Saturday, March 31, 2007


Andy Phillips who was waived by the Yankees on Thursday has passed through waivers and will be returning to AAA to play for the Scranton Yankees. Welcome Home Andy!!

Friday, March 30, 2007


I want to start out this blog by saying I have the ultimate respect for the Lidle Family and continue to offer my condolences on their tragic loss.

As you remember last October when I originally wrote about Corey Lidle's accident I said he was a great friend and a great teammate to whomever he played with. Well that was 100% true. I also mentioned he probably wouldn't get more than a moment of silence on Opening Day. Well the Yankees obviously thinks more of him than I do as his wife and kids will be throwing out the first ball while his twin brother will be in attendance. In addition the Yankees will be wearing a black armband all season in his honor.

My problem is that a lot of Yankees have passed over the years, many with larger ties to the Pinstripes that have virtually been ignored outside of a proverbial moment of silence. Corey Lidle may have been the perfect teammate but he didn't even play with the Yankees for a whole season and there was no guarantee that he would be wearing Pinstripes this Spring had he survived.

Do I think it was a nice gesture on the Yankees part? Sure I do! But what about the Jim Spencers' and the Shane Rawleys' that have played as much if not more than Lidle? All they got was a mention on Old Timers Day, which is great, I wonder what effect this will have on Mrs Lidle's lawsuit?

INSIDE SKINNY: My insiders say Chien-Ming Wang is progressing much faster than scheduled, that is mainly because his actual problem stemmed from a tired arm and not a hammy.

Opening Day is Monday, Go Yanks!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

SPRING, BASEBALL, Squirrels and NUTS...

Fellow webmasters and admins. Baseball is just around the corner. There have been a rash (of at least 2) spammers on the team forums either spamming or putting up some tasteless stuff. Just be on the lookout, many of you have banned them already.

As the Daily Snooze (among others) reported the Opening Day pitcher for our beloved Bronx Bombers is none other than Carl Pavano. The right hander sttod healthy all the way through Spring and thanks to some injuries to Chien Ming Wang, Andy Pettitte and Jeff Karstens, Pavano will be given the ball on Monday afternoon. Mark Feinsand also reported that Josh Phelps has the inside track to make the 2007 squad. The writer also wonders what will happen to Andy Phillips.

Over at The Post George King looks into his cracked crystal ball and shares with us what he sees in store for the Yankees in 2007. And as if we had nothing else to worry about King also reads between the lines and reports that Joe Torre want to return for the Stadium's Swan Song in 2008.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Who Can't Live On $81 Million?

Brian Cashman came out today in the NY Post as well as well as many other media outlets and said point blank that there will be no extension for Alex Rodriguez. I mean, how much is too much? After this season Alex can opt out of the remaining three years on his contract, which is for $81 Million over the period. Will he get more from someone else? I don't see how. Worse case we find someone else to choke in the post season. This has Scott Boras stinking all over it. This comes just days after A-Rod said to the press that he want to remain in NY. I guess he means the Mets. This can only add to the boo-birds for Pay-Rod. Mark Finesand of the Daily Snooze had his own takes on the situation.

The Yankees are asking Melanie Lidle, the widow of late pitcher Cory Lidle, to throw out the first pitch on Opening Day.... Andy Pettitte may throw a bullpen session today, though it could be pushed back based on how his back feels. Pettitte, who was scheduled to make a minor-league start Friday, has been battling back spasms for a few days. Chances are he will miss at least his next start. ... Bobby Abreu, who had his first game since injuring his oblique muscle on Tuesday, is scheduled to play right field in today's game against the Reds in Sarasota. Carl Pavano starts for the Yankees, Kyle Lohse is on the hill for Cincinnati's . ... Andy Phillips is playing with sore hands as he has blisters all over them. Normally they are calluses by now and tough enough to play.

Lastly take a trip over to Sports Illustrated and vote for as your favorite website/Blog. There is some tough competition up there as LoHud is one of my favorite blogs as well.

Friday, March 09, 2007


If this was anyone else it would be no big deal but since it is the everlucient Carl Pavano the press will have a field day with it.

It seem Carl was scratched right before game time becuase of personal reasons. The Yankee insisted it had absolutely nothing to do with the lawsuit stemming from a 2006 accident he was involved in. The only thing they said it was personal. LoHud reports what Brian Cashman told the press.

Andy Phillips returned to camp yesterday, back from visiting his injured mother in a hospital near her Alabama home after she was in a serious car accident. We here at BTB wish Andy's mom a speed recovery.