Thursday, December 06, 2012

Special Guest Blogger John "Scoops" Monaco

Hopefully he returns to form
Brian Ca$hman: "I don't feel like we're not having a productive winter. I feel like we're being deliberate and we are being slow."

December 6th, 2012

As of today I can't say we lost out on anyone so far we really wanted but it seems like such an un-Yankee like off season so far.

I think we made the correct choice offering $13.3M qualifying offers to Soriano, Swisher and Kuroda.

Nice job re-signing Kuroda, Pettitte and Mo.

Since we signed Mo there is no need or place on the team for Soriano. we saw how uninspired he was when he wasn't closing in 2011.

Pre GM Meeting:

I wasn't an advocate of re-signing Russ Martin. If Yanks re-signed him I could understand it. When they didn't I figured they had a backup plan. Internal competition for the job, trade for a journeyman primary catcher or simply save the $$$ and apply to Hamilton.

They have seemed to be all over the place explaining why they didn't make Martin an offer.

GM Meeting:

ARod injury. Appears that had a couple of week lead time to digest the real possibility he may need surgery. You would think they would have made a trade or signing for a short term solution before this became public.

Didn't happen. They seem all over the chart on this.

Haven't acquired a RF'r so far. Don't seem to be pursuing a FA canidate.

Josh Hamilton - no linkage to any pursuit. I'm dumfounded.

We have a lot of holes but we have almost 4 months before Opening Day.

Lets see what happens.