Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Special Guest Blogger Don Cyoti

No, not Jesus. Jacob, as in Rupert. Or what would Dan Topping? For that matter, what would Big Stein have done? For those of you younger Yankee fans who aren't mired in history, Rupert & Topping were former owners of the Yankees way back in the day BG (Before George). In my opinion, our Yanks have never played "down" to their competitition economically. We've always been a gorilla and we've always performed like one in the player marketplace. Read up on the signing of Dimaggio in the 30s. Or the financing of Harry Frazee's play.

I'm starting this because I wanted to bring Tex's signing to the forefront here. I also didn't want to reply on page 6 unless it was the NY Times Page 6. On the matter of signing Tex, I'm blasphemously ecstatically totally famously happily stoked!I'm only sorry that Mike Cameron won't be roaming center field and whiffing for us.That being said I also have a little guilt. I'll have to explain to my 35-year-old step son who roots a little for the Pirates that the Yankees pulled off the Trifecta because we can.

Many true Yankee fans are feeling our Yanks are being piggish in the signing. That's a legitimate feeling and I understand. I also would like to see Brett Gardner get worked into the lineup and now I think he will.

Someone, made a pretty good arguement that there a lot of home grown Yankees on the roster. Others take swipes at our lack of faith in our farm system but he didn't analyze anything.Our farm system is arm heavy but position player poor. We've got some terrific kids down there who are not too far from helping us on the hill. Some will help this year. But, AJAX & Montero are the only position players who are close to the majors and only one of them has a position. If Montero is going to have to convert from catcher to 1st base then his path just got blocked. But, the reality is Theo started the farm system upgrade a couple of years before Cash was able to convince George to let him so the Sox have been flush with homegrowns the past couple seasons. We've got some kids in the low minors who will get there I think but we needed to add a young position player who will be here awhile. We just got one.Okay, I'll apologize to Bud and Gammons and the other Damn Yankee haters at FOX & ESPN who will be weighing in.

I'm sorry our GM has a plan that included a gamble that cost him last year but came to fruition this offseason. It's no accident that we're getting rid of contracts and will be getting a luxury tax break due to building a stadium. We passed on Johan Santana because there was a guy coming up who was as good and wouldn't cost us players. I hate that we had a plan but it's what Evil Empires do. But, whether my apology is accepted or not by Fox or Gammons or Every Sox Pals Nation is immaterial. We've just upgraded ourselves enough that even Dayn Perry has to admit we have a chance to compete with the Rays & Sox. Maybe he'll pick us at least second in the division with a chance for the wild card now.Have we won anything yet besides Winter? Nope.

Will the Rays & Sox roll over. Nope. They've got horses of their own. The Sox didn't need Tex and we did. So, we did what was necessary & legal. I pray there is never a salary cap in baseball. I'm a fan of the Tennesee Titans also and had to endure a cap purge a couple of seasons ago.

Baseball doesn't need the New York Yankees having to do a salary purge to get themselves down to $100 million payroll. For one thing, the Pirates & Padres & Marlins and a bunch of other teams would likely fold because the luxury tax money wouldn't be available as their crop subsidy. There's no crying in baseball and there should be no communism either. Actually, there is likely to be crying about the big bad Yankees. But, it's who we are and what we do. We're gorillas and its okay to thump our chest a bit. Otherwise, they wouldn't write plays about us.

"Nice Yankees" would never make it to Broadway.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

By The CC

To put it in algebraic terms C = New York and C + C = Da Bronx. All said and done it is being reported that CC Sabathia has decided that pinstripes are more slimming.

The hefty lefty has accepted a seven-year, $160 million contract offer from the New York Yankees, the New York Post reported on its web site Wednesday. It is the largest contract ever given to a pitcher. The enormous contract was set president by the contract tendered to Barry Zito by San Francisco two years ago.

The decision came late Tuesday night after Yankees general manager Brian Cashman left the Winter Meetings in Las Vegas to speak with Sabathia and his wife Amber at the lefthander’s home in San Francisco. During the meeting, Sabathia expressed that he wanted to come to the East Coast, play in the American League and shoulder the responsibility that comes with being a superstar in New York, the report states.

It was reported that Tuesday’s meeting between Cashman and Sabathia was the third this week. The first took place on Sunday, when the Yankees brought along manager Joe Girardi and Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson.