Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dear Alex,

An Open Letter To Alex Rodriguez.

Dear A-Rod,

During Spring Training you stated that if the Yankee Fans wanted you then you will stay. Well, Mr. Rodriguez the season is now over and it is still unclear if you are going to exercise your opt out clause that you had written into your contract that you had signed with the Rangers a long, long time ago.

On Opening Day the fans booed you when you screwed up that foul pop up. Since then they have welcomed you with nothing but cheers and not of the Bronx variety. You responded with 50 plus homers and 150 plus RBIs, not too shabby a year my friend. I would consider that Yankee Fans want you from the response you received. Not only that the newspaper polls are clearly saying the fans want you to stay in pinstripes.

So Alex as the Clash says "Should You Stay or Should You Go?" Do you know how many Yankee Rodriguez jerseys exist in the tri-state area alone? I think that is a fair indication that the fans want you to stay. Just think what kind of hero you could be with the Daily News headlines reading "A-Rod Opts-In". The story can quote you as saying how much money do I really need? It is more important to finish my career in the uniform of the greatest team in organized sports. Can you imagine your standing ovation on Opening Day? They would have to rush the new stadium because an ovation like that would bring down the house.

Who will remember you 10 years after you retire if you do it from the Cubs or the dysfunctional city Angels? You keep the pinstripes on and you become a legend. Your offspring won't have to work for generations to come as it is now, so it isn't a money thing. When the contract is up then you can work on your extension. Plus New York is the place to play if you want to endorse any product.

The choice is yours and there is only one as far as I am concerned. You could be to the new stadium what the Bambino was to the old. Become a legend and do it in the Bronx. To wrap it all up, if you are a man of your word then you will stay.

Want to let Alex know how you feel, invest a first class stamp.

Alex Rodriguez
6018 SW 128th Court
Miami, Fl 33183

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