Saturday, October 31, 2009


Look for a great show this Sunday on AM 1240 WGBB brought to you by the Sports Radio NY network. Dana Brand ( The Last Days Of Shea and Mets Fan author ), but also former Yankee Charlie Hayes. The show airs from 10-11 PM ET . It can be heard on the radio at AM 1240 WGBB (if you are on Long Island) if not it is streamed live on the web at: www.am1240wgbb,com and

Here is the official info for the show:

Sports Talk Live With Frankie The Sports Guy: Frank Maniscalco hosts.

Guests on the program will include author Dana Brand, who will be followed by Adam Bernacchio of The Ghost of Moonlight Graham baseball blog.
Then former Yankees 3B Charlie Hayes will close out the show talking Yankee baseball.
Be sure to tune in. It will be archived at the site below incase you are watcing something on FOX.

Friday, October 30, 2009


Game two of the 2009 World Series is now under our belts and we are off to Philadelphia for three games on enemy turf.
Pedro returned to the stadium for the first time since he played for the Mets. He put on quite a show. The Yanks won this round in the Who’s Your Daddy? Sweepstakes. Petey pitched well but AJ did him one better as the Yankees won 3-1 with Mariano Rivera getting a six out save. "After yesterday, getting a win today was big," (Mark) Teixeira said. A night after getting stopped by Cliff Lee in the opener 6-1, the Yanks bounced back from an early deficit, sparked by a pickoff throw from backup catcher Jose “the Panda” Molina.
Derek Jeter has won the Roberto Clemente Award partially due to his Turn 2 Foundation. The Yankee captain was presented with the award Thursday before the start of yesterday’s game.

BIG MOUTH DEPARTMENT Jimmy Rollins was quoted in saying:
Thank goodness the World Series is leaving New York so we can get a little atmosphere.
"Our ballpark is so loud and rowdy, I was really expecting some of that here," Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins said. "It was very tame and civil."
Rollins flashed that devilish smile of his, the one that all but says, "Put it on the back page."
From mystique and aura to tame and civil.
What has the Bronx come to?

I wonder what Pedro thinks. I think Jimmy should get his ears checked.

Like a wise man once said "It's not who wins the first game, it is who wins the last."

Friday, October 23, 2009

Dear Joey G,

Why do you feel like you need to do something all the time. How can you pinch run for A-Rod with anyone? Alex is not slow by any stretch of the imagination. Then to add insult to injury he didn’t even try to steal! Pinch run for Posada, Molina or Matsui but not A-Rod! Joey this series should have ended twice already! Not only are you over managing you are alienating your team. You may leave the Steinbrenner boys no choice but to can you. Talk it over with your bench coach he’s there to help you not to be your Spanish translator. Stop and think or we’ll be going home early again. Also if you get us to the World Series bring Hinski and leave Guzman behind.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Well it's AJ Burnett against John Lackey at the Big A tonight in Game 5 of the ALCS. The Phillies put the Dodgers away in 5 games and repeat as NL Champions for the second time in as many years.

Jorge Posada is pencilled in at DH while Jose Molina will be catching Burnett. So if we need defense in the late innings look for Frankie Cervelli to get the nod. Hideki Matsui will be relegated to pinch hitting duties. And we got to hit big and hit early just to keep Skipper Joe in the dugout.

The team chemistry is GREAT, people especially fans of other teams claim the Yankees have no team chemistry, but this year we got the all-time record for most consecutive games without an error! Girardi is did a fine job all year, really at this point in time what more can you ask for? We beat Boston in the most important games after going 0-8, you cant win them all but its better to win down the stretch now then in the beginning when it doesn't matter as much.

During Girardi's entire tenure as coach of the Yankees he has had numerous injuries to his players, especially early on this season. Girardi lost Chein Ming Wang last season and still doesn't have him.
And everyday this season don't forget he had to rely on Nick Swisher who helped make this a team effort. A-Rod you say? Well Al has performed much better with Joey G as he has shown much more confidence in his third baseman than Mr Torre did.

Keep you fingers crossed and let have the pennant in had when we get back to Da Bronx.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Well the Bombers can put their ski masks and ear muffs away for a couple of days as the head out to Anaheim for the matinee on Monday afternoon.
It will be Andy Pettitte against Spicoli's brother Jarad Weaver in the first of three games at the Big A, or is it the Big LA of A now? 4 O'Clock start on FOX with Dumb and Dumber at the mike.
Two pretty sloppy games in NY but we came out with two victories and would be great to take two of three on the left coast. That however will be no easy task.
Pie last night was on Jerry Hairston Jr. in a typical A.J. Burrnett game. We will by AJ is no where in sight until pie time.
Can't take these games lightly as the Angels are a tough team. Travel day today and due to the late finish Joe Girardi gave the guys off Sunday.

Thursday, October 08, 2009


Dear Jorge,
It's time to take a cue from your buddy Derek. Know when to say the right thing and know when to shut up!
In the aftermath of Joe Girardi gambling by naming Jose Molina starter for game 2 of the 2009 ALDS, your performance last night both on and off the field almost made me wish he named him starter to game one as well.
Your throws were perfect, if Derek Jeter was 14 foot tall and you allowed two pass balls and were a bit lackadaisical in the field. OK one of the PBs were admittedly CC's fault because he admits you got crossed up. But even so you don't throw your teammate under the bus in the post game press conference. It wasn't that long ago Andy Pettitte preferred you over Joe Girardi. He actually preferred Jimmy Leyritz over both of you.
OK regardless of if AJ Burrnett is a primadona or not you have to sit back and accept your manager's decision and don't second guess him to the press or on Centerstage or anything. Sure you were disappointed, I wouldn't want you on my team if you weren't. If it helps AJ at all I am all for it.
You behaved like a sour old man all year, it's time to sit back and enjoy the game. If Joe says jump ask him how high?
This is the closest knit team you had since 1999 so relax and enjoy it and you will do better. Show some support for The Panda as well. Think of it as pay back for when Molina filled in for you when you were hurt this year. Lead us Jorgy!...