Thursday, December 28, 2006

Prayers For Bobby

Prayers go outto Bobby Murcer as he is scheduled to undergo surgery to remove a brain tumor. Murcer was to be treated at the MD Anderson Hospital in Houston, one of the top cancer facilities in the nation, the newspaper said. Good Luck Bobby Get Well Soon.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas To My Bomber Buddies

It's Christmas (and Chanukah) in New York once again. There may not be snow and it may not even be cold but the signs are out there. The stores are crowded, the sidewalk Santas are out in force but the biggest sign that it is Christmas in Great Kills Staten Island is that the Cutting Family is selling their Holly.

Forget the White Christmas, forget the shopping, growing up here on Staten Island the sign that Christmas was here was when the Cutting Family with their two big Scooter Pie Giant type sons were out there making that extra Christmas cash selling Holly.

Andy Pettitte return to pinstripes was officially announced this week after he passed the physical. And the rumors are running rampant about a three way deal that will land Melky Cabrera in Altlanta. Japanese hurler Kei Igawa is rumored to be announced any day now as well. To add to the international flair Cuban infielder Juan Miranda agreed Friday to a $2.07 million, four-year contract. He played with Pinar Del Rio in Cuba from 2002-04, where he hit .303 there with 27 homers, 73 walks and 87 strikeouts. I hope he fairs better than the prrevious Cuban bat we signed.

So Bomber Buddies it is time to wish you the proverbial Happy Holidays. And here's to all your base hits going for extra bases.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Andy Comes Home

They all come home again. If you work for George Steinbrenner you have a job for life. They all come back. Bobby Murcer came back, Tino Came back, Rueben Sierra came back. Billy Martin came back and back and back and back. From Rob Gardenhire to Mike Stanton they all came back. It may not be as a player but if you want to come back George will take you back in some capacity. He is even considering letting Dwight Gooden come back after his alcohol problems, hey it's only one of those Steve Howe MLB second chances.

Out of all the players who returned not many have succeeded to their abilities of their first time around. Players like Rueben Sierra exceeded them. Most of them came up short.

Now marks Andy Pettitte the sequel, a Texan by birth and a Yankee by choice. Andy once again has the opportunity to bail us out in the games 2 and 7 of the playoffs. He has the chance to be the stopper in Da Bronx once again. Will he have problems returning to the American League? Will he be the same old Yankee Doodle Andy? Will The Rocket follow his good buddy back north at least for parts of the season? Only time will tell, but this publisher is happy.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Morneau Beats Jeet

The Yankee bashing continues as Justin Morneau takes the the 2006 MVP for the American League by a vote of 320 to 306 over the second place Derek Jeter. While Morneau had some impressive offensive numbers Derek was a more all around player. I have seen people arguing that if the Twins didn't have Justin they wouldn't have made the post season. Well, if Jeter went down the Yankees wouldn't have had a cake walk either. And besides this is the same argument that was used to justify MVP coming from losing teams. The MVP should be the best all around player. It can be argued that Jermaine Dye had a better year than Morneau.

If Jeter could win the Hank Aaron Award and the Silver Slugger, the hat trick should have all been locked up. All it took was one sixth place vote to do Jeter in. That vote was casted by Joe Cowley of the Sun Times. I ask any of you to name 5 players that deserved MVP before Jeter!! And why? Cowley was interviewed today by Mike and the Maddog, here is what he had to say to justify his vote. In all fairness to Morneau, he had a great year, but all around Jeter had a better one.

Derek may be #2 on the Yankees and #2 in the MVP voting but he is #1 in the eyes of the New York Fans.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Jarad Wright is once again with his mentor Leo Mazzone in Baltimore as the Yankees today traded the right handed disappointment for right handed reliever Chris Britton. The Yanks also send $4 Million to the Birds in the deal. Wright who seldom made it out of the 6th inning last season for the Yankees will be trying his luck in Baltimore. Jarad Wright pitched well down the stretch in 2006, going 6-2 after the All-Star break and 2-0 with a 2.95 ERA in three September starts. But his final start for New York came in Game 4 of the American League Division Series, when he was hit for four runs (three earned) in just 2 2/3 innings against the Tigers. The Yankees lost that game, 8-3, ending their postseason run much earlier than expected.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Special Guest Blogger Kyle Reagan


WOW!!!!...I'll be honest I had never heard of any of these guys two days ago...but the more I surf around the net here and read about this guy I am thrilled with what (Brian) Cash(man) pulled off. I don't think we can talk or project the other guys just yet- although both have been great so far in young careers...but Humberto Sanchez is THE goods.

The pundits are SHOCKED the Yankees were able to get him...Baseball America is now calling 'Hughes and Sanchez as maybe the top 1 and 2 pitching prospects in ALL of baseball.


Doesn't hurt that when you add their ages (21 and 22) together they are still younger than Randy Johnson!!!!!!!!!!Great job,, keep Humberto out of barroom fights!

Bronx kid...welcome home!

Check this out...the Tigers really didn;t want to trade this guy...but they are GOING FOR IT

This season Sanchez has had the breakout year that everyone has been waiting on. His potential has come to fruitition dominating the Arizona Fall League and dominating in his return to the AA Eastern League. He has had two starts in AAA and has kept up his blazing stuff blowing away International hitters. He is now knocking on the door of the big club.

AA Erie:
1.76 ERA 71.2 ip 47 h 17 R
14 ER 2 HR 27 BB 86 K

AAA Toledo:
0.71 ERA 12.2 IP 9 H 1 R
1 ER 0 HR 3 BB 12 K

As is visable from these numbers Humberto has continued to keep the ball in the yard BUT has thrown more strikes and has in turn dominated hitters. That improved control has also lowered the rate of hits given up. Likely due to the fact that he has been in great pitchers counts this season. Sanchez is now sitting at a 10.58 K/9ip with a 3.24 BB/9ip between AA and AAA. That is a good sign of things to come as K/BB is often a great indicator of future success.

So what does the future hold for Sanchez? The sky is really the limit. With his stuff and with him seemingly figuring it all out this season he could become an anchor on a pitching staff in the majors. Sanchez could also become a dominating bullpen arm, at this point though it seems he should get every shot at starting. There is a chance that Sanchez will be used as trade bait to help push the current club over the top. Part of me doubts that move given the fact that Dombrowski and the Tigers love power arms and Sanchez certainly fits the bill since a 92-94 mph sinker is almost unfair.

By the way...if Humberto is 230 pounds...I'm 165, RJPinstripes is 140 and Knux is a svelte 155.230, my behind...that dude is 270 if he's a pound! 6-6, 270- if pitching doesn't work out he can go replace (Jeremy) Shockey in the swamps (football Giants).

Sanchez has to pan out...Whelan better, and Claggett? well that would be nice...all in exchange for a future hall of famer.I like it at face value...time will tell, always does.

Friday, October 27, 2006


Don Mattingly will soon be known as The Sitman as he gets promoted to Joe Torre's bench coach. (How much coaching does a bench really need?) He replaces Lee Mazzilli who may wind up as 1B Coach if Tony Pena takes the job with the Nationals.

