Friday, October 27, 2006


Don Mattingly will soon be known as The Sitman as he gets promoted to Joe Torre's bench coach. (How much coaching does a bench really need?) He replaces Lee Mazzilli who may wind up as 1B Coach if Tony Pena takes the job with the Nationals.

Donnie is the fourth bench coach since the incumbent Don Zimmer retired after being tongue lashed by the boss. He follows Willie Randolph, Joe Girardi and Lee Mazzilli.

Donnie is known to some as a jinx being the Yankees never won with him at 1B and have yet to take it all since he returned as the Hitting Coach. Probably the only two people in the world who are bigger jinxes than Mattingly are my good buddies who stole my job, (not really) at Dave & Aziz Nekoukar who write the Pride of the Yankees Weblog. You see for years they wrote the NY Rangers Weblog over there, (enough said?).

Anyway, this opens the door for Hitman to become Sitman and when Joe retires Donnie become Mangeman. New York Snoozeday mentions that Kevin Long, (WHO!!!) Columbus' highly regarded hitting coach, is a leading candidate to replace Mattingly in his old position. Other candidates could include former Yankee Chili Davis.

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