Saturday, October 23, 2010


The New York Post has proven once again what a classless rag it is with both their front and back page after the Yankees have been eliminated.  They even ask Derek Jeter about is contract plans.  Well I am 99.9999% sure Derek didn't srrive at the Stadium in Arlington planning to lose and ready make his new future plans.  Plus don't the realise that without the Yankees they have nothing to write about?  If the World Series was the Rangers and Giants, Long Islanders aren't going to care that they won't have Channel 5.

Phil Hughes pitched a good game.  He had no support and we only got three hits off a pitcher who was playing in Japan the last couple of years. 

One thing I did notice Saturday morning fans were still wearing their Yankee garb, unlike several of our rivals.  Now is thes time we need to think about Jeter and Mo, should they stay or should they go?  Let the Hot Stove Begin!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Freddy 'Sez' Schuman May 23, 1928 to October 17, 2010

For the last 22 year in the ballyard in the Bronx if you heard as spoon being hit against a frying pan you know that Freddy 'Sez' Schuman wasn't far away.  Kids of all ages flock the die hard Yankee fan with the hope of getting to tap his traditional pan and read his colorful words of wisdom.

Freddy had become more popular than Max Patkin in New York, better loved than Dancin Harry, who came to NYC in the 70's with Earl Monroe from Baltimore.  A fixture bigger than Uncle Willie or Disco Stu.  I won't even mention the short lived official mascot "Dandy". 

Freddy was everybody's friend, then Mayor Rudy Guilianne flew Freddy to Arizona at the request of his son Andrew in the 2001 World Series to try to bring the team luck.  Freddy was as much of Yankee Lore as anyone outside the lines.

Schuman died at Lenox Hill Hospital on Sunday afternoon after suffering a heart attack on Friday night, according to longtime friend Chuck Frantz. A hospital official confirmed Schuman's death.  "It's a sad day for Yankee fans and for anyone who knew Freddy," Frantz said.  This was the second heart attack Freddy has suffered in under a year.

Freddy was born on May 23, 1928, and was a resident of The Bronx for most of his life. When he was 9 years old, he suffered an accident during a stickball game, in which he lost the use of his right eye. From about 1988, until his death, he was an unofficial promoter for the Yankees and other local sports teams.

You will be missed Freddy.  Bob and the Boss are waiting on you Freddy.

Friday, September 24, 2010


By Dan McCourt

I'm already sorry for typing this, but I really do think most people are basically insane and that the real motivations behind what we do are far from the honorable and reasonable ones we tell ourselves. Here goes:

Javy hit three guys in a row, or at least threw pitches where that outcome was possible if not likely, on purpose. But the purpose was not to hurt guys on the opposition.

Javy watched Joe hand a key one-run game over to Dustin Moseley and Chad Gaudin on Wednesday. Then he responded when told to warm and then to pitch the night after. He was brought into this game down 8-3. The guy knows he has talent. Sure, he's not throwing as hard as he and the Yanks would have liked, but he put together a three-month string of quality starts this year.

Who's to say he's not standing on the mound fuming, "THOSE guys get handed the ball with the game on the line, while I sit there and finally get the chance when the game is in mopup mode." He's gripping the ball tighter and tighter as the thought just pounds through his head.

I know. He pitched an inning Tuesday. Sorry, I don't believe that rules him out for Wednesday, and I don't think he thinks it either.

I'll never forget hearing young Australian righty Mark Hutton being interviewed after being traded away during the 1996 season. He was depressed about going away sure. He was a Yankee. And now he'd be a Marlin. But the thing is, in the interview he wasn't talking about going from first to worst. He looked across the diamond at the guy he was being traded for, David Weathers, and said, "They couldn't get more for me than THAT!"

Injuries had Hutton out of the game in a year (though he bounced around the Independents for a while). And Weathers actually had a nice postseason for us that magical year, before reverting to form and being shipped out in '97. That doesn't change Mark's perception.

Last point: It would be a horrible to accuse a ballplayer of what I'm saying may have been in the back of the mind of Vazquez. BUt I'll give him this. He is 1,000 times a better pitcher than Moseley and Gaudin. I hope he was just a little off. But I also hope he knows that.


Monday, September 20, 2010


Mariano lags behind and checks out the newly dedicated plaque

If you would have told me in the late 70s that I would have had misty eyes when The Boss passed away I would not have believed you.  But maturing as George learned the game you could see George was the best owner in sports history.  Mr Steinbrenner knew how to make his money grow as well as putting a winning product on display for his Yankee family, which I am proud to be part of.

