Saturday, April 22, 2006


I would like to send a wake up call to our Yankees to start playing like a team. You are swinging at too many first pitches, letting too many close pitches go by with a two strike count and just looking awkward at the plate.

I know it is early and I am not panicing. I know we were 9-19 last season and came back from 14 games back in 78. This is 2006 my friends and the only destiny we have control of is our own. We can't make the Bostons, Torontos and baltimores lose unless we are playing them. Frankly we haven't been doing the best job of that. A good team wins one run games a bad team doesn't. So far we a re 0-4 in one run games.

Are we going to come around? I have no doubt. My question is when??? We don't need this torture. Let's Go Yankees.

And on a side note Let's Go Devils and Nets.

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