Monday, June 27, 2005


The team looks older by the day. After sweeping the Pirates and Cubs at home the Yankees showed signs of breaking out of their funk but with the Devil Rays in town the Yankees managed only one win in that series before losing two of three to the Mets. To sum it all up the Yanks have been playing some UGLY baseball.

In a game that would turn around the worse teams the Yankees scored 13 runs in the eighth inning to come back from a 10-2 deficit. The very next day the Bombers bombed out and went back to their losing ways. The only bright spots in our line up has been the rookie Robinson Cano and Chein Ming Wang. Sean Henn, who lost to the Mets on Saturday has proved for the third straight time that he is not ready for prime time.

In the midst of thing the deteriorating Bernie Williams has become a scapegoat of sorts. Well even if he isn't a scapegoat over the weekend he was a goat anyway. Sunday night the Yankees had a big come from behind victory against the cross town rival Mets. Again time will tell if that win can turn this team around as the Yankees go into to Baltimore to take on the second place Orioles. As Jason Giambi goes so does the Yankees. When the Giambino hits the Yanks seem to win.
The outfield situation is in shambles. Kevin Reese, the Columbus centerfielder, was brought up to play LF while the Yankee LF (who started the year at 2B) was shifted to CF. The reason Reese was brought up was because Bernie Williams was declared "tired". Monday at Camdan Reese is on the bench while Rueben Sierra spells Gary Sheffield while he rejuvenate himself as the DH. Hideki Matsui returns to LF with Tony Womack in CF. Reese, who wasn't even on the 40 man roster is not the answer. They need a CF, while I still believe Bernie has life as a DH he is a liability in the outfield. One rumor is what Peter Gammons reported that if the A's cannot sign Mark Kotsay to a contract extension the the A's will trade him to either the Cubs or Yankees.

Now, they'll look to make up some ground in the American League East as they open a three-game series with the slumping Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards. The Yankees will send the Roadster Carl Pavano to the mound in the series opener. Pavano lost his fourth straight decision Wednesday, allowing five runs and six hits in 6 2-3 innings of a 5-3 defeat to Tampa Bay. The O's counter with Daniel Cabrera (5-7, 5.54 ERA). Cabrera lost his third straight start Wednesday, allowing three earned runs and five hits in five innings of a 3-2 loss to Toronto on Wednesday. The 24-year-old right-hander has allowed just five earned runs in 12 1-3 innings in his last two starts after giving up seven in two innings in a loss to Cincinnati on June 11. He is 1-1 with a 4.05 ERA in four career starts against the Yankees, including an 8-4 win on April 17.

There is no relief in sight for our starters either as Jaret Wright was moved from the 15-day DL to the 60-day DL. (that may not be all bad)

Do we need to shake something up? Yes we do! We need something to bring this team together. Maybe it is time to change the pitching coach? Maybe a lateral move. Reassign Mel Stottlemyre and make Neil Allen the pitching coach. Rich Monteleone can resume the pen duties. I know it isn't Mel's fault but he is the weakest link on the coaching staff. What do you think? Comment below.

Sunday, June 19, 2005


Two years ago the Yankees visited Wrigley Field and the Cubs took two out of there while putting Roger Clemens bid for #300 on hold. Well this weekend fresh off a sweep of the Pittsburgh Pirates the Yankees paid the Cubbies back and did them one better by sweeping them in the three game series. This brings the Cubs lifetime record at Yankee Stadium to 0-7.

On Saturday the Yanks beat the Cubs with the help of Derek Jeter's first Grand Slam in 135 chances. While it was nice to see DJ get his Grand Salami it should be no surprise that a disciplined player like Derek would be homerless with the bases loaded. The Captain is a team player and his primary objective is to win and score runs. Jeter tries to put the ball in play rather than risk a strike out or a long fly ball and ending a rally. So kudos to DJ on getting that monkey off his back and sparing us of listening to Tim McCarver give that grand slamless stat over and over again.

