Saturday, November 03, 2007


The Yankees played the option card and secured Bobbt Abreu for the 2008 season for $16 Million. The first wheel is in place for Skipper Joe Girardi. Next up let's sign Jorge and Mo.

Like I have been saying all along I couldn't buy the story about Jorge Posada being upset at Joe Girardi being named manager. Heck they were unseparateable when they were with the team together. Joe had to train Jorge to take his job and Jorge did pleasantly. They even played mini golf together on Kids on Deck when Joe hosted it. Apparently Jorge Posada got tired of hearing about a supposed rift with Joe Girardi and released the following statement: "Girardi was my mentor and he always taught me the value of having a great work ethic and how it was most important to maintain the position year after year. The 2007 season was difficult and bittersweet and all I'm doing right now is evaluating everything." He went on to say the Yankees are his first target.

Bobby Murcer's year started off poorly- diagnosis and treatment of brain cancer. But our all-time favorite Yankee came back strong, appearing on several YES broadcasts, and has been nominated for the annual Ford C. Frick Award. The award is given to those broadcasters who made a major contribution to baseball, and is presented during the annual hall of fame induction ceremonies. Other current and former Yankee broadcasters who are eligible for the award are John Sterling, Michael Kay, Ken Singleton, Phil Rizzuto, Frank Messer, Bill White, Jim Kaat, and Tony Kubek.

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