Wednesday, June 27, 2007


With the voting deadline coming up quickly, the question comes to mind just who on the Yankees deserves an ALl Star election?

Alex A-Rod Rodriguez deserviongly leads all vote getters in the fan vote. He is having a super year which may just land him in Anaheim in 2008. Robbie Cano was elected last year but couldn't play due to injury but this year he had a hard time getting out of the box, maybe from taking too many lessons from Bobby Abreu.

The perinial Yankee All Star, Mariano Rivera is having a mediocre year at best. There are several stoppers that deserve it more than he does. The only starter that derserves the nod is Chien Ming Wang, depite not having his best stuff he has done his best to keep us alive this season. This kid really can win with his brains when the talent isn't working.

So get out there and vote, good or bad or indifferent it would be nice to see those road grays in San Francisco this July.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Clippard Clipped

Tyler Clippard was returned to Scranton today to make room for Kevin Thompson. With the Yankees traveling to the NL parks they needed to ad a position player. When the fifth man's rotation spot comes up again, it may be Kei Igawa.

Last night showed you just how Oliver Perez works. You either torch him for seven runs in five innings, or he shuts you down. We got the latter last night. He sure made our bats look lothargic. Roger Clemens pitched OK himself.

Rubber game is Sunday Night on ESPN. Happy Fathers Day to all you dads out there. A special Happy Father's Day goes out to my own Dad. Miss You!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Special guest Blogger Johnny Yankee

Probably my favorite Yankee ever has passed away. I say this because when Mantle and Maris were going at it, it was always Clete Boyer that I watched most. Never have I seen anyone fielding thirdbase as elegant as Clete, even if Brooks may have gone down as the greatest fielding thirdsacker in history. Clete was just awsome, throwing from his knees, sometimes almost from his belly, accurately, to get his man. I saw Clete make plays that I swear I don't think Brooks would have made. No, he didn't have the "hitting" his brother Ken had but still, enough to be the yankees regular thirdbaseman during those magical years of the 60's. I never liked it when he was traded to the Braves, and until Nettles came along, never did we once again have anyone as great a fielder as Clete Boyer. So sorry to hear this news and my condolences to the Boyer family and a prayer that he is in a better place with the Mick and Roger, Elston and Billy, and all those great Yankees that made the 1961 Yankees my all-time favorites. Rest in peace Clete!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

And The Winner of the Ugliest Inning of 2007 Is . . .

The bottom of the 7th inning on June 2nd. Misplays by Bobby Areau and an error by the captain Derek Jeter led the Red Sox to score five runs and retake the lead on Saturday.

Roger Clemens will not pitch in Chicago on Monday as advertised as he is suffering from a fatigued groin he experienced in Scranton last week. What the heck is a fatigued groin? After the setback to Phil Hughes you would have to believe this team in suffering from Pavanoitis! This is the same groin (you can't grow a new one) that has been troubling Roger for the last five years or so. The good news is Rocket doesn't get paid unil he pitches for the Yankees. The bad news is that the scuttlebutt is that Kei Igawa will be taking Rogers turn in the rotation. I might have recall Matt Desalvo being you can bring him back up without penalty due to the Rocket malfunction.

Don Mattingly on Alex Rodriguez distracting the infielders in Toronto: " I mean it's no big deal, we tried it dozens of times when I played, that was the first time I saw it work." Check what the Yankee Chick says about This Week in A-Rod.