Wednesday, May 28, 2008


New York Yankees: An Interactive Guide to the World of Sports
By Danniel J. Brush – David Horne – Marc CB Maxwell
Foreward by Mike Vaccaro, New York Post

A new book is on the horizon and this book actually is enhanced by your computer. Appropriately in the Sports By The Number Series, this book brings you tons of info on America’s best loved and most hated team The New York Yankees.

The book is layed out so you don’t have to read it cover to cover, but you probably will wind up doing so anyway. It is a paperback laid out in ten chapters. In each chapter you have 100 facts, lore, records and mini stories. They are all numbered 1-100 in chapter one, 101 – 200 in chapter two etc.

Each number corresponds to an event or story in Yankee history. For instance #30 tells us: The number of times Dave Winfield grounded into a double play in 1983 plus a few more facts to boot. Each chapter also features a Yankee in their own right. For instance Chapter one is George Steinbrenner and Chapter ten is simply The Legends.

Scattered throughout the book are SBTN-All Star and SBTN-Hall of Fame Logos. These logos direct you to the website and give you even more information. Unfortunately the site is not released yet and I couldn’t access it.

A great book for any age or fan of America’s Game and Team. A must read.

By Mike Shropshire

Mike Shropshire who brought us Seasons in Hell brings us back to earth with his upcoming entry The Last Real Season.

He brings us back to the day before the players made millions. When the AL umps wore those cheesy red blazers.

The story is sort of an autobiographical account of the 1975 season by the author as he covered the Texas Rangers. The Rangers that year were managed by Billy Martin so that alone was worth price of admission. So in this case what happened in the clubhouse didn’t always stay in the clubhouse and quite a bit made it into this journal. That that did is hilarious.

There is a warning however, this book may make you yearn for old time baseball, when players played for the love of the game. I would put this one on your shopping list.