Well keeping with the Yankee tradition the Yankees honored their own by dedicating a plaque in Monument Park II to The Boss.  A feat I wished that they would have done while George was still with us but George would have nixed that in a second. 

On hand with the Steinbrenner Family were former family members Reggie Jackson, Yogi Berra, Tino Martinez, Gene Michael, Roy (who dressed you?) White and David Wells.  Flown across country at the request of Lonn Trost were Don Mattingly and Joe Torre who came back to the Bronx for the first time since Joe Girardi was named manager.  George's buddy Bud Selig was on hand as well.

Overall is was very nicely and tastefully done and a fitting tribute to a great man.  We will miss you George!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


In his 15 year career with the Yankees Derek Jeter has never caused so much controversy.  I can't believe they are making such a big deal about him faking getting hit by a pitch.  His biggest crime before this was laughing when he struck out.  So now just because he pretends to get hit by a pitch in an important game in a pennant race some people and press are crying about it. 

With one out in the top of the seventh, Rays reliever Chad Qualls appeared to hit Jeter in the elbow. The Yankee shortstop grabbed his elbow and acted like he was in pain. However, the replay clearly showed the ball clearly hit the end of the bat. It's BS. It's not like he took performance enhancing drugs. Four Major League umpires couldn't catch it?  Or maybe just believe it?  It's because his image is squeaky clean that it's being made such a big deal.  When a football player goes for a catch and it hits the ground and he catches it, he plays it off like he caught it so what's the difference?  The same goes for an outfielder when he traps a ball. 

Many feel Jeter made a grave mistake in admitting the fact that he was not hit with the pitch; now the world knows he was 'lying, fibbing, acting, no matter what you wish to call it,...but a lot of folks will merely call it cheating, and nothing less.  Derek was always so careful in his past interviews, and I believe did the wrong thing by his admission! 
I can't believe he actually done that, A-Rod maybe Jeter no way.  Maybe he was trying to use it as a tool to break his slump. Maybe this slump just has him so frustrated that he will try anything to get on base.  One thing I know for sure the press aren't going to let go of this anytime soon.

Lisa Swan over at Subway Squawkers ponders what the reaction would have been if it was Alex Rodriguez.

Bill Douglas contributed to this BtBlog

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our Bomber Buddy Gets Help In Enemy Territory

Long time BTB member was vacationing in Boston ( dunno why?) a few weeks ago and ran into a great ordeal.  Fortunately he ran into some angels of mercy (one which he travels with).

A funny thing happened on MarkUK's way back from Boston. Back from Boston two weeks late from facebook: - thanks to all the surgeons and doctors of the Boston Vascular unit for saving my life - I will never forget these guys esp Dr Gregg and Dr Tony. Thank God for the wonderful USA medical system. And what a woman my Tanya is - by my side for every minute of my nightmare.

I just got really ill really fast - had a double aneurysm in my Aorta. 5 hour operation - just in time, I was dying. Those Bostonians saved me but I still HATE THE RED SOX!!!!!!! Go Yankees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

I am ever grateful to those Boston Doctors and shout across the Atlantic "Get Well Soon Mark" You must be doing something right.

I just got chills my friend thinking 7Reggie was with you helping you through this one.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Cano Makes it Hard to Miss A-Rod

Posted on August 23, 2010 by Pat Nestor

by Pat Nestor

The news over the weekend that Alex Rodriguez was going on the DL would worry a number of teams, but for the Yankees it seemed almost like a “Hhhm? What? Oh yeah, ok.” sort of reaction.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the team would much rather have their slugging 3rd Baseman -playing everyday, but in his absence, their 2nd baseman has picked up any slack and continues a spectacular season.

Robinson Cano has put together the type of season the Yankees have envisioned over the last couple of years. Reports of Cano’s lack of focus and maturity issues seemed to dog the young 2nd baseman and a number of people wondered if the trade of Melkey Cabrara was partly to ensure the removal of Cano’s “partner in crime” which would in tourn help him be more consistant and baseball minded.

Perhaps the absence of Cabrara has played a part, perhaps not. In any case, Cano’s numbers have lifted his stature from a solid player in the upper percentage of the league’s Second Basemen, to perhaps the best player at the position in all of Major League Baseball.

