Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Why is it that sports writer are trying to turn every tabloid into the National Enquirer? When one paper gets a scoop, every other paper had to improve on the find two fold. The only writer out there that care about the game these days is Peter Abraham.

The same people pushing for A-Rods return are the same ones that drove him out of town in the first place. The same writers that will cause the fans to boo Alex time and again. It is funny how Lupica was telling A-Rod what he should while Feinstein was reporting it done from inside sources.

Come on guys, how about reporting on trades or signings rather than A-Rod's private life or his contract. And while I am at it Cash and George's kids do your negotiating behind closed doors. No need to bring it to the press.

Like A-Rod or hate him, he is the best option out there and it might be nice to bring the HR king back to the Bronx, but we can sign Barry to do that. The ball is in your court Bombers, don't blow it now.

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