Kevin "Break Down" Brown is on the DL for his the 13th time in his career according to the NY post. It was long overdue but Kevin Brown hit the DL yesterday. Former Staten Island Yankee Lefty Sean Henn was called up to make his second career start against the same team he pitched against in his first start, Lou Piniella's Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

The Staten Island Yankees open up Tuesday across the gang plank to Brooklyn against the Cyclones at Keyspan Park. Then they continue their home in home openers on Staten Island on Wednesday. Former Yankee utilityman Andy Staniewicz is returning to the helm of the Baby Bombers after a year as a scout while Mookie Wilson will skipper the Clones.

I would like to take time to wish all my Bomber Buddies a very Happy Fathers Day. This marks the first year that I have a Father's Day without my dad after losing him to the dreaded cancer last August. To all you fans who are lucky enough to still have your dads, never be ashamed to tell your dad you love him. Go home and give him a hug and thank him for everything he has given and taught you. Hug him once for me. Those of you who's dads are with mine in Heaven think of the good times.

Thursday, June 16, 2005


Greetings Bomber Buddies, The Yankees took a well needed sweep from the Pittsburgh Pirates this week. Being it was the first meeting between the clubs since the 1960 World Series I thought the crowds would have been a bit larger. Heck Tuesday was Whitey Ford Staute night and they only drew 41,000. Then again it was for adults and the first 18,000 fans. The largest crowd was Thursday with 54,734 fannies in the seats with no giveaway. Wednesday night I was in attendance. That game will probably be in Cecilia Tan's update of her 50 Greatest Games book. It was a comeback for the Yankees and a comeback for Jason Giambi who hit his second Yankee walkoff homer to cement the Yankee come from behind victory 7-5. Now we need to make this game the turning point of the season. If this game doesn't set us on the right path nothing will. Ironically the gave out bandanas on a night when the team mascot of the opponent who wore one for years was in town. Kevin Brown suffered back spasms again last night. If he misses a start the Yankees may recall Sean Henn who is pitching well for Columbus.

Aaron Boone
who shares the same middle name with Bucky Dent up in New England is finally starting to get comfortable in Cleveland. In his last 10, Boone is hitting .371 with three homers. Well this weekend its the Cubs in town, let's keep the momentum going!!

Saturday, June 11, 2005


In the aftermath of a game that had the Cardinal Tabloids boasting "Bronx Blunders" Joe Torre tried to shame the team to buckle down. The skipper tried being calm, he tried yelling, he tried to have his core players try to motivate the lothargic Bombers. The thing that got them going today was the vintage game they got out of Randy Johnson. He looked like the Johnson we thought we were getting against the first place Cardinals as the Bombers blanked the Cards 5-0 Saturday afternoon. So now we have a one game win streak and won two out of our last three as we go for the rubber game on Sunday.

The alleged "cursed" 1919 contract that shipped Babe Ruth from Boston to the Bronx sold at auction Friday at Sotheby's for a staggering $996,000. Talk about having too much money. Kevin Brown, scheduled to re-join the rotation Wednesday after missing last night's start because of a sore left shoulder, was late arriving from his home in Georgia last night because of airplane problems. It looks like the Yanks have offered Denton Jackson $1 million to have him skip playing point guard for Georgia Tech according to Georgia Tech losing PG recruit to baseball's Yankees.

Despite the Yankees playing like kaa kaa, Boss George still has faith in Joe Torre. But does he have faith in Mel and Donnie Baseball?!?!?!?

Friday, June 10, 2005


Well in what should have been a rematch of the 2004 World Series the Yankees visit the Cardinals to night in interleague play. In the only time the team met during the regular season the Yankees swept a three-game series against the Cardinals in New York in 2003.

In a match up with a Staten Island taste to it it will be Former Staten Island Yankee Chien Ming Wang (3-1, 4.03) against Tottenville (SI) High School graduate Jason Marquis (7-3, 3.50) for the Cardinals. Jason was a big Yankee fan in his days at my old alma matta.

