Sunday, May 06, 2007


Roger Clemens is back in the Yankee Family. Will I root for him? Sure he is on my team, I would root for Charles Manson if he could pitch. Will I forgive him for unretiring? Not that easy.

After letting the Yankees pass up on his option, and giving up any compensation, only then does he announce his unretirement and signing with Houston. I can't prove he wanted to screw the Yankees for letting Andy Pettitte go but if it smells like a skunk it usually is a skunk.

Anyway Roger is back and if he never wins a game again for us it could benefit Phil Hughes immensely. Any pointers he could give this kid could give us an ace on our staff barring injury for the next ten years or more.

He had three choices, the Yankees, The Houston Astros (which had the comforts of home), The Boston Red Sox had far and away the best record of the three teams but who would they remove from the rotation to pitch the potential Hall of Famer? In the end Roger chose to be with his old buddy Andy Pettitte.

But if you're Roger Clemens and you've won 348 games and you're headed toward the Hall of Fame, you are not bound by the usual considerations. You can even set it up so you only pitch on even number days. Roger is looking forward to joining the Yanks and helping the kids on the farm. All we have to do now is hope he does better than the Big Unit did.

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