His number are sweet: .325 batting average, 25 home runs, 86 rbi, 45 walkss and 58 strike outs in 477 at-bats. Even his errors are down. He’s already tied his 2009 final number in home runs and actually has one more rbi than all of last year. His strike outs are a little above past seasons but not by a lot and his overall production is very elevated to the point that Cano will get some MVP consideration.

The Yankees are known for being a slugging team, with A-Rod and Mark Teixeria being the main names on the big bopper list and Jorge Posada, Curtis Granderson and Nick Swisher being the next ones in line in a lot of fans’ minds. Posada’s age, health and decrease in production and Granderson’s weak season play a factor in a change here, but even if they were putting up numbers like in the past, I think Cano really has to be looked at as one of the most dangerous hitters on the team, perhaps only really behind Teixeria at this point.

It will be interesting to see how Cano handles the role of big bat once the playoff crunch gets here, but so far his season has given the Yankees reason to believe they have a powerhouse in the lineup for years to come.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

600th A-Bomb from A-Rod

August 4, 2010

Alex Rodriguez is the seventh player in Major League history to reach 600 home runs.


Three years to the day that Rodriguez hit his 500th home run, he became the seventh player in Major League history to hit 600 home runs in his career with a first-inning blast off Toronto's Shaun Marcum at Yankee Stadium.

Friday, July 23, 2010


By Joan McLoughlin

If silence is golden, what does that mean to sound? Some sounds can be golden, too. Like the voice of our beloved and departed Bob Sheppard. Or the crack of the bat when the ball is going deep…when it is high…when it is far…when it is gone. But then there are the sounds that are punishing. Like the sounds of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim broadcasters that I was subjected to this past week for the Yankees 2 games series in the Bronx. Now don’t get me wrong, living out of one’s team’s local market can be fun. There is something to be said for attending the game in the away grays and taking smack from the home team fans. As a Yankee fan, you know we’re going to get it. And of course, the banter between rival fans can bring as much joy and entertainment as that of a walk off win.

So that being said, why am I on a rant against the Angels’ broadcasters? I don’t expect them to root for the Yankees. I don’t expect them to be unbiased. But I do expect professionalism and some evidence of intelligent life form.

Wednesday’s day game while in the car, game on the radio, I’m thankful I didn’t get in an accident…because they were driving me crazy. I truly couldn’t believe what I was hearing, including remarks that the New York fans are not as into the game anymore in the new stadium. EXCUSE ME? OK, maybe I didn’t hear right. Oh, no, they repeated the sediment. Conversation continued to explain how the New York fans also get defensive if you state a homerun ball may not be a homerun in other stadiums. To quote, “318 in left, 314 in right. Come on!” Surprise, did anyone compare the dimensions of the park to the House That Ruth Built in 1923? And was this really the talk of two unbiased broadcasters on a major league broadcast? Or was it Jimmy and Eddie, 7th graders arguing ‘my team is better than your team’?

I involuntary shut the radio off a couple of times to ease myself of the torture but then it was killing me not knowing what was going on. Needless to say, I kept turning it back on. A couple of times upon returning to the car in between errands, I thought the Angels had scored the go ahead run listening to Heckle and Jeckle….Note to self. Please have husband figure out the XM radio attachment for car.

Later that evening, I sat down to enjoy game on TV. Heck with the American Express Card, I never leave home without setting the DVR to record the game. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, the TV announcers start in! After Derek Jeter hits an infield single knocked down by Erick Aybar, the brainiac TV broadcasters surmise that Jeter will definitely pass Pete Rose’s all time hits record with calls like that. After Gardner’s late inning ejection, the comment was ‘Well, Gardner’s been arguing the whole game’. Really? Were we watching the same game? I know I’m nick picking but this goes on the whole game and being I live in the Angels local market, my MLB Extra Innings broadcasts are blacked out…but I do love my mute button.

I’d venture to bet that every mother has preached ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all’. While I don’t believe this applies here, I do believe if you don’t have anything intelligent to say, don’t say anything at all. And unless your broadcasting contract is word based on the number of words spoken, spare us a few please. After all, silence can truly be golden.

