Friday, May 18, 2007

Where Are All The Hits?

Maybe we need to track down Bruce (Cousin Brucie) Morrow and Dan Ingram of Music Radio WABC Fame, at least they know where to find all the hits. Hits are what the Yanks have been lacking since the calendar turned into May. The Yankees lost a big one today 3-2 in Flushing behind another great start, this time by Andy Pettitte.

In April the bats were alive and the starters weren't getting into the 5th inning. We have to meet somewhere half way. Alex Rodriguez who was named April Player of the Month has all of a sudden began to slump while his bat snoozes away. His bat isn't alone however as the only ones hitting are Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada.

Can a eruption of Mount Steinbrenner be far behind? In the past Joe Torre may not have made it through the weekend with the Mets, especially if we loose 2 of 3 ... or worse. To top off the interleague weekend we come home Monday to play the division leading Bosox. So the next week can have a very big impact on this yet young season. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to tell us that we have to start hitting and keep pitching and please get Mo some work.

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