Wednesday, May 30, 2007


OK, enough is enough. Time to make a move Boss. You have a bunch of high priced athletes who are acting like they are untouchable. We resemble a team that doesn't look like it wants to win, or worse yet, believe that it can win.

It is time to take the first shot and ship some of the high price blabber mouths to Kansas City or the like of. Then let the kids get their lumps at the major league level. You can't start a kid while he is thinking it is do or die. We have to make this team younger. We have already proven an All Star at every position just doesn't work. The hockey Rangers did that and missed the playoffs for seven straight seasons. Get a couple hungry kids out there ASAP!

Hello NY Post!!!! There is a baseball season going on. Why are you putting Alex Rodriguez on the front page with a strange but gorgeous woman? If A-Rod saved a child from a burning building you would get on him for breaking the window to get in. Give the guy a break and let him produce. Then if he opts out of his contract after this season, let him have it.

Here's the plan Sam. Gator, Donnie and Kevin Long have to get tough with the team. If they aren't the right men for the job shake em up. The best players don't always make the best coaches. Team , you have to show these guys respect and break your butt for them. There is only one topic you can speak to the press about, and that is baseball. Forget the Rocket, anything he gives us is gravy. He won't put up better numbers than the Clippards and Desalvos but his presence will make all the Baby Bombers better.

Next you got to eat, sleep and think Baseball. You have to get hungry to win or you can all be shipped to KC for a bag of balls. Let's get back to Yankee Baseball, the game that lasts over 3 hours. Stop going after the first pitch, make ever at bat count. NOW PLAY BALL!!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Or for that matter, any resemblance of offense. In all my years following the Yankees I have never seen such a lethargic team. It seems everyday we just find another way to lose and it looks like the players are believing that as well. Just when it looks as if we are coming out of it, it is bing, bang, boom, back to the loss column.

When the hitting hits the pitchers don't pitch and visa-versa. That is not a sign of a winning ballclub. If there is someone out there that could take over and lead us to the division lead then by all means fire Joe Torre. If not then let Mr Torre finish out the season and make him host of Yankees On Deck in 2008. His replacement should be Joe Girardi.

Hey maybe they should declare the "roadtripper" that attends the least amount of games the season winner?!?!?!?!?!

But we are all Yankee fans, the fans that were here in 1982, right up to 1994. We can name the entire roster without a scorecard. Our first games aren't in the post season. We don't even own a wagon or play in a band. We will be holding on till the bitter end. Hey, let's do it fast, it gets late early out here. LET'S GO YANKEES!!!!!

Friday, May 25, 2007


Bombers Broadside 2007: An Annual Guide to New York Yankees Baseball

Edited by Cecilia Tan
PRICE: $14.95
ISBN: 978-1-934186-05-3
TRIM SIZE: 8.5 x 11
PUB DATE: February 2007
PAGES: 112

Maple Street Press, distributed by Potomac Books, Inc. brings a book which brings out the best of all Yankee Worlds. The best thing about it is that it is written by the fans themselves as well as many well known writers. It draws on the same scouting reports that the scouts themselves use to help evaluate talent. It it edited and written in part by Cecilia Tan, a writer and a fan in her own right. She penned The 50 Greatest Yankees Games and has written features for Yankees Magazine, Mudville, Baseball Ink, Baseball Today, and Picto. She produces her own online baseball magazine, Why I Like Baseball, and is a member of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR). She is often found posting at as well.

It brings a multitude of Yankee history, including a thirtieth-anniversary remembrance of Reggie Jackson's arrival in the Bronx and the 1977 World Series championship. The book also evaluates the dynasties of 1947-64 as well as whether the 1955-64 Yankees were really in the same class as the dominating teams of 1947-53.

This fine book, released in the early pre-season Spring, projected what we 'should' be doing in 2007. From the Gulf Coast Yankees to the Bronx Bombers it cover every aspect of the entire organization. It brings to light the prospects of the Yankees throughout the farm system and when and if you may be seeing these future stars. If Brian Cashman had this book he would know exactly what's going wrong.

After reading this book you may find out if there are any more prospects like Robinson Cano and Melky Cabrera waiting in the wings. From Reggie Jackson to Phil Hughes, they are all in this compact volume.

It's all packed into more than a hundred pages of full-color, Yankees information that is unlike anything else available. Dan McCort of Take Him Downtown and Behind the Bombers is featured in the book as well. After reading this book I only wished I found it sooner. I can't wait until the 2008 version is released in February.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Where Are All The Hits?

