Monday, April 30, 2007


As of this writing the Yankees won just one game in their last nine. That victory came courtesy of Kei Igawa. Igawa was just demoted to the bullpen because of some lack luster pitching and was summoned into action do to a potential season ending injury to Jeff Karstens. The real story is when Igawa was interviewed and asked about his demotion.

Igawa answered through an interpreter was that he was demoted many times in Japan for much the same reason. He added he never realized that Americans hit that well and in Japan they don’t nibble at the corners they challenge the hitters.

Well, where were our scouts when this was going on? And correct me if I am wrong but wasn’t Kei teammates with Hideki Matsui? Go back a few blogs for my number theory and that may just answer all my questions.

Did anyone really expect this season to be a cakewalk? If they do fire Joe Torre, Joe Girardi sound like he would be the best choice.

After an off day today Yankee phenom Phil Hughes takes on the Rangers in Texas. I am really pulling for this kid. A victory in Texas will give us our first road victory since Oakland. Here’s hoping all you hits go for extra bases.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


By Special Guest Blogger : Barry Spencer

And I don't care what anybody says. This team, on it's worst day, is far from a last place team. You know I will always find something positive to pull from the deepest darkest recesses this team.

But I have reached the end of my rope and now I'm tying a knot and hanging on.I have had some problems with Joe in the past starting with last October. To that point I have done nothing but support him though he had me scratching my head from time to time.

Now I'm just about ready to freaking lose it. He's pulling Damon and Phelps for defensive replacements in the 7th!!??!!??

Now regarding other matters, I might not be the brightest star in the sky, but I KNOW THE GAME OF BASEBALL!!! Been breathing it for as long as I have been breathing. Been studying the finer points of this great game for years. Some guys know trivia, some know players and events long since forgotten, some can rattle off stats all day long.

Strategy is my forte, and based on that I can say the following with all confidence: YOU DO NOT PULL YOUR OFFENSE FOR DEFENSIVE REPLACEMENTS IN THE 7TH INNING, AND PUT IN YOUR TWO WORST HITTERS ON THE TEAM, WITH THE WAY OUR BULLPEN HAS BEEN PERFORMING!!! Result? Two automatic outs in the 9th.That's just flat out stupid! Beyond freaking stupid! We were a bloop and a blast from tying the game, and Joe hands it to them on a SILVER FREAKING PLATTER!!! A baserunner is called safe at first when he was clearly out on the throw from Cairo. Joe never even gets off his fat ass to argue the call. At least get up and argue the stinking call and support your defense you freaking moron!

Our captain gets hit and leaves the game. Is anything done about that? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! You know why he got hit, and keeps getting hit? Because the league knows they can pitch inside on us and we won't do anything about it! Pitching inside to Abreu in the first totally took the bat right out of his hands. Wang was hitting the gun at 97 last night. I'm screaming for him to put one under Crawfords chin! Screaming! Nope. According to Joe, thats not the Yankee way. Let me clue you in on something Joe. It might not be the Yankee way, but it's the FREAKING BASEBALL WAY!!!! I don't know what's happened to Joe. Too fat and happy maybe. Too comfortable now that he's got his buddy Cashman pulling the strings maybe. Don't ask me. No answer here.

What I do know is this isn't the same manager I've grown to love over the years. Frankly, they could fire his ass today and I wouldn't bat an eyelash.

Last place. Un-freaking-believable! This division is still ours. I firmly believe that with all confidence and every fibre of my being. I'm afraid though, it will have to be done inspite of my once beloved manager.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


As far back as the sinking of the Titanic when Fenway Park first opened, long before the wall boxes, long before they were known as the idiots, even before they traded Babe Ruth to the Yankees. There have always been games like this in this historic ballpark and it won't be the last one.

You doubters that second guessed Joe Torre for bring Mariano Rivera to pitch two innings got your wish, he only had to pitch one. Mo needs work and he needs lot of it or he'll be proving Brian Cashman right by not giving him a contract extension.

You can talk all day about what should have and what could have. Despite only being game 15 of the season the Friday night game can set the pace for the whole weekend. If Mariano came in mowed down the next five outs Joe would have looked like a genius.

On a high note Alex Rodriguez continued his 2007 tour with another 2 home runs and figured in all 6 of the Yankee runs. It up to the Baby Bombers now.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Mariano Rivera hadn't been get much action prior to Saturday's game so he had much too much time hanging out in the bullpen.

So Mo got the Yankee media agent to gather all the press available around his locker after Friday's game. The press were baffled and could not guess why Rivera called them together. When the media arrived Mariano was stone faced and solemn. Then he began to speak.

He went on to announce "I just call you all to let you know that I too will be wearing #42 on Sunday." Mo went on and laughed hysterically, seeming to enjoy his joke more than anyone present. So uncharacteristic of him, way to go Mo!

