Saturday, October 20, 2007


Joe Torre had his press conference yesterday and he showed the class that he exemplified for the last 12 years at the Yankee helm. He was insulted by the incentive offer and turned it down. I just hope it doesn't prevent Joe from coming back to see his friends on Old Timer's Day or as the first plaque in the new stadium as the retire his number 6.

It took a big man to turn down that offer, it was $5 Million, more than any other manager is getting and more than he could get anywhere else. And it was for a job he loves and he does real well. Must have been a tough decision.

Do the reporters listen to each other when they ask questions? Or do they think Joe is stupid enough to answer a question a second time if he refused to answer it the first time because they reworded it? And man did they let anyone off the street go? I am surprised my buddies Dave and Aziz weren't there, or even ILoveJoba from the BTB forum, she could have asked him what his favorite color was.

Joe is a class act and if they Yankees had half that class they would have simple had a press conference and stated we are deciding to go in a different direction...blah blah blah. Offer Joe a consultant or scouting position or even on YES or WCBS. A broadcast with Joe doing color to John Sterling and Suzyn doing pre and post and maybe scoreboard would be great. Then everyone saves face and Joe is part of the Yankee Family.

In my opinion, Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera return, Andy Pettitte retires. A-Rod opts out and is never heard from again.

Larry Bowa will be coaching 3B next year for the Mariners with Mel Stottlemyre doing the pitching coach duties. Losing Larry loses a void in Robbie Cano's tutoring.

Who replaces Joe? Anyone but Bobby Valentine or Tony LaLoser.

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Janice G. McCain said...

I have loved the Yankees since the '60s. At no time have I loved them more than when Joe Torre was the manager. He is the type of person children and adults can emulate.

Getting rid of Joe, George Steinbrenner? May you rot in a slow-roasting hell.

I will always love you, Joe!