Maybe we need to track down Bruce (Cousin Brucie) Morrow and Dan Ingram of Music Radio WABC Fame, at least they know where to find all the hits. Hits are what the Yanks have been lacking since the calendar turned into May. The Yankees lost a big one today 3-2 in Flushing behind another great start, this time by Andy Pettitte.

In April the bats were alive and the starters weren't getting into the 5th inning. We have to meet somewhere half way. Alex Rodriguez who was named April Player of the Month has all of a sudden began to slump while his bat snoozes away. His bat isn't alone however as the only ones hitting are Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada.

Can a eruption of Mount Steinbrenner be far behind? In the past Joe Torre may not have made it through the weekend with the Mets, especially if we loose 2 of 3 ... or worse. To top off the interleague weekend we come home Monday to play the division leading Bosox. So the next week can have a very big impact on this yet young season. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to tell us that we have to start hitting and keep pitching and please get Mo some work.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Villone Is Back

Ron Villone was recalled and Sean Henn was sent down in a move that wa smade to keep Villone was becoming a free agent.
Henn has not pitched bad and if Villone was signed by the Red Sox that would surely help us. So it is just one of those numbers moves.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


Roger Clemens is back in the Yankee Family. Will I root for him? Sure he is on my team, I would root for Charles Manson if he could pitch. Will I forgive him for unretiring? Not that easy.

After letting the Yankees pass up on his option, and giving up any compensation, only then does he announce his unretirement and signing with Houston. I can't prove he wanted to screw the Yankees for letting Andy Pettitte go but if it smells like a skunk it usually is a skunk.

Anyway Roger is back and if he never wins a game again for us it could benefit Phil Hughes immensely. Any pointers he could give this kid could give us an ace on our staff barring injury for the next ten years or more.

He had three choices, the Yankees, The Houston Astros (which had the comforts of home), The Boston Red Sox had far and away the best record of the three teams but who would they remove from the rotation to pitch the potential Hall of Famer? In the end Roger chose to be with his old buddy Andy Pettitte.

But if you're Roger Clemens and you've won 348 games and you're headed toward the Hall of Fame, you are not bound by the usual considerations. You can even set it up so you only pitch on even number days. Roger is looking forward to joining the Yanks and helping the kids on the farm. All we have to do now is hope he does better than the Big Unit did.

Friday, May 04, 2007


Sister Marguerite Torre that is, the Yankee manager's sister that is actually a sister will soon be out of work after 26 years as the beloved principal of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary School in Ozone Park, Queens. The Yankees-friendly principal earned notoriety by giving her students the day off so they could watch the Bombers' ticker-tape parades down the Canyon of Heroes on more than on occasion.


ESPN is reporting that Yankees RHP Carl Pavano will undergo Tommy John surgery disabling him for the remainder of his contract.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


As the results of Phil Hughes being out at least a month with a left hamstring injury, while he was well on his way to a no hitter, it took an injury to their top prospect to have the Yankees fire their conditioning coach.

Why it took this long I will never know. The BTB forum member have been asking for his head all year. When the smoke clears I would not be surprised to learn that the hiring of this firm and Mr. Marty Miller was a marketing ploy. Several Yankees have complained about the non standard routine that Miller uses and several other have opted out all together. It was something that had to be done. Just give us a good old fashion baseball workout. If there is something you want to know about hammys check it out at the BTB Forum. Charlie Dibiase and Dean Balsamini who write for the Star Ledger fantasize how Marty Miller was let go.

From LoHuds Yankee Blog: Carl Pavano felt something in his right arm during his bullpen and shut it down after a few minutes. You have to hand it to the Rajah of Rehab, he’s consistent.

BOMBER BRIEFS Like he never missed a day, Bobby Murcer returned to the YES booth yesterday for the complete Texas series. The players were glad to see him as well. . . . Chien-Ming Wang, who suffered a split middle fingernail during his last start, will throw his bullpen session today to see if he can make his next start. Joe Torre announced that Kei Igawa would start Friday's game, leaving Saturday's start for Wang if he passes the test. . . . Mike Mussina returns to the mound tomorrow night after spending almost three weeks on the disabled list with a often copied strained left hamstring. Mussina pitch count will be limited to about 80 pitches. . . . Frank Torre underwent kidney transplant surgery yesterday, receiving the new organ from his daughter, Lizzie. Joe Torre reported the surgery on his older brother was successful, saying that the new kidney began functioning right away.