Friday, February 24, 2006


By Guest Blogger Barry "Goodad" Spencer

A few thoughts from a few things I read this morning:-First full squad workout today, and the locker room was just a hustle and bustle. Probably with the anticipation of another season to get Derek Jeter back his toy.-

Jason Giambi and Johnny Damon have lockers next to each other and were appearing to be enjoying that. Reportedly Jason looked in excellent shape, and said he feels better now than at any other time as a Yankee. His offseason consisted of 3 weeks off, and he continued to work on some of the hitting drills Don Mattingly taught him. Note to Jason: Doesn't hurt to work on a little leather either buddy. I've been told Donnie was pretty good at that too.-

We've heard about Gary Sheffield's meeting with Cashman. Now there is speculation out there why Mike Mussina wasn't given the same treatment. Personally, I would like to see Mike pitch his way into his option. If he doesn't at least tickle the 20 win mark this year; well, I'll have to see how it goes. BTW, Moose says he is unconcerned about this.-

Kelly Stinnett sounds like a kid in a candy store. He's loving the Yankee way, which includes working with legends like Mariano Rivera. Somebody pinch this guy.-Bernie reported on Monday, and says he's excited to be back. Looks like he will be taking some balls in the corner outfield spots. I got a feeling Bernie Williams is going to surprise a lot of people this year at the plate. Pride will be the catalyst.-

When Joe Torre and George Steinbrenner had their big sitdown, it was expressed by Torre that he needed to communicate with The Boss a lot more. Well, George has been at Spring Training nearly every day and has been seen around Torre's office quite a bit. Joe is getting what he wants from the Boss. And he couldn't be happier about it.-Shef says he would consider it an honor to hit his 500th home run the same year as A-Rod. He has a great deal of respect for our 3rd baseman, and calls him his best friend. Nice to hear somebody say something good about the reigning MVP.

On a personal note:I can't remember the last time I was as anxious to get a season going as I am about this one. All reports, with the exception of Pavano, coming out of camp are positive. No steroid issues. No contract issues. No trip to Japan. From what I've read everybody is in a positive frame of mind and anxious to get this thing going. The newbies are happy to be there, and the vets are excited to be back.


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