Saturday, December 29, 2007


Didn't Jim Leyritz play for the Dodgers, Angels, Rangers, Bosox, Padres? Why is it so significant that he played for the Yankees? I guess the same reason Canseco was in pinstripes on his book cover.
Someone at the Daily Snooze noticed they need a half page to fill so they asked John Harper to write something. It is just 100% trash. I can't believe he gets paid for what he writes. People like Peter Abraham are full of class and are highly underrated while this guy writes pure garbage for a major NY tabloid.


Bob in Jersey said...

Because he hit THAT home run, the one that (thet) FOX HAD to have a SPECIAL mike cathcing (catc hing) ((catching)) the [[LOUD]] BANG!!! that occurred when the ball hit that SHELF in Atlanta Fulton County Stadium when the Yanks played the Braves!!!

THAT, and ONLY THAT, makes him a Yank! Ask ESPN!!!

Phil Speranza said...

Agreed Bob, but is it right? It sells more papers if the player involved was a Yankee. Look at the steroids thing...does anyone really remember Dan Naulty.

If it was an Angel utilityman you couldn't write about it for a week and he could probably go somewhere to get a non biased trial.

Jimmy was wrong on every account. If the girl had her seatbelt on the story wouldn't be as dramactic either. Fact is being a Yankee it makes it news.