired arm and not a hammy.

Opening Day is Monday, Go Yanks!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

SPRING, BASEBALL, Squirrels and NUTS...

Fellow webmasters and admins. Baseball is just around the corner. There have been a rash (of at least 2) spammers on the team forums either spamming or putting up some tasteless stuff. Just be on the lookout, many of you have banned them already.

As the Daily Snooze (among others) reported the Opening Day pitcher for our beloved Bronx Bombers is none other than Carl Pavano. The right hander sttod healthy all the way through Spring and thanks to some injuries to Chien Ming Wang, Andy Pettitte and Jeff Karstens, Pavano will be given the ball on Monday afternoon. Mark Feinsand also reported that Josh Phelps has the inside track to make the 2007 squad. The writer also wonders what will happen to Andy Phillips.

Over at The Post George King looks into his cracked crystal ball and shares with us what he sees in store for the Yankees in 2007. And as if we had nothing else to worry about King also reads between the lines and reports that Joe Torre want to return for the Stadium's Swan Song in 2008.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Who Can't Live On $81 Million?

Brian Cashman came out today in the NY Post as well as well as many other media outlets and said point blank that there will be no extension for Alex Rodriguez. I mean, how much is too much? After this season Alex can opt out of the remaining three years on his contract, which is for $81 Million over the period. Will he get more from someone else? I don't see how. Worse case we find someone else to choke in the post season. This has Scott Boras stinking all over it. This comes just days after A-Rod said to the press that he want to remain in NY. I guess he means the Mets. This can only add to the boo-birds for Pay-Rod. Mark Finesand of the Daily Snooze had his own takes on the situation.

The Yankees are asking Melanie Lidle, the widow of late pitcher Cory Lidle, to throw out the first pitch on Opening Day.... Andy Pettitte may throw a bullpen session today, though it could be pushed back based on how his back feels. Pettitte, who was scheduled to make a minor-league start Friday, has been battling back spasms for a few days. Chances are he will miss at least his next start. ... Bobby Abreu, who had his first game since injuring his oblique muscle on Tuesday, is scheduled to play right field in today's game against the Reds in Sarasota. Carl Pavano starts for the Yankees, Kyle Lohse is on the hill for Cincinnati's . ... Andy Phillips is playing with sore hands as he has blisters all over them. Normally they are calluses by now and tough enough to play.

Lastly take a trip over to Sports Illustrated and vote for as your favorite website/Blog. There is some tough competition up there as LoHud is one of my favorite blogs as well.

Friday, March 09, 2007


If this was anyone else it would be no big deal but since it is the everlucient Carl Pavano the press will have a field day with it.

It seem Carl was scratched right before game time becuase of personal reasons. The Yankee insisted it had absolutely nothing to do with the lawsuit stemming from a 2006 accident he was involved in. The only thing they said it was personal. LoHud reports what Brian Cashman told the press.

Andy Phillips returned to camp yesterday, back from visiting his injured mother in a hospital near her Alabama home after she was in a serious car accident. We here at BTB wish Andy's mom a speed recovery.

Friday, February 23, 2007


What does it mean to wear a number in the 50s or 60's? Most of the time it means you are fighting for a job on the Yankees but in Japan it is a different story. It is an honor for a starting pitcher in Japan to have a number in the teens with 18 being most coveted.

In Boo Boo's (Hideki Irabu) first season with us he wore 35 and that did play head games with him. The next season he wore 14 which was more to his honor.So where am I going with this you may ask?

That brings me to Kei Igawa, he was issued number 29 upon arrival. As a matter of fact you can buy his 29 Jersey already. So you must be thinking, ahhh he must have had a number in the teens in Japan. Heck Dmat wore 18. Wrong again, he wore the same number 29 in Japan.

Was he always a starter in his home country? Or was he a swing man? I don't know alot about him. (Where is Zbi when I need him?) So as Jerry Seinfeld would say "What's Up With That?" Or better yet "How Good Is He?"

Friday, February 16, 2007


Former Yankees Ken Holtzman and Ron Blomberg along with ex Met Art Shamsky will manage three of the teams that will compete in the inaugural season of the six-team Israel Baseball League. The announcement of the three managers was made by the league commissioner Daniel M. Kurtzer, the former U.S. Ambassador to Israel.

Boss George's Son-In Law, Stephen Swindal, who is also the Yankees' general partner, was arrested for DUI before dawn yesterday after St Petersburg Police spotted him speeding and weaving along a road not far from the Tampa Complex. Swindal was driving 61 mph in a 35 mph zone in his Mercedes-Benz black two-seater sports car, about 20 miles from the Yankees' Legends Field in Tampa, police said. Daddy must be fuming.

Maybe 27 is in the cards as heartship again has hit the Yankee family. Frank Torre, a star in his own right and elder brother of the Yankees' skipper Joe Torre needs a kidney transplant. Frank received a heart transplant between Games 5 and 6 of the Fall Classic, making a speedy recovery that allowed him to watch Joe hoist the World Series trophy for the first time in his lengthy career.

Meanwhile in Tampa Joe Torre said yesterday that he had spoken with Bernie Williams on Wednesday, making a push for the veteran outfielder to come to camp as a non-roster player. The manager made no promises to Williams, who has played his entire 16-year career with the Yankees, and the two plan to speak again Friday or Saturday.

The Yankees will wear a black armband on both their home and road jerseys this season to honor the memory of Cory Lidle, who died last Oct. 11 in a plane crash on the upper East Side.
The team also has not issued jersey number No. 30, which Lidle wore during his two-month stint with the Yankees last season. But don't look for it hanging in Monument Park any time soon, at least not for Cory.

Mike Mussina is guilty of only one thing, going to the press sinstead of confronting Carl Pavano directly. Moose however did the right thing by apologizing for having comments relayed to Pavano through the press, and Pavano said he understood his teammates' frustration stemming from the right-hander's continued injury woes. So all is happy on the Yankee staff (so far) this Spring.