Sunday, July 01, 2007


Taking a lesson from Pedro Cerrano of the Major League movies Scott Proctor burned his equipment in sacrifice after Saturday's embarassing loss to the A's. About 45 minutes after yesterday's loss to Oakland - in which Proctor was charged with three runs on three hits in one-third of a inning - the pitcher started the 4th of July celebration early by setting fire to his glove, uniform, spikes and other items, outside the Yankee dugout. There was no word about an icon or insence in his locker. Maybe next time they can burn Dougy or Eddie from the Roadtrippers?

When will Kyle Farnsworth learn to clam up? less than a month after blowing off his big mouth about Roger Clemens on a Chicago radio station, Farnsy had a tantrum Friday night when Joe Torre pulled him in the eight inning after allowing two base runners. Kyle if you have anyone to be pissed at it's yourself. Look at how you have been pitching, Joe Torre should be the one with a tantrum. Either way Joe is not making a big deal out of it.

Jorge Posada ripped his teammates after their last performance. "I'm not talking about unlucky; luck comes when you go after it," the Yankee catcher said. "And it seems like at times we just go through the motions and today was one of those cases. "That's the way it is, I think everybody knows what I'm talking about." Guess the tension is getting thick down there.

Can we get any worse? It seems we can't buy a win these days. We have the talent we need to get the desire and go out and put some wins together.

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