…Names have been left out to protect the idiots…

Sunday, July 18, 2010


With Andy Pettitte on the DL, who is going to take his sport in the rotation? We might wind up giving Montero up for a lesser caliper player. . . . Why was Brian Cashman the only Yankees representative at Bob Sheppard's funeral? . . . Were that lacerations on AJ Burkett's hand from throwing the cutter? . . . Nice ceremony Friday night for the Boss and the voice! . . . Steinner Sports tried to sell me 2 suite tickets Friday night for a suite which included food, open bar and meet and greet with Dwight Gooden. Who would put Dwight Gooden in a room with an Open Bar? . . . Is Jeter making out on purpose because he doesn't want "pie"?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


The news of the passing of Bob Sheppard is barely cold and we now have news of the loss of the patriarch of the Yankee and Steinbrenner family, George M. Steinbrenner has suffered a massive heart attack. Originally My9 in NYC reported that he passed away. Steinbrenner who turned 80 was rushed to St. Joseph's hospital in Tampa, Florida, and his condition is now confirmed that he has left us for that big ballyard in the sky..

Love him or hate him he brought winning back to the Bronx when he purchased the team back in 1973. He originally bid on the Cleveland Indians and was turned down. Imagine how baseball would have changed if he had bought the Indians instead of the Yankees!

He opened up a whole new world to adult team apparel. Look around any stadium or arena today and see everyone wearing their team colors no matter what age, which was the work of George. Before George the only place I could get a Yankee cap to fit my head was the famed Manny’s Baseball Land across from the old stadium.

George although drastic at times showed what it was like to have Yankee Pride. He brought 7 more trophies to the Bronx as well as 11 American League pennants. If you worked for George you had a job for life.

Steinbrenner is the longest-tenured owner in Major League Baseball, having served as principal owner since purchasing the club on Jan.3, 1973 for $10 million.
Steinbrenner has been in failing health in recent years and his sons Hal and Hank running baseball operations.

Steinbrenner bought the Yankees for $10 million and under his ownership they have become the most valuable team in U.S. professional sports, with estimated its value at over one-billion dollars.

We will miss you George thank you for everything, but your sons will do you proud.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Nick Johnson is out for wrist surgery again. He can't shake hands without getting hurt. Imagine if he was on the same teams with Shelley Duncan? We could nickname him stumpy because after one of Duncan's high-fives he wouldn't have any hands anymore.

Did you see Marcus Thames trip over his own bat? I never saw that before at any level. I wonder is that is an unwritten law of baseball? He is also a horror show in the outfield but he makes Randy Winn look like a gold glover. Look for it to settle down after the Grandy-Man returns. Yankees center fielder Curtis Granderson is set to test his injured left groin in a rehabilitation assignment with Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. Saturday Granderson took the collar in 4 ABs as DH. He did pick up a hit on Sunday.

In other SWB News The New York Yankees are pleased to announce the extension through the 2014 season of their Player Development Contract (PDC) with the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees, their Triple-A affiliate in the International League. In addition, SWB Yankees LLC, a joint venture between the New York Yankees and Mandalay Baseball, renewed their management agreement to operate the franchise for the next four seasons as well.

Javier Vazquez was removed after six brilliant innings against the New York Mets on Friday because of a bruised right index finger. He got the injury while successfully bunting. Another reason to use the DH everywhere.

Remember Duane Staats who use to do play by play for the Yankees on MSG? No he is not coming back. He is now working for the Rays in Tampa. Here is what he had to say about Mariano Rivera.

Dwayne Staats was taking viewer's questions regarding Mariano. He stated that Rivera is now a vulnerable reliever and get this: scouts have told him that he is losing his cutter and age has caught up with him. I do not know whose scouts told him this, but he was in agreement with it.

Duane Staats had a very professional voice and that was it, he and Tony Kubek were a couple of Bozos when they teamed with the Yankees, with my apologies to the clown union.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Hey just got this email from BTB's own John Manaco. It proves Alex (and the Yankees) are so bad at all.

From: Ward, Jeff
Sent: Thursday, May 20, 2010 9:51 PM
To: Monaco, John
Subject: THought you might like this.....

