Saturday, September 22, 2007


The Yankees lost last night to the Blue Jays after coming back to tie the game in the 9th inning. The Yanks were down by 4 going into the ninth but when the smoke cleared it was 4-4 going into extra innings. Brian Bruney gave up the game winning homer in the top of the 14th but did he really have to lose it?

Dan McCourt (aka Knuckles) was at the game, we know we heard him on the radio, check out what he had to say on his webpage "Take Him Downtown".

The crowd screamed with glee as Mariano Rivera came on to work a 1-2-3, 10-pitch 10th, and the Yanks couldn't wait to get back to the task at hand. with Johnny Damon leading off yet again. And it started well, with Janssen missing on two straight.
But then the game suddenly ground to a halt, and who's to say what night have happened had it not? We had been treated to three hours of world-class pitching from both sides, and then a scintillating four-run rally when the Yanks had their backs to the wall. Who could ask for anything more for their sports entertainment dollar? But one young woman apparently felt that there was too much cheering going on, and none of it for her, so she grabbed her moment and darted onto the field. She was quickly wrestled to the ground behind shortstop, handcuffed by the police, and led off the field, fighting every step of the way. The game resumed.
But the moment had passed. Hanssen found the zone and retiried Damon on a fly and escaped around a two-out walk to Abreu, and the Yanks never threatened again. Fans cheered lustily when Jeter singled on the first pitch of the home 14th, but once Matsui followed with a two-out walk, Jose Molina struck out. They were the only home-team baserunners after the 10th. The Yanks were blanked over the last five frames by Janssen, Jeremy Accardo, Brian Wolfe, Joe Kennedy, and Jason Frasor, with the last two getting a win and a save, respectively.

Rookie Ian Kennedy had originally been set to be on the mound on Saturday for his fourth Major League start, but his stiff upper back canned those plans.
No matter, the Yankees thought, with a seven-time Cy Young Award winner Roger Clemens set to go Sunday with two extra days rest he would be the natural replacement. But the Rocket's left hamstring didn't like that idea, either, so right-handed rookie Phenom Phil Phills in in a Phlash. Young Phil Hughes goes for his second Yankee Stadium win in the matinee against the Blue Jays. Joba Chamberlain will be unavailable as he pitched two innings in te loss last night.

There will be a tribute to the recently passed Yankees Legend Phil Rizzuto Sunday before the game starting at 12:30.

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