Wednesday, March 28, 2007

SPRING, BASEBALL, Squirrels and NUTS...

Fellow webmasters and admins. Baseball is just around the corner. There have been a rash (of at least 2) spammers on the team forums either spamming or putting up some tasteless stuff. Just be on the lookout, many of you have banned them already.

As the Daily Snooze (among others) reported the Opening Day pitcher for our beloved Bronx Bombers is none other than Carl Pavano. The right hander sttod healthy all the way through Spring and thanks to some injuries to Chien Ming Wang, Andy Pettitte and Jeff Karstens, Pavano will be given the ball on Monday afternoon. Mark Feinsand also reported that Josh Phelps has the inside track to make the 2007 squad. The writer also wonders what will happen to Andy Phillips.

Over at The Post George King looks into his cracked crystal ball and shares with us what he sees in store for the Yankees in 2007. And as if we had nothing else to worry about King also reads between the lines and reports that Joe Torre want to return for the Stadium's Swan Song in 2008.

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