Wednesday, June 27, 2007


With the voting deadline coming up quickly, the question comes to mind just who on the Yankees deserves an ALl Star election?

Alex A-Rod Rodriguez deserviongly leads all vote getters in the fan vote. He is having a super year which may just land him in Anaheim in 2008. Robbie Cano was elected last year but couldn't play due to injury but this year he had a hard time getting out of the box, maybe from taking too many lessons from Bobby Abreu.

The perinial Yankee All Star, Mariano Rivera is having a mediocre year at best. There are several stoppers that deserve it more than he does. The only starter that derserves the nod is Chien Ming Wang, depite not having his best stuff he has done his best to keep us alive this season. This kid really can win with his brains when the talent isn't working.

So get out there and vote, good or bad or indifferent it would be nice to see those road grays in San Francisco this July.

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