Thursday, July 27, 2006


IMHO Joe Torre made a rare mistake last night which almost cost us the game after coming back.
Kyle Farnsworth was warming up prior to the eighth inning. For what ever reason, Farnsworth never came into the game. TJ Beam, who clearly wasn't warmed up enough was summoned to pitch the eighth. Needless to say TJ was not ready.
Torre should have started the frame with Farnsworth on the mound and then go out there with trainer Gene Monohan and pull Farnsworth due to injury. Then Beam would have had as much time as he needed to get ready.
As it went the tired Scott Proctor was summoned and relinquished the lead. Shawn Chacon was the luckiest man that night as he came in with bases loaded and nobody out trailing 7-6. He struck out the first batter he faced and got an inning ending double play which he started be nabbing a line drive.
The good guys won in the end and Jason Giambi homered with Derek Jeter aboard to bring home the bacon in the ninth as they won 8-7 with Mariano Rivera picking up the save.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Chein Ming Wang who led the Staten Island Yankees to two NYPL Championships in three years will have his number retired this Thirsday at the Ballpark in St George (no relation to Boss George). They will be giving out Wang Bobble heads (with real hair) to the first 2000 fans in attendance. They will be taking on the Batavia Muckdogs (Phillies) They will retire his #41 which he wore in 2000. He did wear #17 in 2002. He missed 2001 due to shoulder surgery. He was know as Tiger Wang in 2000, but it was dropped in 2002 due to the fact that he disliked it. Wang will be there but don't expect a signing session. The Yanks are off so come on down and see Real Baseball Real Close. Right off the SI Ferry. You can buy tickets online.

Sunday, July 02, 2006


OK Fans, and I know I am speaking to a minoroity, let's stop this booing of Alex Rodriguez crap alreay. A-Rod isn't going anywhere and why should he? We have one of the best players in baseball who is now one of the NY Press's favorite whipping boys.
Alex is guilty of one thing and only one thing, trying too hard. He worries too damn much about what the fans think, what the press thinks and what his peers think. Alex needs to be a little more like Manny. Manny (Ramirez) probably doesn't even know the score of the game. He zones out everything. Sure he makes too much but it was Texas who paid him that and it still paying a good portion. We got him at a discount price and we need to cheer him on. Nobody would take the contract on as is. We would have a player being paid by three teams. Heck he would be making more for not playing.
So forget about the boos and get behind him and bring him around. Hitting is contageous, let's start by rooting for A-Rod.