Friday, April 06, 2007


Alex Rodriguez-- Before starting my mini-rant, I should point out that EVERY team has it's share of idiotic fans. That being said, the booing of A-Rod in 2006 was inexcusable. Let me see if I understand the motive..... as long as A-Rod hits .350 with 50+ HR's every season, he'll be cut some slack?? .290 BA 113 R 35 HR 121 RBI is DISAPPOINTING?? WHERE IN THE HELL DOES THIS NONSENSE COME FROM?? My boyhood idol, Graig Nettles, was a long-time Yankees 3B. His glove was the best at 3B I've ever seen (though it shouldn't be forgotten that A-Rod is a natural SS), but let's look at his career bests as a Yankee: 37 HR 107 RBI .276 BA 99 R .No.... I don't want to hear any whining about his contract. A-Rod is a 1st-ballot HOF'er. The Yankees will pay Jason Giambi $21.5 mil. in 2007...... and will pay A-Rod $16 mil. Don't worry..... I know how much of A-Rod's deal the Rangers are paying, though, with all the booing, I sometimes wondered if I was the only one.I guess Yankees fans can do what they want...... go ahead and boo a 1st ballot HOF'er out of town, but don't cry when his replacement hits .270 with 25 HR.

Newsflash, idiots : THE YANKEES LACK OF STARTING PITCHING PREVENTED THEM FROM WINNING A TITLE SINCE 2000. Blame A-Rod if you must, but, last I checked, he doesn't pitch. Sure, sure...... the likes of Kevin Brown, Jeff Weaver, Javier Vazquez and Jaret Wright have performed WONDERFULLY over the past few seasons...... Carl Pavano has been well worth his 4-year $40 mil. investment..... Randy Johnson was the true ace the team needed (never, ever, ever count on a SP in his 40's to be your ace..... I said that at the time the Yankees traded for RJ..... seems to have proven my theory true. No....not much of a "theory".... it's simply common sense). I respect the red sox 3B more than some Yankees fans respect A-Rod. Pathetic. Exit mini-rant ...........

A-Rod will improve on his 2006 #'s. Trained harder than ever this past off-season and dropped 13 # to help improve his defensive flexibility. The addition of High School teammate Doug Mientkiewicz will help, not only in the clubhouse, but because few, if any, 1B are better at scooping low throws (this, of course, will help Derek Jeter and Robbie Cano a lot as well). Look for another MVP run for A-Rod.

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