Donnie is the fourth bench coach since the incumbent Don Zimmer retired after being tongue lashed by the boss. He follows Willie Randolph, Joe Girardi and Lee Mazzilli.

Donnie is known to some as a jinx being the Yankees never won with him at 1B and have yet to take it all since he returned as the Hitting Coach. Probably the only two people in the world who are bigger jinxes than Mattingly are my good buddies who stole my job, (not really) at Dave & Aziz Nekoukar who write the Pride of the Yankees Weblog. You see for years they wrote the NY Rangers Weblog over there, (enough said?).

Anyway, this opens the door for Hitman to become Sitman and when Joe retires Donnie become Mangeman. New York Snoozeday mentions that Kevin Long, (WHO!!!) Columbus' highly regarded hitting coach, is a leading candidate to replace Mattingly in his old position. Other candidates could include former Yankee Chili Davis.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


With the World Series tied at a game a piece and all the sports shows trying to hang Kenny Rogers, one has to think what would have, could have, only if. . .

Was it the rain that done the Yankees in? Or if Moose could have held the Tigers down after Johnny's dinger in the rescheduled game two, would it have been me freezing my but off watching the Yankees take on the Cards for the first time in World Series play since 1964. Yes a year that marked the end of a dynasty for the Yankees and a new era in pop music as the Fab Four set foot on U.S. turf playing the largest concert to date in Shea Stadium.

I for one don't beleive teams should be aloud to make announcements until after the World Series is over. Wait for November to to fire your managers, to take up your options, to let the free agents be declared. That would only hold over the interest and extend the season as we know it. And we sure know we don't need the national pastime to be upstaged.

I won't say who Iam rooting for in the World Series but I am sitting here with my Abbey of Seal Beach cap on. Anyone remember the significance of that cap?

Well what do the Yankees need? There will be enough time to discuss that after the last out of game seven.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Cory Lidle 3/22/72 - 10/11/06

Cory Fulton Lidle...Cory was neither a superstar or a hero. He was not the Captain nor an everyday Player. Lidle won't get a day or a retired number or a place in Cooperstown. But playing on 7 teams in 9 years he had a place in many players hearts. He married Melanie Varela (1/7/97) and had one son, Christopher Taylor (9/18/00) that he left behind. Baseball lost a player but life has lost a man. He won't be remembered as a Yankee, maybe not even a Phillie. He won't get more than the moment of silence next opening day and Old Timers. Cory Lidle will not be forgotten. What marks he didn't make in the record books he has made in the hearts of many of teammate. A 1990 graduate of South Hills High School (CA), where he was a teammate of Jason Giambi...Was All-State his senior year...His twin brother, Kevin, played minor league baseball, first as a catcher and then as a pitcher...Is a relative of Robert Fulton, inventor of the steamboat. God Bless Cory and his family.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


OK Press corps how does it feel to be out scooped by the New York Post? Joe Torre will be back on the helm in 2007. George Steinbrenner made it official today and Joe announced it at a 1PM press conference.

Steinbrenner, in a statement issued through spokesman Howard Rubenstein, said he told Torre: "'You're back for the year. I expect a great deal from you and the entire team. I have high expectations, and I want to see enthusiasm, a fighting spirit and a team that works together. Responsibility is yours, Joe, and all of the Yankees.'"Yes, I am deeply disappointed about our loss this year," Steinbrenner added. "We have to do better, and I deeply want a championship.

OK that rumor is quashed now be good boys and report on the games and worry about the Yankee moves when they happen. All announcements need to be made public after the World Series. It's bad enough the games are on after 75% of the kids (and me) are asleep. Don't distract from baseball.

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, the same writer that brought us the fact that Andy Pettitte signed with the Astros so his wife can keep an eye on him, can't be happy that Joe (Torre) is staying as he has to blame just about everything except the nuclear weapons in Korea on Joe Torre.

With the success of their Torre exclusive The Post also reports that the Yankees are not going to trade A-Rod.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


How humiliating !!! Well Friar, looks like Rogers and Bonderman did a better job of impersonating Koufax and Paige than our boys did of impersonating “Murderer’s Row plus Cano”.Even with an “All-Star” at every position, I was never comfortable with this team. Usually, the winning team has an unsung hero – on this team who would that be ??

One of the more analytical things that Jeter has uttered the last few Octobers is that the “current” group of players has not been through this. Forget the looooooooooooong Yankee tradition (you don’t win simply because the previous generation won !!), if you go back to the recent past, as in the last 10 years – it was the O’Neills, Brosius’, Tinos, Pettittes, Williams’ etc etc that started their own tradition from the bottom. They learned how to win and how to overcome adversity together as part of the team they were playing on then. The teams we have been putting out there the last few years, project a feeling of entitlement – THEY ARE THE YANKEES…THEY WON BEFORE…SO, THEY SHOULD WIN AGAIN. Jeter and Posada are about the only guys that seem to recognize that this is not true and that you have to go out and do things to win each and every day.I don’t have any pat answers to correct this mentality but I have my own biases:

1. Joe Torre – I see that people are already calling for his head. I used to be extremely impressed when his post-season moves turned golden. But doubts crept in from the day he brought in Weaver against Florida. And since then, those doubts have only gotten louder. A question that occurs to me (as probably to many of you) is why mess with a line-up that was responsible for sweeping and finally quieting the Sox for the season, a lineup that provided a 10-11 game cushion for several weeks ? Thank you Mr. Torre for all you have done but your magical decision-making process seems to have vanished. I for one, would not be too upset if Torre is let go. But why Pinella ? Why rehash an ex-manager ? Yes, Lou is fiery and hot-tempered but he can also humiliate a player in full view of a National audience. Maybe they should have hung on to the guy cross-town. He seems to have done a good job My preference would be Girardi. He was respected by his teammates and most importantly, by the pitchers.

2. Sheffield, Giambi, and Rodriguez – I know they represent billions of HRs and RBIs during the season, but it is time to get rid of them if at all possible. Gary has a vicious swing but he is also extremely selfish. I never endorsed getting the one-dimensional Giambi. I would have been happy with Nick all the same. Giambi is at the center of too much discussion come playoff time – should he DH, should he play the field ? It is time to let him go. Rodriguez, he is simply never going to be able to play on the same field as Jeter. Enough Said !!!

3. The Giambi Paradox– There is the “Cub Factor” and was the “Curse of the Bambino”. Great ball player maybe but Oakland did not win with him and neither have the Yankees. I would like to include Mussina here also because, even though his Oriole teams were not that good, he has not proven himself to be big game pitcher. He as much admitted it severely years ago when he just accepted that he would lose the first game and Andy would come in to win the second game of a series.