It will be a home coming of sorts for Joe Torre, who spent six years of his playing career in St. Louis. The last time the Yankees played in St. Louis, Busch Stadium wasn't built. Torre played for the Cardinals from 1969-74 and was the National League MVP in 1971. The Yankees haven't played in St. Louis since 1964 when the clubs battled to seven games before the Cardinals prevailed in the deciding contest. Busch Stadium opened in 1966.
The Yankees and Cardinals have faced each other five times in the World Series and St. Louis has won three of those times. The Yanks will again be without the DH.

Kudos go out to Alex Rodriguez for becoming the youngest player ever to reach the 400 home run plateau.

Saturday, June 04, 2005


OK anyone who is tired of the way we are playing please raise their right hand. OK you can put them down now that is exactly what I thought. I for one didn't expect us to win forever but I also didn't expect a total meltdown like we had. It seemed like we were on the right course then BAM! Boston comes in and we go into that funk again. We need a spell from the Hexman over at Yankee Tradition and we need it fast. I have seen some bad teams but this team has talent but sure isn't showing it. I have lived through the Horace Clarke years as did a lot of you. It seems every night we just find another way to loose. If this is getting to me, imagine a middle school kid, for them they never seen a bad Yankees team. So far this season we have yet to win a game where we score 3 or less runs. That is not a sign of a good team for sure.

Let me take a page from my old haunts and check out what the media is saying. I hope the team doesn't read this stuff they may start believing it and never win. Jim Souhan of the Star Tribune trys to show his intelligence as he tells us that we are not getting Much Bang For King George's Big Bucks. While North Jersey straight out reports that the Yanks' Slide Hit Six, like we didn't know that.
The Boss called Joe Torre before last nights loss to try to iron out the problems as the Journal News reported. And only Long Island Snoozeday will be talking about A-Rods retirement now. It is all wrapped up in a nutshell in North Jersey's Yankees Notebook.

Renoun baseball author Harvey Frommer talks about the anniversary of the start of Lou Gehrig's game playing streak and takes you through it in great detail on the Behind the Bombers Fansite.

Poland Spring (why are there Polish Springs in Maine?) is looking for the ultimate Yankee Fan. Go check it out.

Thursday, June 02, 2005


OK Bomber Buddies after hours of deliberation and deep thought I think I may have finally found the cause of the Yankees problems.

No it is not the age of the players although that is a definite problem, no it is not the lack of heart but we could use a little more in that department. I isn't those flag caps we wore over the weekend, I would bet anything our record is poor when we wear those.

You can't blame this losing streak on Jason Giambi, you can't blame Kevin Brown or Jarrad Wright. The real cause of all this bad baseball is Dave & Aziz Nekoukar.

For those of you who are not familiar with those names Dave & Aziz do a fine job writing the Yankees Weblog over at where I use call home for about ten weeks. They took over for Mark Strawn who replaced yours truly over there. Mark was a butcher who disappeared right before the post season. His blogs tended to be missing on the heavy rated matchups like the Mets or Sox. But Dave and Aziz stepped in and filled that void and did it wonderfully.

There was one problem. Dave & Aziz are cursed. A curse that is stronger than the Cub's goat and Babe Ruth's curse combined. The Nekoukar brothers you see did the NY Rangers Blog on for years. Last I checked the Rangers missed the playoffs for 7 straight seasons. Last season the NHL locked out the players so no hockey at all.

Then Mark Strawn left and Dave and Aziz took over and guess what? The Yankees were knocked out of the ALCS after being up 3 games to none!!!! The biggest choke in Yankee history. And forget about what's happening now. A coincidence? I think not!

So when you hear these talk show hosts blaming Alex Roddriguez or Jason Giambi for the Yankee woes, phone them up we know the real reason and it's not a pretty one. Maybe they could write the Mets Blog for a while.