Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Special guest Blogger Johnny Yankee

Probably my favorite Yankee ever has passed away. I say this because when Mantle and Maris were going at it, it was always Clete Boyer that I watched most. Never have I seen anyone fielding thirdbase as elegant as Clete, even if Brooks may have gone down as the greatest fielding thirdsacker in history. Clete was just awsome, throwing from his knees, sometimes almost from his belly, accurately, to get his man. I saw Clete make plays that I swear I don't think Brooks would have made. No, he didn't have the "hitting" his brother Ken had but still, enough to be the yankees regular thirdbaseman during those magical years of the 60's. I never liked it when he was traded to the Braves, and until Nettles came along, never did we once again have anyone as great a fielder as Clete Boyer. So sorry to hear this news and my condolences to the Boyer family and a prayer that he is in a better place with the Mick and Roger, Elston and Billy, and all those great Yankees that made the 1961 Yankees my all-time favorites. Rest in peace Clete!


sj76 said...

I also have fond memories of Clete Boyer, especially from the '61 World Series. He never received the recognition he deserved for his fielding because he played in the shadow of Brooks Robinson and those great Yankee sluggers and teams. The '61 Yankees are my all-time favorites, too - Tony Kubek, Bobby Richardson, Roger, the Mick, Yogi, Elston, Moose, Whitey, Luis Arroyo. Johnny Blanchard, Hector Lopez, etc. Sad to hear we have lost another player from that team and era. RIP, Clete.

Phil Speranza said...

Nicely said sj. No matter what Clete always had time for the fans. He was very gracious when I was Yankee photographer for a day during the 90's. God Bless you and your family.