4. Who goes … now what ?? – from my comments above, the answer to the first part is clear. The second part is tougher: pitching - If possible get young starting arms for Rodriguez and bullpen arms for Giambi. Bring up the Hughes. Position players – find a way to make Melky a full-time player, possibly by letting Matsui be the full-time DH. Let Phillips play first and get a second tier 3rd baseman who can play good defense. Lets add some more youte (as Cousin Vinny might say) instead of all-stars.Well, I have ranted enough. Some of it comes from being incredibly frustrated and some from wishful-thinking. Some might agree and some (maybe most) will not, but it is MY rant.

It will definitely be a loooooong Winter AGAIN !!!!

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Well, it was exactly as it was in 1999 in the fiction world of Kevin Costner. In the movie For Love Of Game Costner plays Billy Chapel, an aging pitcher for the Detroit Tigers heading for the mound for may be his last time ever. The team owner has sold the organization to a corporation and they have plans to trade Billy. His arm continues to fail him more every time he steps up to thrown. And to top it all off, Billy must deal with his tempestuous relationship with Jane, a woman he met by a broken down car on the side of the road five years ago and has yet to fully commit to. With all these thoughts swirling inside Billy's head, he unknowingly begins pitching a perfect game. Unable to keep his mind clear, Billy thinks back on his life during the game and considers the mistakes he has made and the people he has met.

Saturday afternoon in Comerica Park in Detroit it was not an aging star working on a perfect game but the 24 year old Jeremy Bonderman doing the deed. Well he took it into the fifth inning before Robbie Cano broke it up. Bonderman was sublime for 8 1-3 in leading Detroit to an 8-3 victory in Game 4 eliminating the Yankees in the first round once again.

Two years ago this Tiger team lost 119 games. Last weekend the were swept by the last place Kansas City Royals. This weekend they beat the team with the best record in baseball and knocked them out of the post season. What a difference a week makes.

Just how did the Yankees get to the post season? During their drive to first there were numerous come from behind late inning victories. Just too many to count. In a short series, especially a short one of five games you can't win that way. Especially with our bullpen. Chein Ming Wang was tired and was winning with his head. Moose was hurt as well as the Unit. Jaret Wright couldn't get us past the fifth inning and Cory Lidle was iffy at best.

We were playing much better team ball when Hideki Matsui and Gary Sheffield were hurt. Melky Cabrera and Bobby Abreu broght new life to this team, "team" being the highlighted word there. The team actually looked like they enjoyed winning for the first time since Paul O'Neill retired.

The relief corps were shot. Scott Proctor and Ron Villone were burnt out. Villone not even being used in the post season. Kyle Farnsworth was damged goods. His back locked up every other time out. The only bright spot was Brian Bruney who proved he could pitch the big games if he wasn't overworked. Mariano Rivera was well rested and back but his future is uncertain. We didn't get much chance to use him anyway. We have to start grooming a replacement in the minors.

To wrap it up the hitters weren't hitting causing the starters to pitch like they have to pitch a shutout to win. What leads they did get were handed right back by the inconsistancy of Mariano's bridgemen.

What about next season? We have all winter to discuss that.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Taking a page from the Hockey Rangers handbook the Detroit Tigers were knocked out of first place by the last place KC Royals. After jumping off to a 6-0 lead it looked as if the Tigers were destined to host the A's in Detroit this Tuesday but the scrappy Royals never said die and beat the Tigers in 12 innings handing our old friend Kenny Rogers the loss in relief.

The Yankees lost to the Blue Jays giving the Jays their first chance to finish ahead of the Red Sox and Behind the Bombers for the first time in 9 years.

Derek Jeter and and Robbie Cano came up short in the batting tittle race as the Yankees managed by Bernie Williams lost to the Jays 7-5 with "Four Eyes Farnsworth* taking the loss. With the game tied 5-5 in the ninth, Adam Lind hit a two-run, two-out homer off Kyle Farnsworth (3-6). Both Cano and Jeter collected hits but the Twins' Mauer got two hits to keep pace to become the first catcher to the the Batting Title in the American League.

*I also wear glasses so please don't anyone get insulted he just looked so different.

Friday, September 29, 2006


The Big Unit is now a Big Uncertainy for the post season. Randy Johnson has a herniated disc in his lower back, Yankees manager Joe Torre announced on Friday. The ever optomistic Joe Torre said he still expected the Big Unit to make his scheduled Game 3 start next Friday. Many of us who have suffered disc problems will tend to differ. Time i s not something that can heal "all" wounds. The good news is nmany of us didn't expect him to make major contributions anyway.

Torre said an MRI taken Wednesday or Thursday revealed the herniated disc. Johnson had an epidural shot on Friday to relieve his pain and discomfort. He was not at Yankee Stadium on Friday, but is expected to play catch on Saturday and throw a side session on Sunday. "Right now, he's gotten that epidural, and hopefully that will ease the discomfort," he said. "And if it doesn't ease the discomfort, I'm not sure he's going to be able to pitch, obviously." I just hope we know for sure by Tuesday so we don't waste a spot on the roster if he can't pitch.

In an answer to the title "Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah"

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Glad to see that the Yankees are still fighting away to gain home field advantage as the regular 2006 season draws to a close. Hideki Matsui, Gary Sheffield and Jason Giambi have all returned to the line up leaving less playing time for Bernie Williams and Melky Cabrera who both helped us get into the post season this year. I know Joe (Torre) will find a way to get them some at bats.

Randy Johnson will skip his next turn in the roration in an effort to get him healthy for the post season. Sam Bordem of the Daily Snooze explains it all. Peter Botte on the other hand clears the mystery of just what Robbie Cano needs to do to ge the 2006 Batting Title.

If the Twinkies win the central division are they going to celbrate again? Until next time.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Murcerized - Yes Network Commercial

YES Network broadcasters playing softball.
* Al Leiter throws at a girl's head for winking at him
* Bobby Murcer crushes a homer and says the ball was "Murcerized"
* Jim Kaat (with the help of an obvious stuntman) does a double backflip to field a bunt
* Paul O'Neill tells a furious Bob Lorenz to stop beating up the water cooler
* Ken Singleton crushes a homer and just stands there at the plate doing his own game call and laughing evilly
* David Justice just absolutely levels the opposing catcher

Monday, September 18, 2006


The weekend started out by the Yankees being washed out in the Bronx while jut 14 miles away on Staten Island the Baby Bombers captured their second straight NYPL Championship. The grounds crew really did as great job getting the field playable on the bitterly cold Friday night.

The rainout in the Bronx forced back to back split admission double headers which the Red Sox beat us 3 games to one. Those sawks were just determined not to let us clinch against them. I think we left about 200 runners on base this weekend. Mariano Rivera threw 26 pitches from the bullpen mound before Game 1 of Saturday's first game and said he felt fine. He will do another bullpen session on Tuesday. If all goes well, he could be back next weekend. I can't imagine going into the playoffs without him.

Cory "Chicken" Lidle will miss his next start because of inflammation on the inside of his right index finger, which he believes is from throwing his split-fingered fastball. He believes it's why he has struggled so much in his last two starts. He hopes to miss only one start and return with two starts to convince the Yankees he should be their fourth starter in the playoffs. Right now it's clearly Jaret Wright's job to lose.

