Sunday, July 29, 2007


Last week at this time it looked like the Yankees had straighten out their problems and were well on their way to the post season.

Now it seem like the Yankees were just toying with us once again. With a team like this it seems impossible that everyone can slump at onnce but it seems they did once again. Gone is the hunger and gone is any trace of chemistry that the Bombers had shown us last weekend.

Alex Rodriguez is one home run shy of #500. You know he'll get it and when he does that will mark the return of the Yankee offense, let's hope the pitching hangs out long enough to get us back in htis thing.

Kei Igawa was sent down to Scranton Wilkes Barre to help straighten himself out. With the off days the Yanks won't need the 5th starter until the following week. By that time Yankee fenom prodigy Phil Hughes should be ready.

Our best outfield seems to be Johnny Damon, Melky Cabrera and Bobby Abreu left to right. Abreu seems to be the streakiest player we have had in years. The worse thing is he allows it to affect his defense.

Sunday, July 08, 2007


The Yankees had a first class Old Timers Day on Saturday at the cathedral in the Bronx. You saw the best of the old with the best of the new. On Sunday the Yankees staged an Old Timers Day for the ticket holders of the Staten Island Yankees at the Richmond County Savings Bank Ballpark. Evey ticket was given out in the minor league park, although several fans opted to stay home in the sweltering heat. The big problem quite a few players from the previous day were not on hand as well.

To be fair there were only some 20 players confirmed for the historic event which showcase a Yankee Old Timers Day away from Yankee Stadium for the first time in 61 years. The real problem was that the teams did not have enough pitchers or any catchers that could still squat. Half the players couldn't play and the other half were pushing 60.

They did put on a great exhibition despite the sweltering heat. Poor Al Downing (almost 70 years old), who played for the Yankees for 9 years and will be remembered in history for giving up Hank Aaron's 715th record breaking home run while a member of the Dodgers, pitched all 3 plus innings in the 90° heat despite having Ken Clay on the bench, who is at least 15 years his younger.

It was great to see the likes of Tommy Tresh and Doctor Bobby Brown. It was fantastic to see Don Larsen who threw the only perfect game in a World Series throw out the first pitch.

So due to the lack of capable bodies it was the Yankees Old Timers against the Yankee First Timers. The First Timers consisted of half the cast of ESPN's Mini Series The Bronx is Burning filled out by what I believe was SI Yankee employees. Erik Jensen, who played Thurman Munson in the mini series better be able to act. He sure as hell can't catch or hit. He was soon fired from his catching position by SI Yank mascot Red. They used an impersonator of Bob Sheppard, Yankee Stadium's pa announcer to to add flavor to the afternoon.

Hitting heroes were Darryl Strawberry, Gene Michael and Jesse Barfield but none of them were too a-fleet on the bases or in the field. Former Yankee captain Graig Nettles was on hand to coach first base but he did look like he could do better at 3rd than Jesse Barfield did. Overall it was an enjoyable afternoon but next time around they need to bring in some youth. The final score? Does it matter?

Sunday, July 01, 2007


Taking a lesson from Pedro Cerrano of the Major League movies Scott Proctor burned his equipment in sacrifice after Saturday's embarassing loss to the A's. About 45 minutes after yesterday's loss to Oakland - in which Proctor was charged with three runs on three hits in one-third of a inning - the pitcher started the 4th of July celebration early by setting fire to his glove, uniform, spikes and other items, outside the Yankee dugout. There was no word about an icon or insence in his locker. Maybe next time they can burn Dougy or Eddie from the Roadtrippers?

When will Kyle Farnsworth learn to clam up? less than a month after blowing off his big mouth about Roger Clemens on a Chicago radio station, Farnsy had a tantrum Friday night when Joe Torre pulled him in the eight inning after allowing two base runners. Kyle if you have anyone to be pissed at it's yourself. Look at how you have been pitching, Joe Torre should be the one with a tantrum. Either way Joe is not making a big deal out of it.

Jorge Posada ripped his teammates after their last performance. "I'm not talking about unlucky; luck comes when you go after it," the Yankee catcher said. "And it seems like at times we just go through the motions and today was one of those cases. "That's the way it is, I think everybody knows what I'm talking about." Guess the tension is getting thick down there.

Can we get any worse? It seems we can't buy a win these days. We have the talent we need to get the desire and go out and put some wins together.