Thursday, January 31, 2008

Behind The Bombers Minute


Johan Santana is coming to New York but unfortuantely (or fortunately) he won't be in Da Bronx.

You are hearing all kinds of rumors all over the place of the deals that the Yankees and Twinkies nixed but who really knows for sure. One deal had Chien Ming Wang and Ian Kennedy going out there for Santana but I would be really surprized if that one held water. I would have done that one in a heartbeat.

The players that the Mets gave up were compatable to the player that the Yankees release this off season. Bronson Sardina, Matt Desalvo, plus you can throw in any number of lower level prospects and wind up with a better offer than the Mets.

You have a pitcher that was never hurt and always pitched over 200 innings. The time may be near. If he blows his arm out this year Brian Cashman will look like a genius. But kudos go out to Cash because he clearly sent out the message that he is not letting anyone hold us hostage anymore.

This may be the best deal the Yankees never made, Rob Dibble of XM 175 concurs. Me I am glad we didn't give up the farm, but a lefty like Santana would be nice.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


I don't know if I can stop laughing long enough to stop the tears flowing through my eyes to type this report. But here goes ...

Jimmy Durante once said "Everybody wants to get into the act!" And the steroid era is no different. Matthew Mitchell, no relation to George but maybe to Dennis, is suing the Yankees for $221 — the exact amount he paid for tickets to five of the games he attended between 2002 and 2007. His claim is filed under "failure to provide goods paid for."

Well the newly discovered Matthew Mitchell is looking for his Andy Warhol 15 minutes of fame. He actually attended a game at Yankee Stadium in which Barry Bonds hit what the younger Michell says was a enhanced home run. Therefore he was sold tickets under false pretenses. So his claim is for $221.00! That would be for only five of the many Yankee games he has attended over the years. And those games, just about $44 plus dollars a game. I assume he is suing for his own ticket, I can't imagine him having anyone wanting to go see a game with him.

While your at it why don't you sue the Daily News for 25 cents for reporting the tainted home run. Heck you can multiply that 750 plus times. Well at least the last 200 or so were after he allegedly started using the steroids. Sue the coke vendor for selling you a luke warm soda that he claimed was ice cold. That would ad up to more than $221 for sure. And what about the hot pretzel guy, did anyone ever get a HOT pretzel from a stands vendor? Why stop there you can sue MAD Magazine, was 35 cents really cheap in those days? Sue the Post Office what about all those letters that were sent to the North Pole? You can even sue Frank Perdue, those tender chickens that that tough man made were definitely enhanced.

This the most ridiculous suit since the McDonald Coffee incident. A real insult to the judicial system and a waste of our time and the courts money. What kind of lawyer would even take this case? This is just too ridiculous. That is why it is small claims court. The Yankees have declined to comment, with a hearing scheduled for Feb. 20 in small claims court. Matthew Mitchell has pledged not to attend any Yankees games this year. What a shame?