Derek Jeter's 25-game hitting streak came to an end Sunday. It was the longest streak by a Yankee since Joe Gordon hit in 29 straight games in 1942. Jeter went 40-for-109 (.367) with eight doubles, three home runs and 18 RBIs during the streak. It was the third longest Yankee streak ever. Gordon was #2 and we all know who #1 is.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Staten Island Yankees are in the House

Now is the time to come to the support of you Baby Bombers Staten Island Yankees as they defend their NYPL Championship against the Wild Card winning Brooklyn Psyclones (Mets SSA). Brooklyn has Mother Nature to thank for their playoff berth as they played fewer games than the Aberdeen Ironbirds due to rainouts, thus they had one fewer loss.

The Yankees will take their league best W-L record across the gang plank to KeySpan Park on Saturday night. Game two of the semi-final series will be played Sunday, September 10 at the Richmond County Bank Ballpark.

First pitch is set for 4:00 PM. If necessary, game three will be held on Staten Island at 7:00 PM on Tuesday, September 12. That game will begin at 7:00 PM.

Friday, August 25, 2006


Taking a page out of Bob Raissman's book of the NY Daily Snooze, I wouldllike to nominate my own Dweeb of the Week.
I nominate Mid-Island Little League president, Bob Johnson for coming out and dissing the Yankees and the Mets for not contributing more to their Little League World Series trip. WHile the Yankees had contributed $5000 to the youngster he went on to ask for more, singling out Alex Rodriguez on the way.
The Yankees and the Mets contrubuted heavily to the 911 victims, Derek Jeter and Jose Reyes have their own charity foundations. Bernie Williams and Mariano Rivera and constantly helping out victims from their own countries disasters. I won't even touch upon New Orleans and it hurricane tragedy.
Mr. Johnson this is baseball, these kids are healthy (I am not so sure about the absent minded Smith), Get on the corners, at the malls, have a raffle, dance, anything. Stop your whinning and start setting an example for the league you run. Keep your mouth closed.

In other news the Yankees take on the Angels in Anaheim this weekend in a three game set. It is time to pay back for the way the halos treat us.

Monday, August 21, 2006


Most of us are too young to remember the Yankees play a five game series needless to say sweep it. Most of us would have been extatic to win three out of five of these games. But after we took the first three we wanted it all.

We swept out biggest rivals by no stretch of the imagination. We beat them on their home turf, in a Park, a beutiful one at that, where 5 runs is seldom enough. The New York Yankees completed an unimaginable five-game sweep at Fenway Park on Monday, extending their AL East lead to a season-high 6 1/2 games over the Red Sox.

Both teams limped into this series. The Bombers of the Bronx too it all and left no prisoners. We saw the Aflac Duck all weekend but Benifer was nowhere to be found. A series that had a slight hint of playoff aroma but even more of the emotion that goes with it. For the first time in two years the Yankees looked like a team, in and out of the dugout.

Was this series as good as the one in 1978? I say no. We had more to gain back then. In 2006 we have Big Papi, in 78 we had George "Boomer" Scott. In 78 we had Jim Rice in 06 we had Manny just being Manny. In 78 we had pitcher Ron Guidry in 06 we have pitching coach Ron Guidry. Not many of the players can even remember 78, I can! In 78 we had fun, in 06 we had more fun.

Am I still for a balanced schedule? You bet I am. But this was just a whole lot of fun. The sweep just made it sweeter.

Friday, August 18, 2006


Forget the Subway Series this weekend is the real thing. A weekend where 1 = 1, not 1/2 or 0. A loss equals a loss equals a loss. The Yankees and Red Sox square off in a series where anything can happen and yes it really Ain't over till it's over. A Stadium where 7 runs are not enough. With pitching staffs that are both crippled and overused.

The Yankee starters need to go the extra inning this weekend with 5 games in 4 days. A weekend where stars are born or die. A series where you wonder which A-Rod will show up. You have to wonder if you should pitch to Big Papi or walk him, even with bases loaded.

Is is overhyped? Yes, but it is fun so sit back and enjoy, or get agrivated.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


IMHO Joe Torre made a rare mistake last night which almost cost us the game after coming back.
Kyle Farnsworth was warming up prior to the eighth inning. For what ever reason, Farnsworth never came into the game. TJ Beam, who clearly wasn't warmed up enough was summoned to pitch the eighth. Needless to say TJ was not ready.
Torre should have started the frame with Farnsworth on the mound and then go out there with trainer Gene Monohan and pull Farnsworth due to injury. Then Beam would have had as much time as he needed to get ready.
As it went the tired Scott Proctor was summoned and relinquished the lead. Shawn Chacon was the luckiest man that night as he came in with bases loaded and nobody out trailing 7-6. He struck out the first batter he faced and got an inning ending double play which he started be nabbing a line drive.
The good guys won in the end and Jason Giambi homered with Derek Jeter aboard to bring home the bacon in the ninth as they won 8-7 with Mariano Rivera picking up the save.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Chein Ming Wang who led the Staten Island Yankees to two NYPL Championships in three years will have his number retired this Thirsday at the Ballpark in St George (no relation to Boss George). They will be giving out Wang Bobble heads (with real hair) to the first 2000 fans in attendance. They will be taking on the Batavia Muckdogs (Phillies) They will retire his #41 which he wore in 2000. He did wear #17 in 2002. He missed 2001 due to shoulder surgery. He was know as Tiger Wang in 2000, but it was dropped in 2002 due to the fact that he disliked it. Wang will be there but don't expect a signing session. The Yanks are off so come on down and see Real Baseball Real Close. Right off the SI Ferry. You can buy tickets online.

Sunday, July 02, 2006


OK Fans, and I know I am speaking to a minoroity, let's stop this booing of Alex Rodriguez crap alreay. A-Rod isn't going anywhere and why should he? We have one of the best players in baseball who is now one of the NY Press's favorite whipping boys.
Alex is guilty of one thing and only one thing, trying too hard. He worries too damn much about what the fans think, what the press thinks and what his peers think. Alex needs to be a little more like Manny. Manny (Ramirez) probably doesn't even know the score of the game. He zones out everything. Sure he makes too much but it was Texas who paid him that and it still paying a good portion. We got him at a discount price and we need to cheer him on. Nobody would take the contract on as is. We would have a player being paid by three teams. Heck he would be making more for not playing.
So forget about the boos and get behind him and bring him around. Hitting is contageous, let's start by rooting for A-Rod.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


It took 5 pitchers but the Bombers extended their winning streak to 2 as the Yankees blanked the Phillies 5-0 in the City of Brotherly Love.

Octavio Dotel will travel to Alabama on Thursday to have his surgically repaired right elbow examined by Dr. James Andrews. Dotel has not pitched since Friday, when he went 1 1/3 innings for Triple-A Columbus in his latest minor league rehab game. He felt pain behind his elbow the next morning and has been shut down since. The Yankees diagnosed the problem as triceps tendinitis, a common post-operative occurrence.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Hopefully last night was the start of a new streak. The streak of wins that is, that will lead us to #27. Melky Cabrera was rested to try to get his head straightened out. The Yanks beat the Phillies 9-7.