For those of you who don't know, Mariano Rivera is the last player allowed to wear #42 since MLB retired the number in all of baseball. April 15th to celebrate Jackie Robinson's anniversary of breaking the color line in MLB players from all teams will be allowed to wear the number. In addition to Mariano, the keystone combo of the Yankees, Derek Jeter and Robinson Cano (who was named after Jackie) will be wearing #42. A making of a great trivia question down the road.

Friday, April 13, 2007


The plane just about landed in Oakland and Carl Pavano came up with tighness in his arm. This will push his next start back to Tuesday against the Indians. Meanwhile Moose Mussina is hoping to avoid the DL after tweking his hammy in last night finally in the homer-dome. Mussina remains day-to-day, but Brian Cashman said Mussina will start doing some "functional work" today. Never a dull moment in the Bronx.

Kei Igawa get a chance to redeem himself in Oakland tonight as he starts for the Yankees.

Monday, April 09, 2007


What a strange season so far. Alex Rodriguez is leading the leagues in home runs, Carl Pavano is leading Yankee starters in victories with 1 and the Cleveland Indians are hosting the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at Miller field in Milwaukee.

Rather than move the series to Anaheim being the Angels head to Boston after this series the Indians (or should we say baseball) have moved their series against the Angels to Milwaukee's Miller Park after a spring snowstorm wiped out Cleveland's entire series against Seattle for the fourth straight day Monday. With inter-league play this was suppose to be Seattle's only visit to Cleveland this year.

With all the nippy weather across the country Injuries have been on the rise. The cold weather has been indirectly responsible for DLing our own Hideki Matsui.

Promoted Mascot? Scooter the Holy Cow who resided on Staten Island since the Baby Bomber were created in 1999 has been spotted, well he had the spots already, in the new home of the AAA Yankee affiliate in Scranton Wilkes Barre. Hmmmm, first there were multiple Lassies, could there now be two Scooters? Or have Red and Huck going to work without the elder Mascot on Staten Island this season? Stay tuned Scooter fans.

Friday, April 06, 2007


Alex Rodriguez-- Before starting my mini-rant, I should point out that EVERY team has it's share of idiotic fans. That being said, the booing of A-Rod in 2006 was inexcusable. Let me see if I understand the motive..... as long as A-Rod hits .350 with 50+ HR's every season, he'll be cut some slack?? .290 BA 113 R 35 HR 121 RBI is DISAPPOINTING?? WHERE IN THE HELL DOES THIS NONSENSE COME FROM?? My boyhood idol, Graig Nettles, was a long-time Yankees 3B. His glove was the best at 3B I've ever seen (though it shouldn't be forgotten that A-Rod is a natural SS), but let's look at his career bests as a Yankee: 37 HR 107 RBI .276 BA 99 R .No.... I don't want to hear any whining about his contract. A-Rod is a 1st-ballot HOF'er. The Yankees will pay Jason Giambi $21.5 mil. in 2007...... and will pay A-Rod $16 mil. Don't worry..... I know how much of A-Rod's deal the Rangers are paying, though, with all the booing, I sometimes wondered if I was the only one.I guess Yankees fans can do what they want...... go ahead and boo a 1st ballot HOF'er out of town, but don't cry when his replacement hits .270 with 25 HR.

Newsflash, idiots : THE YANKEES LACK OF STARTING PITCHING PREVENTED THEM FROM WINNING A TITLE SINCE 2000. Blame A-Rod if you must, but, last I checked, he doesn't pitch. Sure, sure...... the likes of Kevin Brown, Jeff Weaver, Javier Vazquez and Jaret Wright have performed WONDERFULLY over the past few seasons...... Carl Pavano has been well worth his 4-year $40 mil. investment..... Randy Johnson was the true ace the team needed (never, ever, ever count on a SP in his 40's to be your ace..... I said that at the time the Yankees traded for RJ..... seems to have proven my theory true. No....not much of a "theory".... it's simply common sense). I respect the red sox 3B more than some Yankees fans respect A-Rod. Pathetic. Exit mini-rant ...........

A-Rod will improve on his 2006 #'s. Trained harder than ever this past off-season and dropped 13 # to help improve his defensive flexibility. The addition of High School teammate Doug Mientkiewicz will help, not only in the clubhouse, but because few, if any, 1B are better at scooping low throws (this, of course, will help Derek Jeter and Robbie Cano a lot as well). Look for another MVP run for A-Rod.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Game two of the young 2007 season was postphoned. The Yankees called the game at 11 AM. It would be nice if they could announce this on the Subways, Metro North, LIRR and Ferries. Are your reading this Mayor Bloomy?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Bernie Williams phoned Joe Torre Monday morning and wished his former team luck. It was the first Bernieless Opener since 1990. He also got to talk to (Jorge) Posada and (Derek) Jeter.

Rudy Guiliani and Bobby Murcer were in the house for the festivities. The widow and son of Corey Lidle were on hand to throw out the forst pitches. Corey's son is southpaw. Lidle's parents and twin brother also stood near the Yankees' dugout during the pregame tribute. The family stayed for the game and watched from a suite. ... The average age of players in Tampa Bay's lineup was 24.