Thursday, October 11, 2007


One of the biggest joys of my life was working for my father. It was a dream I had had as a youngster and finally had it fulfilled. It didn't quite turn out the way I had planned it but at least I tried it.

Like my dad, George Steinbrenner is trying to groom his sons to take over the Yankee Empire. He is lucky he had more than one son because that is quite a job to do. So Hank and Hal are on deck and getting their feet wet so to speak.

Rumors are afloat that George is not in top health. Is his health really deteriorating? Some rumors have him suffering from Alzheimer's or dementia, or is Boss George just slowing down due to old age? Could it be that George is taking a backseat to see how his sons will do with the team? It could just be like that episode of Gilligan's Island where the Skipper faked his own disappearance to see how his little buddy would do under pressure. Is The Boss testing his offspring?

Is he aware of what’s going on? Rumors abound that he didn't even recognize Reggie Jackson, but he clearly wants his sons, Hank and Hal, to have more input in team affairs, and they have dutifully taken on a more active role. Steinbrenner seems to realize he needs help running the team, and needs a successor or two.

Is this (Joe) Torre incident the first test of many for the Steinbrenner clan? One can only wonder, and I for one hope George leads a comfortable life regardless of what the story is.

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