Wednesday, May 30, 2007


OK, enough is enough. Time to make a move Boss. You have a bunch of high priced athletes who are acting like they are untouchable. We resemble a team that doesn't look like it wants to win, or worse yet, believe that it can win.

It is time to take the first shot and ship some of the high price blabber mouths to Kansas City or the like of. Then let the kids get their lumps at the major league level. You can't start a kid while he is thinking it is do or die. We have to make this team younger. We have already proven an All Star at every position just doesn't work. The hockey Rangers did that and missed the playoffs for seven straight seasons. Get a couple hungry kids out there ASAP!

Hello NY Post!!!! There is a baseball season going on. Why are you putting Alex Rodriguez on the front page with a strange but gorgeous woman? If A-Rod saved a child from a burning building you would get on him for breaking the window to get in. Give the guy a break and let him produce. Then if he opts out of his contract after this season, let him have it.

Here's the plan Sam. Gator, Donnie and Kevin Long have to get tough with the team. If they aren't the right men for the job shake em up. The best players don't always make the best coaches. Team , you have to show these guys respect and break your butt for them. There is only one topic you can speak to the press about, and that is baseball. Forget the Rocket, anything he gives us is gravy. He won't put up better numbers than the Clippards and Desalvos but his presence will make all the Baby Bombers better.

Next you got to eat, sleep and think Baseball. You have to get hungry to win or you can all be shipped to KC for a bag of balls. Let's get back to Yankee Baseball, the game that lasts over 3 hours. Stop going after the first pitch, make ever at bat count. NOW PLAY BALL!!!!

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