Monday, April 09, 2007


What a strange season so far. Alex Rodriguez is leading the leagues in home runs, Carl Pavano is leading Yankee starters in victories with 1 and the Cleveland Indians are hosting the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at Miller field in Milwaukee.

Rather than move the series to Anaheim being the Angels head to Boston after this series the Indians (or should we say baseball) have moved their series against the Angels to Milwaukee's Miller Park after a spring snowstorm wiped out Cleveland's entire series against Seattle for the fourth straight day Monday. With inter-league play this was suppose to be Seattle's only visit to Cleveland this year.

With all the nippy weather across the country Injuries have been on the rise. The cold weather has been indirectly responsible for DLing our own Hideki Matsui.

Promoted Mascot? Scooter the Holy Cow who resided on Staten Island since the Baby Bomber were created in 1999 has been spotted, well he had the spots already, in the new home of the AAA Yankee affiliate in Scranton Wilkes Barre. Hmmmm, first there were multiple Lassies, could there now be two Scooters? Or have Red and Huck going to work without the elder Mascot on Staten Island this season? Stay tuned Scooter fans.

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