Wednesday, May 02, 2007


As the results of Phil Hughes being out at least a month with a left hamstring injury, while he was well on his way to a no hitter, it took an injury to their top prospect to have the Yankees fire their conditioning coach.

Why it took this long I will never know. The BTB forum member have been asking for his head all year. When the smoke clears I would not be surprised to learn that the hiring of this firm and Mr. Marty Miller was a marketing ploy. Several Yankees have complained about the non standard routine that Miller uses and several other have opted out all together. It was something that had to be done. Just give us a good old fashion baseball workout. If there is something you want to know about hammys check it out at the BTB Forum. Charlie Dibiase and Dean Balsamini who write for the Star Ledger fantasize how Marty Miller was let go.

From LoHuds Yankee Blog: Carl Pavano felt something in his right arm during his bullpen and shut it down after a few minutes. You have to hand it to the Rajah of Rehab, he’s consistent.

BOMBER BRIEFS Like he never missed a day, Bobby Murcer returned to the YES booth yesterday for the complete Texas series. The players were glad to see him as well. . . . Chien-Ming Wang, who suffered a split middle fingernail during his last start, will throw his bullpen session today to see if he can make his next start. Joe Torre announced that Kei Igawa would start Friday's game, leaving Saturday's start for Wang if he passes the test. . . . Mike Mussina returns to the mound tomorrow night after spending almost three weeks on the disabled list with a often copied strained left hamstring. Mussina pitch count will be limited to about 80 pitches. . . . Frank Torre underwent kidney transplant surgery yesterday, receiving the new organ from his daughter, Lizzie. Joe Torre reported the surgery on his older brother was successful, saying that the new kidney began functioning right away.

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