Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Holy Cow Yankee fans we went from 7 starters to three in no time at all. Chien Ming "Don't Call Me Tiger" Wang will test out his bruised knee Friday as the Yankees return to the scene of the 2001 World Series Arizona. So if all goes well it looks like Wang will be the number 4 hurler behind Randy Johnson, Mike Mussina and Shawn Chacon.

Speaking of Randy Johnson, he showed his classlessness these past couple of days. RJ has gone to court demanding that an ex-girlfriend return less than $100,000 in day care payments he made for a daughter they had out of wedlock 16 years ago, the Smoking Gun Web site reports. Johnson last month petitioned a judge in Island County, Wash., for return of the $750 a month in day care payments he provided over eight years to the girl's mother, Laurel Roszwell. He's also demanding interest, for a total of about $93,000.
Johnson has also been paying $5,000 a month in child support, none of which is in dispute. Johnson and Laurel Roszwell did not enter into a child-support agreement until the girl, Heather Roszwell, was 8 years old. You may have a point Randy but suck it up and show some class. Let her keep the money.

Jorge Posada is expected to be behind the plate come Opening Day in Oakland after he return to defensive action this afternoon. Posada took part in the team's workout before Sunday's game against Detroit, taking batting practice, but he wasn't expected to return to game action until Tuesday or Wednesday.

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