Friday, November 02, 2007


Brian, Hank and Hal, you set the table now you have to stick by your words. You said you wouldn't negotiate with Alex Rodriguez if he opted out of his contract. Now Bora$$ (Pay-Rod's agent) is all over the media saying he still wants to talk to the Yankees. Yes the same media that drove aAlex out of town in the first place. Why do you suppose? I will tell you, without the Bombers bidding Pay-Rod may not get much more than what he opted out from. The losers then would be Alex and the Yankees, the only winners would be the Texas Rangers who save $21 Million in deferred payments. Guess what, we don't bid, we sign two or three other players, we are winners as well.

Derek is happy again not seeing his back stabbing buddy to his right and harmony is restored as the biggest "me" player since the king, is banished from the Bronx. Alex Rodriguez never played in a World Series, maybe now it's time for the Yankees return.

Go ahead see if you can get another 12 years in a contract. Breaking Barry Bond's Homer record would have been much sweeter in Pinstripes. Although you may be stuck on the record breaker for years with your head. Hey maybe you can play third base for the Newark Bears with Rickey Henderson when you are 45 and he is about 90. Who the hell will remember you if you retire from the Cubs or some other team? Take nothing from those teams but the Yankees are baseball.

Here's the old cliche Alex, don't go away mad, just go away and take Scott Bora$$ with you. You know darn well, we could talk to us until you are blue in the face you will never resign with us. You are not going to use us. Bora$$ asks why can Alex file for free agency? The answer is simple, he is the greediest SOB in the sport. Go use someone else. You can't make here maybe the Marlins are your answer. That is a joke that they are even showing interest. So if you get you 12 year contract, are you going to put an opt out clause in it? Why not just put in a clause that you ave to have the most lucrative contract around? I am by no mean a Manny Ramirez fan but he is more value for the dollar than you my Benedict Alex.

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