Four Staten Island pitchers combined for an 18-0 shutout as the NYPL Champion Yankees beat the Brooklyn Cyclones in their 2006 Opener in Brooklyn. They meet again tonight at their home opener in St George. Rumor has it there will be an surprise announcement made at the game check out for complete coverage.

Friday, June 09, 2006


Randy Johnson looked bad again Friday night, this time he didn't have the Channel 9 curse on him. Aaron Small looked good in relief. GOOD NEWS Alex Rodriguez looked like he found his stroke again. Derek Jeter started as DH.

It was a differewnt team that returned after the rain delay. Alas we still came up short by a run in the hole the Bug Unit dug for us. At least nobody was added to the overcrowded DL.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Herb Pennock: The Good and the Ugly

By Special Guest Blogger Harvey Frommer

All the medical news these days coming out of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania aboutBarbaro gives that locale the most extensive news exposure since the days of Herbert Pennock, the man they called "The Knight of Kennett Square." One of the top hurlers of his time, Pennock went directly from high school to amajor league debut May 14, 1912 with the old Philadelphia Athletics. His final game was August 27, 1934.

Classy, he was a horticulturist, a breeder of red silver foxes at his countryhome near Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. Pennock was known for a flowingpitching motion punctuated by fidgety movements on the mound. He did not over-power batters. He let them hit the ball, giving up more than a hit an inningin his career. But he still was a big winner with this approach, notching 35 lifetime shutouts. Legendary sports writer Grantland Rice said Pennock pitched each game "with the ease and coolness of a practice session. "The loose southpaw was just another one of the talented players the Yankees stripped away from the Boston Red Sox.

He came to the Yanks in 1923 and led theleague in winning percentage (.760), the first of four over .700 seasons. Hefollowed with a 21-9 record in 1924, and was 59-25 in 1926-28. Yankee manager Miller Huggins called Herb Pennock the greatest lefthander inbaseball history, marveling at the "Squire's" World Series record: 5-0, 1.95lifetime ERA. In 11 Yankee seasons, Pennock was 162-90 for a .643 winningpercentage.In December of 1943 Bob Carpenter purchased the Philadelphia Phillies. Pennockhit it off with the new owner and was hired "for life" as General Manager.

Pennock did not hit it off with Branch Rickey in 1947, attempting to block Jackie Robinson's breaking of the color line. Pennock reportedly had a telephoneconversation with Rickey during which he said that the Phillies would not take the field if Jackie Robinson were in uniform for a series starting May 9. It was reported that Pennock told Rickey: that you "just can't bring the nigger here (to Philadelphia) with the rest of your team." The Dodgers came, and Jackie Robinson came, too. Racial hatred was on parade atthe ball park for four days. Robinson played on despite the horrid spewing ofracial epithets. It was so horrific that Dodger infielder Eddie Stanky, out of Alabama, challenged all those in the Philly dugout - this within earshot of Pennock and Carpenter. "The Knight of Kennett Square" had many marvelous and uplifting moments on the baseball field. His attitude towards Jackie Robison was not one of them.

Harvey Frommer is now in his 32nd consecutive year of writing sports books. He is the author of 38 sports books, including the classics: "New York CityBaseball," "Shoeless Joe and Ragtime Baseball," "Rickey and Robinson," "A YankeeCentury," and Red Sox Vs. Yankees: The Great Rivalry" (with Frederic J.Frommer). His newest efforts are OLD TIME BASEBALL and WHERE HAVE ALL THE REDSOX GONE? Frommer sports books are available direct from the author - discounted andautographed.He is now at work on the definitive book on the 1927 Yankees to be published in 2007.

Sunday, May 28, 2006


I hope the Yankees are doing the right thing not disabling Jorge Posada. A catcher of his status doesn't need a knee injury of any kind.

The last two season Jorge has impressed me with his defensive improvements. He has made his locker worthy of the Thurman Munson baseball card he has hanging in there. For years Jorge was calling great games while wielding a potent bat but when it came to blocking the plate he was second rate. In the last two seasons Posada's defense was born. An infielder by trade Jorge all of a sudden got the knack of defensive catching.

My whole problem now is that if the Yankees don't rest him and let it heal several things can happen.

  1. It could throw off his timing at the plate.
  2. It could hamper his running .
  3. It may make Posada shy when it comes to player contact.

I say unless you are 100% sure he can play through this without making any sacrifices then do it. If not it is time to DL Jorge before we lose him physically and mentally for the season.

Saturday, May 13, 2006


With the potential season ending injury to Iron-San Hideki Matsui, {who would believe he would be our second Hideki?} the tabloids are projecting deals for every available and not so available outfield arm from here to Anaheim or should I say Los Angeles of Anaheim?

Peter Botte of the Daily Snooze has a his suggestion list after praising Brian Cashman for being patient (for what one day?). Michael Morrisey of the Post contemplates his suggestions as well. While the gang over at BTB have their mixed emotions for your participation.

Anyway they brought up Kevin Reese who had a great spring and a good AAA year thus far to help fill the void. Oh what the heck let's trade for them all.

Friday, May 05, 2006


I know I have been complaining that we didn't have a 1-run victory yet but I didn't want one in a game we were leading 8-1. Aaron Small was brought in to hold the potent Ranger bats in check with a seven run lead in the 8th. After suffering his first regular season loss in his last outing Small looked to be well on his way to his second.

He left the game with bases loaded and two down in the eight. Mariano Rivera was summoned to get the 4 out save. The Sandman did it the hard way by giving up 2 hits and a hit batsman allowing the Texas team to within one. That's all she wrote as the Yankees drew first blood by a score of 8-7. Mike Mussina who is having a great year got the win despite the bullpen.

Carl Pavano is schedule to begin his 4 week rehab Sunday in Tampa

Friday, April 28, 2006


Steve Howe was a promising young reliever when he broke in with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1980. But although he had the presence and poise to become a star in the bigs, his even quicker spiral into the world of substance abuse tempered his quick success with the Dodgers. His most impressive statistic was his record-number of drug-related suspensions (seven).

Today marked the end for the colorful reliever. The former Yankee lefty who played for the Yankees from 1991-1996, lost his life in a car accident at the way too young age of 48. There was a moment of silence at Yankee Stadium before New York played Toronto on Friday night.

Back in the early 90s Howe was the perfect whipping boy at BTB as well as on the road in the American League, not to mention the ppress corps. In 1994 when the players went on strike Steve was selling tickets in Tampa at Spring Training (1995) to help him fulfill his sentence due to the drug charges. As part of his conviction he had to remain working to stay out of jail. They Yankees were behind Steve and let him work at the Ticket Office in Tampa.

