Friday, September 24, 2010


By Dan McCourt

I'm already sorry for typing this, but I really do think most people are basically insane and that the real motivations behind what we do are far from the honorable and reasonable ones we tell ourselves. Here goes:

Javy hit three guys in a row, or at least threw pitches where that outcome was possible if not likely, on purpose. But the purpose was not to hurt guys on the opposition.

Javy watched Joe hand a key one-run game over to Dustin Moseley and Chad Gaudin on Wednesday. Then he responded when told to warm and then to pitch the night after. He was brought into this game down 8-3. The guy knows he has talent. Sure, he's not throwing as hard as he and the Yanks would have liked, but he put together a three-month string of quality starts this year.

Who's to say he's not standing on the mound fuming, "THOSE guys get handed the ball with the game on the line, while I sit there and finally get the chance when the game is in mopup mode." He's gripping the ball tighter and tighter as the thought just pounds through his head.

I know. He pitched an inning Tuesday. Sorry, I don't believe that rules him out for Wednesday, and I don't think he thinks it either.

I'll never forget hearing young Australian righty Mark Hutton being interviewed after being traded away during the 1996 season. He was depressed about going away sure. He was a Yankee. And now he'd be a Marlin. But the thing is, in the interview he wasn't talking about going from first to worst. He looked across the diamond at the guy he was being traded for, David Weathers, and said, "They couldn't get more for me than THAT!"

Injuries had Hutton out of the game in a year (though he bounced around the Independents for a while). And Weathers actually had a nice postseason for us that magical year, before reverting to form and being shipped out in '97. That doesn't change Mark's perception.

Last point: It would be a horrible to accuse a ballplayer of what I'm saying may have been in the back of the mind of Vazquez. BUt I'll give him this. He is 1,000 times a better pitcher than Moseley and Gaudin. I hope he was just a little off. But I also hope he knows that.


Monday, September 20, 2010


Mariano lags behind and checks out the newly dedicated plaque

If you would have told me in the late 70s that I would have had misty eyes when The Boss passed away I would not have believed you.  But maturing as George learned the game you could see George was the best owner in sports history.  Mr Steinbrenner knew how to make his money grow as well as putting a winning product on display for his Yankee family, which I am proud to be part of.

Well keeping with the Yankee tradition the Yankees honored their own by dedicating a plaque in Monument Park II to The Boss.  A feat I wished that they would have done while George was still with us but George would have nixed that in a second. 

On hand with the Steinbrenner Family were former family members Reggie Jackson, Yogi Berra, Tino Martinez, Gene Michael, Roy (who dressed you?) White and David Wells.  Flown across country at the request of Lonn Trost were Don Mattingly and Joe Torre who came back to the Bronx for the first time since Joe Girardi was named manager.  George's buddy Bud Selig was on hand as well.

Overall is was very nicely and tastefully done and a fitting tribute to a great man.  We will miss you George!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


In his 15 year career with the Yankees Derek Jeter has never caused so much controversy.  I can't believe they are making such a big deal about him faking getting hit by a pitch.  His biggest crime before this was laughing when he struck out.  So now just because he pretends to get hit by a pitch in an important game in a pennant race some people and press are crying about it. 

With one out in the top of the seventh, Rays reliever Chad Qualls appeared to hit Jeter in the elbow. The Yankee shortstop grabbed his elbow and acted like he was in pain. However, the replay clearly showed the ball clearly hit the end of the bat. It's BS. It's not like he took performance enhancing drugs. Four Major League umpires couldn't catch it?  Or maybe just believe it?  It's because his image is squeaky clean that it's being made such a big deal.  When a football player goes for a catch and it hits the ground and he catches it, he plays it off like he caught it so what's the difference?  The same goes for an outfielder when he traps a ball. 

Many feel Jeter made a grave mistake in admitting the fact that he was not hit with the pitch; now the world knows he was 'lying, fibbing, acting, no matter what you wish to call it,...but a lot of folks will merely call it cheating, and nothing less.  Derek was always so careful in his past interviews, and I believe did the wrong thing by his admission! 
I can't believe he actually done that, A-Rod maybe Jeter no way.  Maybe he was trying to use it as a tool to break his slump. Maybe this slump just has him so frustrated that he will try anything to get on base.  One thing I know for sure the press aren't going to let go of this anytime soon.

Lisa Swan over at Subway Squawkers ponders what the reaction would have been if it was Alex Rodriguez.

Bill Douglas contributed to this BtBlog

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our Bomber Buddy Gets Help In Enemy Territory

Long time BTB member was vacationing in Boston ( dunno why?) a few weeks ago and ran into a great ordeal.  Fortunately he ran into some angels of mercy (one which he travels with).

A funny thing happened on MarkUK's way back from Boston. Back from Boston two weeks late from facebook: - thanks to all the surgeons and doctors of the Boston Vascular unit for saving my life - I will never forget these guys esp Dr Gregg and Dr Tony. Thank God for the wonderful USA medical system. And what a woman my Tanya is - by my side for every minute of my nightmare.

I just got really ill really fast - had a double aneurysm in my Aorta. 5 hour operation - just in time, I was dying. Those Bostonians saved me but I still HATE THE RED SOX!!!!!!! Go Yankees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

I am ever grateful to those Boston Doctors and shout across the Atlantic "Get Well Soon Mark" You must be doing something right.

I just got chills my friend thinking 7Reggie was with you helping you through this one.