Monday, October 29, 2007

Dear Alex Part Duex

Hi Alex or should I say Benedict Alex?
It's me again, here to remind you what a fool you are making of yourself.

Could you at least have the decency of waiting until the series is over to make you announcement. Sure it's the Red Sox but show some respect. Opt Out of your contract, How much money could one person spend, you are one main reasons we have to spend triple digits to see a post season game. Don't worry you can afford it, when you buy your tickets for the 2008 Playoffs.

Didn't you say that if the fans wanted you that you would finish your career in a Yankees Uniform? Or was that another A-Rod? Well the fans cheered all year long, we've done our part, now where is your end of the bargain? Don't blame it on the uncertainly of the return of Mo, Jorge or Andy, the only one you care about is you. The only one A-Rod cares about is A-Rod. Do you even care about the Yankee Tradition? Well get a close look at Derek's rings, that is as close as you will get. Tony Moreonte has more rings now than you will ever have.

Alex, the All Star Game is in the Bronx next year, wait until you hear the reception you'll get. You don't want to be a Yankee, well you don't have the class to be a Yankee. The only relation you have to class is the last three letters. You might be the best player in the game but you are also the greediest.

Well, if I wished you luck I would be a bigger hypocrite than you. Don't let the door hit you in the Borass.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Joe Torre had his press conference yesterday and he showed the class that he exemplified for the last 12 years at the Yankee helm. He was insulted by the incentive offer and turned it down. I just hope it doesn't prevent Joe from coming back to see his friends on Old Timer's Day or as the first plaque in the new stadium as the retire his number 6.

It took a big man to turn down that offer, it was $5 Million, more than any other manager is getting and more than he could get anywhere else. And it was for a job he loves and he does real well. Must have been a tough decision.

Do the reporters listen to each other when they ask questions? Or do they think Joe is stupid enough to answer a question a second time if he refused to answer it the first time because they reworded it? And man did they let anyone off the street go? I am surprised my buddies Dave and Aziz weren't there, or even ILoveJoba from the BTB forum, she could have asked him what his favorite color was.

Joe is a class act and if they Yankees had half that class they would have simple had a press conference and stated we are deciding to go in a different direction...blah blah blah. Offer Joe a consultant or scouting position or even on YES or WCBS. A broadcast with Joe doing color to John Sterling and Suzyn doing pre and post and maybe scoreboard would be great. Then everyone saves face and Joe is part of the Yankee Family.

In my opinion, Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera return, Andy Pettitte retires. A-Rod opts out and is never heard from again.

Larry Bowa will be coaching 3B next year for the Mariners with Mel Stottlemyre doing the pitching coach duties. Losing Larry loses a void in Robbie Cano's tutoring.

Who replaces Joe? Anyone but Bobby Valentine or Tony LaLoser.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dear Alex,

An Open Letter To Alex Rodriguez.

Dear A-Rod,

During Spring Training you stated that if the Yankee Fans wanted you then you will stay. Well, Mr. Rodriguez the season is now over and it is still unclear if you are going to exercise your opt out clause that you had written into your contract that you had signed with the Rangers a long, long time ago.

On Opening Day the fans booed you when you screwed up that foul pop up. Since then they have welcomed you with nothing but cheers and not of the Bronx variety. You responded with 50 plus homers and 150 plus RBIs, not too shabby a year my friend. I would consider that Yankee Fans want you from the response you received. Not only that the newspaper polls are clearly saying the fans want you to stay in pinstripes.

So Alex as the Clash says "Should You Stay or Should You Go?" Do you know how many Yankee Rodriguez jerseys exist in the tri-state area alone? I think that is a fair indication that the fans want you to stay. Just think what kind of hero you could be with the Daily News headlines reading "A-Rod Opts-In". The story can quote you as saying how much money do I really need? It is more important to finish my career in the uniform of the greatest team in organized sports. Can you imagine your standing ovation on Opening Day? They would have to rush the new stadium because an ovation like that would bring down the house.

Who will remember you 10 years after you retire if you do it from the Cubs or the dysfunctional city Angels? You keep the pinstripes on and you become a legend. Your offspring won't have to work for generations to come as it is now, so it isn't a money thing. When the contract is up then you can work on your extension. Plus New York is the place to play if you want to endorse any product.

The choice is yours and there is only one as far as I am concerned. You could be to the new stadium what the Bambino was to the old. Become a legend and do it in the Bronx. To wrap it all up, if you are a man of your word then you will stay.

Want to let Alex know how you feel, invest a first class stamp.

Alex Rodriguez
6018 SW 128th Court
Miami, Fl 33183

Thursday, October 11, 2007


One of the biggest joys of my life was working for my father. It was a dream I had had as a youngster and finally had it fulfilled. It didn't quite turn out the way I had planned it but at least I tried it.

Like my dad, George Steinbrenner is trying to groom his sons to take over the Yankee Empire. He is lucky he had more than one son because that is quite a job to do. So Hank and Hal are on deck and getting their feet wet so to speak.

Rumors are afloat that George is not in top health. Is his health really deteriorating? Some rumors have him suffering from Alzheimer's or dementia, or is Boss George just slowing down due to old age? Could it be that George is taking a backseat to see how his sons will do with the team? It could just be like that episode of Gilligan's Island where the Skipper faked his own disappearance to see how his little buddy would do under pressure. Is The Boss testing his offspring?

Is he aware of what’s going on? Rumors abound that he didn't even recognize Reggie Jackson, but he clearly wants his sons, Hank and Hal, to have more input in team affairs, and they have dutifully taken on a more active role. Steinbrenner seems to realize he needs help running the team, and needs a successor or two.

Is this (Joe) Torre incident the first test of many for the Steinbrenner clan? One can only wonder, and I for one hope George leads a comfortable life regardless of what the story is.

Friday, October 05, 2007


Too many times this season we have heard Michael Kay or one of his com padres use the word salvage or rubber game of the series. We lost far too many game ones during the regular season. The first half of the 2007 season was a roller coaster in which the pitching and hitting rarely got together. Alex Rodriguez was the most consistent hitter on the team most of the year.

The team played lethargically prior to the All Star Game. The starters couldn't get passed the 5th and the bullpen was over used. Yankee tickets on Stub Hub and EBay were selling for peanuts. The Yankee season looked dismal at best.

Then the kids were summoned. While some of the kids had some raw talent their enthusiasm put the team on it feel. Shelley Duncan, Philip Hughes, Ian Kennedy all made their presence felt. Joba Chamberlain became an instant hero in the Bronx, although he kind of reminds me of Jethro Bodine. The Baby Bombers saved the season and woke up the vets. Sure there were other factors, but without them we would be playing golf with the Mets.