Howe, who was a regular at the Yankee Fan Fest was 47-41 with 91 saves and a 3.03 ERA with the Dodgers, Minnesota, Texas as well as the Yankees. His final season in the majors was 1996, and the Yankees released him in June. Two days after the Yankees let him go, Howe was arrested at a Delta Airlines terminal at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport when a loaded .357 Magnum was detected inside his suitcase. He later pleaded guilty to gun possession and was placed on three years probation and given 150 hours of community service. Howe tried a comeback in 1997 with Sioux Falls of the independent Northern League. In August, he was critically injured in a motorcycle accident in Montana and charged with drunken driving. So one has to wonder of his condition when he had his accident.

Steve Howe may not have been the model Yankee, no not even by any stretch of the imagination. He did give it his all everyday and he did know what it meant to wear the pinstripes. The disease that took the not only the pinstripes but from the game from as well may have made a return visit and may have taken his life.

Unfortunately Howe will not be remembered for being a Yankee, not for being the hot shot reliever, not even for playing the game that he loved. Steve will be remembered for his seven "second chances". Sadly there are no second chances in life. RIP Steve. 1958-2006

Saturday, April 22, 2006


I would like to send a wake up call to our Yankees to start playing like a team. You are swinging at too many first pitches, letting too many close pitches go by with a two strike count and just looking awkward at the plate.

I know it is early and I am not panicing. I know we were 9-19 last season and came back from 14 games back in 78. This is 2006 my friends and the only destiny we have control of is our own. We can't make the Bostons, Torontos and baltimores lose unless we are playing them. Frankly we haven't been doing the best job of that. A good team wins one run games a bad team doesn't. So far we a re 0-4 in one run games.

Are we going to come around? I have no doubt. My question is when??? We don't need this torture. Let's Go Yankees.

And on a side note Let's Go Devils and Nets.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


A magazine in Boston has released its list of the ugliest male celebrities. (No Asburry, Hideki Masui was not listed.) Randy Johnson took the #2 honors and Don Zimmer finished in the #29 spot. The Phoenix arts and entertainment alternative newsweekly ranked the "100 unsexiest unsexiest men in the world."

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Just when it looked safe to go back in the water Mariano Rivera gave up the winning single with two outs in the ninth for a 6-5 Twins victory.
After allowing runners to reach second and third with nobody out in the 9th, Mo proceeded to strike out the next two batters. The rest is history.
We still aren't playing they way we should and Jaret Wright doesn't seem to be anything more than dead weight. Anyway we will see what happens next time out.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sunday, April 02, 2006


The 2006 Baseball Season officially takes off tonight as the Champion White Sox take on the Tribe at the New Comminsky or whatever they are calling it this week. In a game that was traditionally the Reds and Cubbies for years the two AL Central rivals open it all up in what really should be called Opening Night. Mark Burehrele makes his 5th Straight OD start against Cleveland's CC Sabathia.

Tomorrow night in Oakland the Yankees send the Big Unit against the A's in the quest for #27.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Luckiest Fans On The Face Of This Earth: History of New York Yankees Fall Classics

as written by author and essayist Michael Aubrecht of the Pinstripe Press

No team in the history of Major League Baseball has ever dominated the postseason like the New York Yankees and their storied franchise currently leads all sports teams in championships-won. From Ruth and Gehrig - to Jeter and Rivera - the history of the "Bronx Bombers" in the Fall Classic continues to be written and rewritten again and again! The intent of this website is to provide fans with a concise, online reference guide featuring New York's World Series notables. I have also included several detailed studies into my own personal favorite Yankees World Series subjects, little known facts from Baseball-Almanac and key historical events that took place off the field. From purists and historians, to novices alike, this website has something for everyone!


The Last Nine Innings
By Charles Euchner
A Review By Phil Speranza

A baseball fan reads a book about baseball because he loves the game. The key word there is game. The cover itself will turn off the avid Yankee fan. The slogan "You'll Never watch a Baseball Game The Same Way." Broadcasts the fact that it more than just a baseball book. The author Charles Euchner has written six other books that deal with the business of baseball as far as the amenities go.

As far as the baseball purest goes the slogan itself tells you this book is more than the game. The photo brings back a bad memory to the Yankee fan all by itself. The photo is enough to keep the Yankee fan from buying the book. The photo depicts Luis Gonzalez's game winning hit with one out in the ninth inning of Game 7 of the 2001 World Series. A game that had Yankees written all over it. From the travesty of the WTC bombings to a World Series where the Yankees should have been swept.

Mr. Euchner marks this hit and game as a turning point in the make up of todays game. It is at this point that he asks the question Is Baseball Better or Worse? He questions everything from psychology, movements, fitness, and their relationship with the "new" stats of the game. He blasts everything from the media to the free agent system and naturally jumps on the steroids bandwagon.

The author uses Game 7 of the 2001 World Series as the main focal point to rip into the game that we love. He takes shots at Paul O'Neill as well as teen idol Derek Jeter. O'Neill's base running choices that feeds fuel to a discussion about the theory and practice of base running; he takes a sharp grounder to Jeter in the second inning and make it gospel of his whole career and shoots down the use of fielding stats in general.

Euchner hits just about everything: there are treatments on the mechanics and physics of hitting and pitching, the intricacies of managing, and the globalization of the game, and quite a few other subjects. The author makes a simple game way to complicated and if one reads this book to learn about the game they would probably chose another sport to be a fan of. You didn't think that game seven had such an impact did you?

Mr. Euchner does a great job of detailing the events of each inning in with conversations he's had with the managers of each team, the players, and other people associated with the game of baseball. I probably would have enjoyed that more if my team won, but it was a great insight into what went wrong. He also uncovers trivial tidbits like conversations with Mariano Rivera where he reveals why he plans to devote himself to God after his playing days are over. Her brings forth the fact that Mariano's close friend and teammate; Enrique Wilson may be dead now if the Yankees had won that game. It seems Wilson had reservations on Flight 587 to the Dominican Republic; which crashed bearing no survivors upon take off. Once the Yankees fell to the D-backs Enrique changed his reservations to an earlier flight and the rest is history.

While it brings up a lot of trivial, although some useless facts the book is quite an interesting read but maybe not for the between the lines baseball fan as it brings up way too many bad memories for the Bronx Bomber fans.

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Former Staten Island Yankee 1B/3B Eric Duncan was voted winner of the 2006 JP Dawson Award. The award is given to the best rookie in Spring Training. Duncan joins the ranks of Don Mattingly, Jorge Posada and Willie Randolph among others.


Scott Proctor who is out of options extended his lease in pinstripes due to injuries to Aaron Small. He did have a great spring as well. Proctor impressed the Yanks with a 1.06 ERA over 17 innings this spring and will begin the year as a long reliever. The way the starters have been dropping don't be surprised if he makes a start or two this season.

