Sunday, March 08, 2009

AROD Makes The Right Move

Alex Rodriguez has opted to go for surgery right now which may cause him to miss 6 to 9 weeks. With this surgery he may need a full surgery later on down the road. The target for his return would be around May 1.

According Dr. Marc Philippon this is a partial surgery by inserting a tube in the hip repairing the damged portion of the labrium. Philippon is confident in the "85-90 pecent range" that Rodriguez will be able to play through the remainder of the 2009 regular season. He may then require surgery which may keep him on crutches for up to four months.

During the procedure, Philippon will shave down the bone at the hip, which has become rough through time. This should reduce the fraying. Also, the labrum will be set in such a way that it's more snug against the bone, making it much less likely to fray.

Philippon added an athlete can play an additional one to three years without the more invasive procedure. The Yankees need to find a third baseman now who can spell and/or fill in for Alex during the duration. Maybe Aaron Boone is available?

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Well If You In-Cyst!

Alex Rodriguez will miss about 10 weeks of action due a cyst in his right hip. Just how deep or large the cyst is is unclear. The doctors are calling it hip surgery so it's no walk in the park.

Joe Dunand, Alex Rodriguez's older brother, told Enrique Rojas of during a phone interview that immediate surgery was recommended, and that rehabilitation would take about 10 weeks.

Manager Joe Girardi said it was bothering him last season. Why they didn't get it checked then is anyone's guess.

The discovery of the cyst also means that A-Rod will not be able to participate with the Dominican Republic team in the World Baseball Classic.

To be continued . . .