Thursday, March 30, 2006


Former Staten Island Yankee 1B/3B Eric Duncan was voted winner of the 2006 JP Dawson Award. The award is given to the best rookie in Spring Training. Duncan joins the ranks of Don Mattingly, Jorge Posada and Willie Randolph among others.


Scott Proctor who is out of options extended his lease in pinstripes due to injuries to Aaron Small. He did have a great spring as well. Proctor impressed the Yanks with a 1.06 ERA over 17 innings this spring and will begin the year as a long reliever. The way the starters have been dropping don't be surprised if he makes a start or two this season.

Jaret Wright will make his first appearance in a game since March 18 when he pitches in a minor-league game today. Wright, who said he's over the back spasms that sidelined him, is waiting to find out his role at the start of the season. Joe Torre and Ron Guidry will watch Wright pitch and said he'll likely announce his rotation tomorrow. Lee Mazzilli will stay back at Tampa and manage the Yanks against the D-Rays.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Holy Cow Yankee fans we went from 7 starters to three in no time at all. Chien Ming "Don't Call Me Tiger" Wang will test out his bruised knee Friday as the Yankees return to the scene of the 2001 World Series Arizona. So if all goes well it looks like Wang will be the number 4 hurler behind Randy Johnson, Mike Mussina and Shawn Chacon.

Speaking of Randy Johnson, he showed his classlessness these past couple of days. RJ has gone to court demanding that an ex-girlfriend return less than $100,000 in day care payments he made for a daughter they had out of wedlock 16 years ago, the Smoking Gun Web site reports. Johnson last month petitioned a judge in Island County, Wash., for return of the $750 a month in day care payments he provided over eight years to the girl's mother, Laurel Roszwell. He's also demanding interest, for a total of about $93,000.
Johnson has also been paying $5,000 a month in child support, none of which is in dispute. Johnson and Laurel Roszwell did not enter into a child-support agreement until the girl, Heather Roszwell, was 8 years old. You may have a point Randy but suck it up and show some class. Let her keep the money.

Jorge Posada is expected to be behind the plate come Opening Day in Oakland after he return to defensive action this afternoon. Posada took part in the team's workout before Sunday's game against Detroit, taking batting practice, but he wasn't expected to return to game action until Tuesday or Wednesday.

A few thoughts about the game and other stuff:...

Barry "Goodad" Spencer Special Guest Blogger

1. Proctor looked really good. He's got hisself a slider now, and he's throwing it for strikes. He's also got hisself a changeup now, and he's throwing it for strikes. He actually appeared to get stronger as the game went into the 4th. Word is they're grooming him for long relief.

2. Pavano looked ok. I hate back problems in pitchers. Especially young ones. They can flare up at a moments notice. Fingers crossed.

3. Jorge was plugged in as DH. Looking like rocky raccoon his timing is a little off. But, consider this. If Joe uses him like he did last year, a few weeks off in the Spring should facilitate fresher legs for Hip. Bodes well for our October.

4. Murcer and Singleton mentioned the Yanks had been doing defensive drills earlier that day. Specifically infield defense. Both were kinda surprised about this so late in Spring training. Which begs the question, why so surprised? You can never work on fundamentals too much. Stinnett was taking pops behind the plate. Anybody who has ever been there knows, there is no such thing as an easy pop up the catcher has to field. All this continuing work on infield fundamentals has a Larry Bowa flavor to it. And I like it a lot!

5. Bowa has also been working with Cano on keeping his glove down, and teaching him to anticipate a bad hop on every play. Basic infield mechanics, taught in Little League, but you could see the difference in Cano's fielding last night. Much more sure handed. Much more fundamentally sound. Don't let Bowa's efforst go unnoticed as you watch the Yanks infield this year.

6. Mazzilli on the bench is also going to be a major asset to Joe. Joe has a great deal of respect for his former 1st base coach. Maz has a great baseball mind, and watches the game with a keen eye. He's also a walking rule book.

7. Giambi's eye for the plate is right there! What a surprise!8. The importance of renewed interest in working on sound baseball fundamentals can not be emphasized enough. Mental errors cost ballgames, and by the break in July, I expect to hear from more than a few announcers, how fundamentally sound this years Yankees play the game.

My predictions for this year:

1. Look for a lot of fun.

2. Look for a lot of frustration.

3. Look for a lot of crooked numbers.

4. Look for a lot of wins.Last night I could feel the tingle of anticipation as opening day draws near.

And with the last pre-season game Saturday afternoon, it's almost time for Yankinit to set the table, and the great AlanH to bring it home in true BTB tradition.

Sunday, March 26, 2006


With the rosters trimming down and Opening Day in site, it is time to rewind and look back at just what we have seen this Spring. Sources say that this years crop of players have beat last Spring's bunch hands down. Yankee Spring Training has been Kevin Heaven as both outfielders Kevin "KT" Thompson and Kevin Reese have had super pre seasons. However both player will benefit by heading to Columbus to start the season with our old friend Melky Cabrera.

That does however make the Columbus outfield a little crowded. Melky had a great spring being a step ahead having played winter ball. Miguel Cairo is happy to be in pinstripes and had a great spring as well.

How accurate has the performances been during the Spring? Well, you have to take into consideration that a lot of the kids have been given more exposure being a good portion of the regulars have been participating in the World Baseball Classic. The results of the "Spring Break" have yet to be seen.
  • Will the regulars be ready to start the season?
  • Will they run out of gas earlier than normal?
  • Are the good outings by some of the kids been misrepresentation to the the lower quality of competition?

These questions all remain unanswered. We probably wont know all the answers until September.

I must admit I wasn't excited about the WBC but I really enjoyed watching the tournament. Sure there are bugs to be worked out but the best teams won. Next time around I wouldn't be surprised if the preparation changes for the US and Dominican teams. The Japan, Korean and Cuban teams were better prepared and it showed and deservingly so.

Opening Day is coming and the Yanks will be involved with three of them. Before they get home to their own the playing in both the Angel and Athletic home openers. All I can say is "Play Ball".

Thursday, March 16, 2006


I don't want to be (Jaret) Wright!!!

Special Guest Blogger
Andrew Allen

Jaret Wright is in mid season form. He had a despicable outing last time out, giving up 8 runs on 11 hits. This is a good thing. If he isn't traded, he shouldbe put at the end of the bully, as a mop-up specialist. Our rotation to begin the season will hopefully be: Randy Johnson, Mike Mussina, Chien Ming Wang, Shaun Chacon, and Aaron Small. Hopefully Carl Pavano can move in if he gets healthy. Jaret just won't be effective as a starter this year.
His fastball looks too straight and hittable.
Move him to the pen, and all is well.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Lots of baseball news, first there is the untimely passing of Kirby Puckett. Kirby is one of those opposing player you just have to love. He didn't look like a centerfielder but boy could he play it. God Bless You Kirby.

The Canadians upset the US Team today. I noticed A-Rod, Jeter, Damon and Clemens are all buddy-buddy in the dugout. Al Leiter announced he will retire after the World Baseball Classic and Roger Clemens is hinting he could go the same route.

Jarret Wright looked in mid season form tonight as he was pulled in the 3rd inning after seemlessly losing the strikezone. Also he seems to be wearing #34 this spring instead of #33. It didn't seem to help much.

Bernie Williams wasthe Team Puerto Rico DH Tuesday. Batting leadoff he knocked in the go-ahead run in the bottom of the fifth as his team scratched out a 2-1 win over Panama in the opening game of Pool C play in the World Baseball Classic. The PAnama team was originally suppose to be managed by former Bomber Roberto Kelly.