Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Now He Is A Real Holy Cow

Today we lost a Yankee, today we lost a friend. More than just a superstar Phil Rizzuto was everyone’s uncle. A voice well known to all, a voice that made you smile and feel warm all over.

As a youngster the Scooter as he was known to all taught me the game, as well as what a canoli is. Holy Cow, an expression he shares with the late Harry Carrey, but Phil always said it better. If it was the 7th inning you know he was halfway across the George Washington Bridge, and you know it there was thunder he was nowhere to be found.

Scooter was a friend to BTB as far back as when we were on paper. On occasion he read articles on the air during the lean years. He often donated signed photos to us to give away. He mentioned BTB on the air from time to time. He was always very good to us.

Back in the early 80s we often made trips to Fenway Park for the weekend. We often stayed at the Sheraton where the Yankees stayed at the time. Well one day we met him walking back to the hotel and we joined him and he treated us like old friends.

Scooter we miss you. You will always be the best. God Bless you and your family. More to come, including an interview with the Scooter.

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