Jaret Wright will make his first appearance in a game since March 18 when he pitches in a minor-league game today. Wright, who said he's over the back spasms that sidelined him, is waiting to find out his role at the start of the season. Joe Torre and Ron Guidry will watch Wright pitch and said he'll likely announce his rotation tomorrow. Lee Mazzilli will stay back at Tampa and manage the Yanks against the D-Rays.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Holy Cow Yankee fans we went from 7 starters to three in no time at all. Chien Ming "Don't Call Me Tiger" Wang will test out his bruised knee Friday as the Yankees return to the scene of the 2001 World Series Arizona. So if all goes well it looks like Wang will be the number 4 hurler behind Randy Johnson, Mike Mussina and Shawn Chacon.

Speaking of Randy Johnson, he showed his classlessness these past couple of days. RJ has gone to court demanding that an ex-girlfriend return less than $100,000 in day care payments he made for a daughter they had out of wedlock 16 years ago, the Smoking Gun Web site reports. Johnson last month petitioned a judge in Island County, Wash., for return of the $750 a month in day care payments he provided over eight years to the girl's mother, Laurel Roszwell. He's also demanding interest, for a total of about $93,000.
Johnson has also been paying $5,000 a month in child support, none of which is in dispute. Johnson and Laurel Roszwell did not enter into a child-support agreement until the girl, Heather Roszwell, was 8 years old. You may have a point Randy but suck it up and show some class. Let her keep the money.

Jorge Posada is expected to be behind the plate come Opening Day in Oakland after he return to defensive action this afternoon. Posada took part in the team's workout before Sunday's game against Detroit, taking batting practice, but he wasn't expected to return to game action until Tuesday or Wednesday.

A few thoughts about the game and other stuff:...

Barry "Goodad" Spencer Special Guest Blogger

1. Proctor looked really good. He's got hisself a slider now, and he's throwing it for strikes. He's also got hisself a changeup now, and he's throwing it for strikes. He actually appeared to get stronger as the game went into the 4th. Word is they're grooming him for long relief.

2. Pavano looked ok. I hate back problems in pitchers. Especially young ones. They can flare up at a moments notice. Fingers crossed.

3. Jorge was plugged in as DH. Looking like rocky raccoon his timing is a little off. But, consider this. If Joe uses him like he did last year, a few weeks off in the Spring should facilitate fresher legs for Hip. Bodes well for our October.

4. Murcer and Singleton mentioned the Yanks had been doing defensive drills earlier that day. Specifically infield defense. Both were kinda surprised about this so late in Spring training. Which begs the question, why so surprised? You can never work on fundamentals too much. Stinnett was taking pops behind the plate. Anybody who has ever been there knows, there is no such thing as an easy pop up the catcher has to field. All this continuing work on infield fundamentals has a Larry Bowa flavor to it. And I like it a lot!

5. Bowa has also been working with Cano on keeping his glove down, and teaching him to anticipate a bad hop on every play. Basic infield mechanics, taught in Little League, but you could see the difference in Cano's fielding last night. Much more sure handed. Much more fundamentally sound. Don't let Bowa's efforst go unnoticed as you watch the Yanks infield this year.

6. Mazzilli on the bench is also going to be a major asset to Joe. Joe has a great deal of respect for his former 1st base coach. Maz has a great baseball mind, and watches the game with a keen eye. He's also a walking rule book.

7. Giambi's eye for the plate is right there! What a surprise!8. The importance of renewed interest in working on sound baseball fundamentals can not be emphasized enough. Mental errors cost ballgames, and by the break in July, I expect to hear from more than a few announcers, how fundamentally sound this years Yankees play the game.

My predictions for this year:

1. Look for a lot of fun.

2. Look for a lot of frustration.

3. Look for a lot of crooked numbers.

4. Look for a lot of wins.Last night I could feel the tingle of anticipation as opening day draws near.

And with the last pre-season game Saturday afternoon, it's almost time for Yankinit to set the table, and the great AlanH to bring it home in true BTB tradition.

Sunday, March 26, 2006


With the rosters trimming down and Opening Day in site, it is time to rewind and look back at just what we have seen this Spring. Sources say that this years crop of players have beat last Spring's bunch hands down. Yankee Spring Training has been Kevin Heaven as both outfielders Kevin "KT" Thompson and Kevin Reese have had super pre seasons. However both player will benefit by heading to Columbus to start the season with our old friend Melky Cabrera.

That does however make the Columbus outfield a little crowded. Melky had a great spring being a step ahead having played winter ball. Miguel Cairo is happy to be in pinstripes and had a great spring as well.

How accurate has the performances been during the Spring? Well, you have to take into consideration that a lot of the kids have been given more exposure being a good portion of the regulars have been participating in the World Baseball Classic. The results of the "Spring Break" have yet to be seen.
  • Will the regulars be ready to start the season?
  • Will they run out of gas earlier than normal?
  • Are the good outings by some of the kids been misrepresentation to the the lower quality of competition?

These questions all remain unanswered. We probably wont know all the answers until September.

I must admit I wasn't excited about the WBC but I really enjoyed watching the tournament. Sure there are bugs to be worked out but the best teams won. Next time around I wouldn't be surprised if the preparation changes for the US and Dominican teams. The Japan, Korean and Cuban teams were better prepared and it showed and deservingly so.

Opening Day is coming and the Yanks will be involved with three of them. Before they get home to their own the playing in both the Angel and Athletic home openers. All I can say is "Play Ball".

Thursday, March 16, 2006


I don't want to be (Jaret) Wright!!!

Special Guest Blogger
Andrew Allen

Jaret Wright is in mid season form. He had a despicable outing last time out, giving up 8 runs on 11 hits. This is a good thing. If he isn't traded, he shouldbe put at the end of the bully, as a mop-up specialist. Our rotation to begin the season will hopefully be: Randy Johnson, Mike Mussina, Chien Ming Wang, Shaun Chacon, and Aaron Small. Hopefully Carl Pavano can move in if he gets healthy. Jaret just won't be effective as a starter this year.
His fastball looks too straight and hittable.
Move him to the pen, and all is well.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Lots of baseball news, first there is the untimely passing of Kirby Puckett. Kirby is one of those opposing player you just have to love. He didn't look like a centerfielder but boy could he play it. God Bless You Kirby.

The Canadians upset the US Team today. I noticed A-Rod, Jeter, Damon and Clemens are all buddy-buddy in the dugout. Al Leiter announced he will retire after the World Baseball Classic and Roger Clemens is hinting he could go the same route.

Jarret Wright looked in mid season form tonight as he was pulled in the 3rd inning after seemlessly losing the strikezone. Also he seems to be wearing #34 this spring instead of #33. It didn't seem to help much.

Bernie Williams wasthe Team Puerto Rico DH Tuesday. Batting leadoff he knocked in the go-ahead run in the bottom of the fifth as his team scratched out a 2-1 win over Panama in the opening game of Pool C play in the World Baseball Classic. The PAnama team was originally suppose to be managed by former Bomber Roberto Kelly.

