Saturday, April 12, 2008


Pink is the new Black and the New York Post is now the new National Enquirer.

Look out Yankee fans the Yankees have a 30 year curse upon them!! Why do you ask, because some momo allegedly burried a Red Sox Jersey in the cement foundation of the new Stadium. The New York Post had the photoshopped photos on the front page Saturday to prove it. The photos are allegedly from a camera phone, they are way too sharp for a camera phone. Not only that it was such a big story it took three Post flunkys to write it. You would think they would have needed Joel Sherman or at least George King to cover such a newsworthy item.

But noooooooooooo the tabloid sent out Jeremy Olshan, Jason Nicholas and Chuck Bennent for this tough assignment. It's a good thing the Dog Show wasn't in town, who would cover that?

Well this so called "Gino" from the Bronx buried his own Red Sox Jersey, a $100-200 plus value, for only 30 years of bad luck. Hey Gino you can't hate them that much if you only hexed them for 30 years. Heck our Hexman Louie can undo any hex you can put on. Besides I always thought that you only bury things when they are dead? Are the Sox dead? or their fans? Are you saying that every item buried in any time capsule has a curse as well?

The only curse that is coming out of this act is that this mo-mo has to go out and buy a new jersey for his 15 minutes of fame. If you were really proud of yourself you should have printed your last name Eugene. Sources unknown to BTB claim that it all stems from Eugene (Gino) never being picked for a team at the grounds where the new stadium now stands. They did let him go buy them sodas in the local delis.

Oh yeah the Post trio went to get a fans opinion from Liza Oviedo who said "That shirt is cursed. They should dig it out and have a bonfire with it." Where was Ms. Oviedo when they asked her this question? In a Sports Bar across from the Stadium. You make your own conclusions.

Some other quotes in the article were; "It is an outrage!" the Boston-born NYC Mayor Bloomberg told The Post before the Yanks played the Sox last night. "The one thing that I'd really like to be able to do is to go in there and pitch for the Yankees and beat the Red Sox with a perfect game. (Wang came close last night) That would be a way to end the curse," the mayor said. Yogi better added his opinion as he was cheering on the NJ Devils in Newark last night. "I was never superstitious, but maybe we should bury one over there at Fenway too," Berra said.

The article goes on to state that just in case the buried jersey does indeed bring a curse, Bonnie Thompson, a 37-year-old witch from Hicksville, LI, cast a spell to sweep away the jinx.

"I cast out all negative energies from the Red Sox jinx. Their buried T-shirt has no effect here," the Wiccan priestess said while wearing an all-black dress and Yankees cap. "All negative thought-form be gone." She then laid a Red Sox jersey on the ground and beat it with a broom.

If it was up to me I would dig this jersey up, (if it is really there) it could bring in big bucks for a worthy charity on EBay. After that I guess you could wipe your butt with it better yet use the Post, at least it won't be covered with cement and who would notice a little more ...never mind.