Monday, October 29, 2007

Dear Alex Part Duex

Hi Alex or should I say Benedict Alex?
It's me again, here to remind you what a fool you are making of yourself.

Could you at least have the decency of waiting until the series is over to make you announcement. Sure it's the Red Sox but show some respect. Opt Out of your contract, How much money could one person spend, you are one main reasons we have to spend triple digits to see a post season game. Don't worry you can afford it, when you buy your tickets for the 2008 Playoffs.

Didn't you say that if the fans wanted you that you would finish your career in a Yankees Uniform? Or was that another A-Rod? Well the fans cheered all year long, we've done our part, now where is your end of the bargain? Don't blame it on the uncertainly of the return of Mo, Jorge or Andy, the only one you care about is you. The only one A-Rod cares about is A-Rod. Do you even care about the Yankee Tradition? Well get a close look at Derek's rings, that is as close as you will get. Tony Moreonte has more rings now than you will ever have.

Alex, the All Star Game is in the Bronx next year, wait until you hear the reception you'll get. You don't want to be a Yankee, well you don't have the class to be a Yankee. The only relation you have to class is the last three letters. You might be the best player in the game but you are also the greediest.

Well, if I wished you luck I would be a bigger hypocrite than you. Don't let the door hit you in the Borass.

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