Friday, October 05, 2007


Too many times this season we have heard Michael Kay or one of his com padres use the word salvage or rubber game of the series. We lost far too many game ones during the regular season. The first half of the 2007 season was a roller coaster in which the pitching and hitting rarely got together. Alex Rodriguez was the most consistent hitter on the team most of the year.

The team played lethargically prior to the All Star Game. The starters couldn't get passed the 5th and the bullpen was over used. Yankee tickets on Stub Hub and EBay were selling for peanuts. The Yankee season looked dismal at best.

Then the kids were summoned. While some of the kids had some raw talent their enthusiasm put the team on it feel. Shelley Duncan, Philip Hughes, Ian Kennedy all made their presence felt. Joba Chamberlain became an instant hero in the Bronx, although he kind of reminds me of Jethro Bodine. The Baby Bombers saved the season and woke up the vets. Sure there were other factors, but without them we would be playing golf with the Mets.

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