Friday, March 30, 2007


I want to start out this blog by saying I have the ultimate respect for the Lidle Family and continue to offer my condolences on their tragic loss.

As you remember last October when I originally wrote about Corey Lidle's accident I said he was a great friend and a great teammate to whomever he played with. Well that was 100% true. I also mentioned he probably wouldn't get more than a moment of silence on Opening Day. Well the Yankees obviously thinks more of him than I do as his wife and kids will be throwing out the first ball while his twin brother will be in attendance. In addition the Yankees will be wearing a black armband all season in his honor.

My problem is that a lot of Yankees have passed over the years, many with larger ties to the Pinstripes that have virtually been ignored outside of a proverbial moment of silence. Corey Lidle may have been the perfect teammate but he didn't even play with the Yankees for a whole season and there was no guarantee that he would be wearing Pinstripes this Spring had he survived.

Do I think it was a nice gesture on the Yankees part? Sure I do! But what about the Jim Spencers' and the Shane Rawleys' that have played as much if not more than Lidle? All they got was a mention on Old Timers Day, which is great, I wonder what effect this will have on Mrs Lidle's lawsuit?

INSIDE SKINNY: My insiders say Chien-Ming Wang is progressing much faster than scheduled, that is mainly because his actual problem stemmed from a tired arm and not a hammy.

Opening Day is Monday, Go Yanks!


terps330566 said...

The situations you mentioned do not compare to what happened with Lidle. He died just a week after he played his last game with the Yankees. Shut the hell up and get a clue.

Phil Speranza said...

Did you read the whole post? I didn't say he did not deserve it nor did I say it was wrong. Whether a player dies naturally or tragically it is still a great loss. Should Mrs. Lidle throw out the first pitch? Yes, it was a very generous and classy gesture on the Yankees part. It didn't have to be Opening Day. Would any other team do the same? I don't know. You know who I am but it is a coward that writes such rubbish behind a mask.