Friday, February 24, 2006


By Guest Blogger Barry "Goodad" Spencer

A few thoughts from a few things I read this morning:-First full squad workout today, and the locker room was just a hustle and bustle. Probably with the anticipation of another season to get Derek Jeter back his toy.-

Jason Giambi and Johnny Damon have lockers next to each other and were appearing to be enjoying that. Reportedly Jason looked in excellent shape, and said he feels better now than at any other time as a Yankee. His offseason consisted of 3 weeks off, and he continued to work on some of the hitting drills Don Mattingly taught him. Note to Jason: Doesn't hurt to work on a little leather either buddy. I've been told Donnie was pretty good at that too.-

We've heard about Gary Sheffield's meeting with Cashman. Now there is speculation out there why Mike Mussina wasn't given the same treatment. Personally, I would like to see Mike pitch his way into his option. If he doesn't at least tickle the 20 win mark this year; well, I'll have to see how it goes. BTW, Moose says he is unconcerned about this.-

Kelly Stinnett sounds like a kid in a candy store. He's loving the Yankee way, which includes working with legends like Mariano Rivera. Somebody pinch this guy.-Bernie reported on Monday, and says he's excited to be back. Looks like he will be taking some balls in the corner outfield spots. I got a feeling Bernie Williams is going to surprise a lot of people this year at the plate. Pride will be the catalyst.-

When Joe Torre and George Steinbrenner had their big sitdown, it was expressed by Torre that he needed to communicate with The Boss a lot more. Well, George has been at Spring Training nearly every day and has been seen around Torre's office quite a bit. Joe is getting what he wants from the Boss. And he couldn't be happier about it.-Shef says he would consider it an honor to hit his 500th home run the same year as A-Rod. He has a great deal of respect for our 3rd baseman, and calls him his best friend. Nice to hear somebody say something good about the reigning MVP.

On a personal note:I can't remember the last time I was as anxious to get a season going as I am about this one. All reports, with the exception of Pavano, coming out of camp are positive. No steroid issues. No contract issues. No trip to Japan. From what I've read everybody is in a positive frame of mind and anxious to get this thing going. The newbies are happy to be there, and the vets are excited to be back.


Thursday, February 23, 2006


The team is present accounted for in Tampa. Joel Sherman and George King put their heads together and report on George Steinbrenner doing his best Joe Namath and guaranteeing the 27th Championship. Meanwhile Sam Borden reports the same thing over at the Daily Snooze. I am sure Newsday and the Star Ledger have the same things going. Bill Madden of the Snooze tell us on how Jason Giambi is ready to start over again. Good thing for Jason there is no Olympic style testing in baseball.
Why is it that one of the biggest teams in sports history has problems getting writers? Anyone want to write for BTB please send me an email.

Saturday, February 18, 2006


Now I propose the question, is this a good year to attend Spring Training? If you trek to Tampa you may not get to see Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez or newbie clean-shaven Johnny Damon. You may not even get to see Miggy Cairo. You will however get to see Robbie Cano, who opted out of the World Baseball Classic because he felt it more fruitfull playing than being third string and riding the pine. You will get to see the remaining 2/3 of the Yankee outfield as Hideki Matsui and Gary Sheffield both took a pass on playing. You will definitely get to see Jorge Posada who the Yankees have sucessfully blocked from participation despite Jorge's disire to wear the "PR" on his cap. George Steinbrenner has spoke out about his dislike for the WBC but Derek Jeter is at the opposite side of the spectrum he is outright excited about playing for USA team.

Mike Mussina was approached by Italy to play in the WBC, the only problem is Mike is not Italian, he is slavic, his family had changed their name. The Daily Snooze reports that Mike now is ready to sit down and bang out a contract extention.

Carl Pavano has halted throwing due now to back problems he is experiencing. The Yankees signed 38-year-old Scott Erickson to a non-roster contract. The audition is due to the fact that "superscout" Jason Giambi has seen him throw and that the signing was, mostly Giambi's work .

Chisox Skipper Ozzie Guillen made a sideways apology yesterday from his comments in a Sports Illustrated interview calling A-Rod a "hypocrite," among other niceties, for hedging over playing for Team USA or the Dominican Republic in the World Baseball Classic. Anthony McCarron of the Snooze report on the inane comments of a sore winner. Who is a hypocrite now Ozzie?

Sunday, February 12, 2006


With the east coast covered with almost 2 foot of snow one can only long for the baseball season to start. To shed a little warmth Sam Borden of the Daily Snooze has five questions that Yankees have to ask themselves about their current squad.

In the New York-Penn League (short season A) where the Staten Island Yankees rein champions the Lowell Spinners are making the New England Little Leagues quite an offer. The Spinners say that if youth baseball leagues across New England change the name of a team from the Yankees to the Spinners, Lowell would pay for new uniforms. Not a bad deal for the youngsters. Then they can have one of those goofy top jerseys as well.

New York Snoozeday adds to that thought, there are still roles that need to be determined while Peter Caldera of the Bergen Record recycles the above stories again and again.

Saturday, February 11, 2006


Alex Rodriguez was on XM Radio this week explaining why he made his decision of who to play for in the WBC. If the fans don't drive him crazy the media will. A-Rod needs to just get up at bat and forget about the critics. He needs to start getting a partial Manny (Rodriguez) attitude. Not only is he the best player in the game he is also the most misunderstood. I will be curious to see how "his people" greet him when he returns to the Bronx in April.

The Bronx Bombers announced today that they have claimed right-handed pitcher Darrell Rasner off waivers from the Washington Nationals. To make room for Rasner on their 40-man roster, the Yankees designated right-handed pitcher Jason Anderson for assignment.

Friday, February 10, 2006


With the internet the post season just keeps on getting shorter and shorter. Our old friend Alfonso Soriano has lost his arbitration case and will only be making $10 Million this season. Poor baby. He asked for $12 Million. He has been squawking ever since the National wanted to switch him to centerfield. Fonzie wake up and smell the coffee you will make a great centerfielder. I just wish it was in pinstripes.
Miggy Cairo is glad to be back on the right side of town and is already in Tampa working out. Ramiro Mendosa is ready to start his comeback after only pitching on inning last season. He will be pitching for Panama in the World Baseball Classic.

Friday, January 27, 2006


I can smell the grass growing now. This off season baseball didn't see to take a hiatus thanks to XM Radio. It is really a must for the baseball and music fan. There is just so much to it, try it out. You can listen to some station AOL or DirectTV.

Check out one of Behind the Bombers best as Mr. STOP shares his visions with us.

Is it a coincidence or not that Barry Bonds dropped out of the World Baseball Classic right after the announced that there will be Olympic style drug testing? One has to think.

Want Hot Stove action second to none? Check out the BTB Forum now welcoming Refugees "The Second Generation" from the now closed for business Newsday Forum.

Monday, January 16, 2006


The year is young and the Yankee News has been slim as of late. The YES Network finished it hot stove series so I guess they are ready for the new season.
Centerfield will boast a clean shaven Johnny Damon hopefully he isn't like Samson. Other than that the look of our starting nine (ten) should be very similar to the 2005 class. One other exception should be Bernie Williams who returns as a DH/4th outfielder.
Go check out the Behind the Bombers forum where you can air you views on the upcoming season.