Thursday, August 30, 2007


Guest Blogger DG

We raise a very interesting question in gametalk about Torre's BP management : why wasn't anyone burned out from 1996-2003? I won't claim that Torre is flawless at BP management, but I have few cmplaints this season. Vizcaino was pushed too far a couple times, IMO, but not to the breaking point. Anyone think such accusations this season will hold up under scrutiny of game logs?

Others--Proctor: Can't say he's on his way out of the majors. There were certainly times I wouldn't have used him last season, no argument there.

Villone: Pushed to the breaking point last season, but bounced back this season. Also broke down in the 2nd half of 2005 with the Marlins.

Sturtze: How good was he to begin with? Had his moments, but tough to say Torre ruined him.

Quantrill: Have we forgotten how much he was used prior to his stint with the Yankees? He was no stranger to pitching a ton of games. Is it shocking that a pitcher or 2 per season will be pushed extremely hard.... especially when we're primarily discussing middle relievers?

Big question: I'm not saying Torre is flawless.... and not saying he excels at BP management, but....Am I seriously supposed to believe that our Pitching and BP coaches are figureheads? Sure, Torre makes the final call, but why is it never, ever mentioned that 3 people are involved in relief appearances? None of us know what goes on in the dugout, but can anyone seriously picture Torre saying "Screw you, Guidry!! I said use ___________.

Who the hell cares what you think? " ? What coaches would want to work for him if they weren't allowed input into game decisions? Doesn't make sense. Maybe looking at the big picture would paint a clearer picture. Torre isn't flawless and he isn't an idiot. Going back to the "I never want to see ______ pitch for the Yankees again" stuff..... I find it odd Torre is constantly accused of over-using relievers, yet many of us want to limit his options by saying we'd only use a few selected relievers. Pot, meet kettle.

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