Monday, August 11, 2008


Can this team get an worse? Are you millionaires done teasing me? Are Robbie and Melky ever going to stop by for good? Gee Wiz as much as I wouldlove being at the last game at Yankee Stadium I really wouldn't mind it if you would make the playoffs.

You guys better start winning before Hank thinks it is a good idea to let Manny be Manny in Da Bronx next season. Imagine that...."The House That Manny Built!"

Can we find any other ways to lose. We sure have been creative. Aren't you just dying to know who the TBA on the mound ond Wednesday is? Ian Kennedy may have talked his way out of pinstripes the other night. You know what they say about excuses IPK, but you are just looking at yourself through rose color glasses.