Friday, January 27, 2006


I can smell the grass growing now. This off season baseball didn't see to take a hiatus thanks to XM Radio. It is really a must for the baseball and music fan. There is just so much to it, try it out. You can listen to some station AOL or DirectTV.

Check out one of Behind the Bombers best as Mr. STOP shares his visions with us.

Is it a coincidence or not that Barry Bonds dropped out of the World Baseball Classic right after the announced that there will be Olympic style drug testing? One has to think.

Want Hot Stove action second to none? Check out the BTB Forum now welcoming Refugees "The Second Generation" from the now closed for business Newsday Forum.

Monday, January 16, 2006


The year is young and the Yankee News has been slim as of late. The YES Network finished it hot stove series so I guess they are ready for the new season.
Centerfield will boast a clean shaven Johnny Damon hopefully he isn't like Samson. Other than that the look of our starting nine (ten) should be very similar to the 2005 class. One other exception should be Bernie Williams who returns as a DH/4th outfielder.
Go check out the Behind the Bombers forum where you can air you views on the upcoming season.