Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Another Long Off Season

The Yankees went home early again this year. What exactly went wrong? You can't pick any one thing to point your fingers at. Alex Rodriguez had a poor series. Hideki Matsui was a non factor. Gary Sheffield turned into a singles hitter. The Big Unit was washed up in his only start on a rainy Friday night.
I won't complain abount the scheduling and rescheduling due to rain although that does seem to play a factor on the older teams. I won't complain about the six record breaking ALDS errors made by the Yankees. I won't complain about the bad umpiring especially to Robbie Cano. To sum it all up we just played some ugly baseball. Between the bonehead plays and errors we practically gave the series to the Halos.
A-Rod is such an intense player but he strives for perfection and lets it get into his head. The results of his overthinking at-bats is zero. Godzilla who is one of the bet clutch players in the game couldn't buy a base hit. It wouldn't surprize me to find out if he played hurt during this series. If he was 100% we might have seen him in center-field more often. The young second baseman Cano made a few rookie mistakes one or two of them were costly.
The results were a Angel win. The White Sox were probably disappointed to see that. It seems that any team that beats the Yankees goes on to win it all. So who do I root for now? The White So, who swept the Red Sox? The Angel who beat us? The Cards, the Astros? Not me I will fire up the DVD player and watch my The New York Yankees Fall Classic Collector's Edition 1996-2001 (2005) seven DVD set. I guess #27 is on hold once again.