Do you recognize this guy? J The guy in the white shirt taking the picture on the left is a good friend of mine. He’s Director of Operations for Make A Wish in Southern California. The kid with the hat on is one of the Wish Kids. My friend Bruce is not a sports fan at all. He has done this several times with the Angels and Wish Kids but he said he has a real appreciation for the Yankees. He said the Angels organization was nice and all but the Yankees were total class. They were in the dugout a couple of hrs before game time at Angel Stadium and just about every Yankee came up and talked with this kid. Jeter, A-Rod everyone. This kid’s wish was to meet A-Rod. Apparently he took the kid out to the field with him while he did warm ups. He took the kid (without Bruce or anyone) down into the clubhouse and met a bunch of the guys. Bruce said the Yankee’s PR organization was top notch. They had a uniform for this kid, A-Rod pulled a bat out of his bat bag, signed it and gave it to the kid. There were several baseballs that got signed right there by the players and gave them to the kid. It was funny because one of the Angels Stadium officials (the girl in the right picture with the red strap around her neck) told Bruce “uh-oh” when A-Rod gave him the bat because fans aren’t allowed to take bats into the stands as they are considered weapons. Bruce said that shouldn’t be a problem….just give to one of the Angels Stadium PR people and have them give it to the kid after the game. She said normally that would work but she said she didn’t trust ANYONE with a bat signed by A-Rod – the kid might never see it again. So, here’s how much of a sports fan my friend is. Bruce offered to take it home with him and bring it back after the game. HE HAD NO INTENTION OF STAYING FOR THE GAME!!! EVEN THOUGH HE COULD HAVE HAD VIP SEATS!!!!! So Bruce goes home, does his putzing around the house, turns the game on around the 8th inning so he’d know when to leave to go to the stadium with the bat. (He lives close to the stadium). What did he see when he turned it one? They were in between innings and he basically saw this scene below with himself on TV. They were talking about the wish kid. I forgot to mention that they let the kid take the starting lineup out to the umpire at the beginning of the game. Class act for sure!

Jeff Ward Area Manager Field Operations - Canada and Western US

Monday, March 29, 2010


Each Spring I look forward to the warm summers, Spring Training, Opening Day and a new Yankee team. Over the last couple of years one additional thing I look forward to is the Maple Street Press Yankees Annual (formerly Bombers Broadside). When I see the YA on the shelves I know Opening Day is not far away.

It is a great publication that paves they way for the upcoming Bombers season in a way no "one" publication has done before. It is full of analysis by some of the greatest Yankees minds you can find. Chock full of writers that don't pull punches and leave no stone unturned. It stresses the current and upcoming team without forgetting the past season or the vast history that has paved its way through the Bronx.

The writers range from some of the best known Yankee beat writers to the renown webmasters on the Internet. Webmasters and publishers of the web are today unsung heroes, many of them do it for the love of the team. Writer and editor Cecilia Tan, who once again has put together another fine collection, got the proverbial ball rolling with a roster/2010 preview which you will want to keep by your remote control once the season starts. It is loaded with stats, charts and photos in addition to her fine writing style. It has some of my favorite writers in it as well as some of the writers that I love to hate. But here they can say no wrong! What YA would be complete without a contribution form Take Him Downtown's Dan McCourt.

This publication is for the die hard fan, the casual fan or just the rookie that wants to learn the game. Just reading this publication will prepare you for any office water cooler conversation that can be dished out. It would make you smarter than the guy that sits behind you during the game, you know the one I mean. So I couldn't recommend it more. Buy two copies someone is bound to borrow it and not return it.
Pick up your copy at your local bookstore or newstand or order it here.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hughes Named #5 Starter

As reported on BehindtheBombers.Com Tuesday the Yankees manager Joe Girardi officially announced Thursday that Phil Hughes will serve as the club's fifth starter in 2010. that mean that Joba Chamberlain will be joining the Yankees bullpen in a move that many people felt he was stronger in.

In sadder news Dwight Gooden, who once held the heart of New York by his right arm, was arrested on Tuesday for the umpteenth time for essentially the same crime. For too many years, he has spent as much time on the police blotter as on the pitcher’s mound, because of the influence of drugs and his inability to stop taking them.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Summers in the Bronx: Attila the Hun and Other Yankee Stories

by Ira Berkow
ISBN: 978-1-60078-392-0256
This book could have easily been called The Best Of Ira Berkow, and it really is. It is Mr Berkow's finest Yankee articles from his illustrious career. You can read it from cove to cover ( I bet you will) or you can read whatever tickles your fancy first and make the tough decision what to read next.

As a NY Daily News reader myself this collection on Berkow's NY Times articles was entirely new to me. But you couldn't make a better scrapbook if you clipped them all yourself.

Ira Berkow warms up the way-back machine and takes you with him into the clubhouse and onto the field as he observes, interviews and comments on America's team over his long and distinguished career writing and reporting on them.

He takes you through the lives of the Mantles and DiMaggios throughout the Steinbrenner Era. He paints a picture with his words that no fan should do without. So warm up for the 2010 season and put this book on your "To Read" list.